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    The Power of the Tiara is as Strong as the Woman on Wheels Wearing it!

    in Self Help

    Ms. Wheelchair California 2015, Hillary Marides

    Celebrating the beauty in our differences through our mission.

    The mission of The Ms. Wheelchair California Foundation is to recognize the achievement of women in wheelchairs. Each year Ms. Wheelchair California will strive to educate and advocate for Californians living with disabilities. Ms. Wheelchair California is not a beauty pageant. It is a competition based on advocacy, achievement, communication and presentation. Its purpose is to select the most accomplished and articulate spokeswoman to represent people living with disabilities. The selected titleholder must be able to communicate both the needs and the accomplishments of her constituency to the general public, the business community and the legislature.


    Ms. Wheelchair California 2008, Shannon Coe

    Ms. Wheelchair California 2010, Jennifer Kumiyama







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    Interview With Activist Erin Elizabeth Fagan

    in Environment

    More details to come!


    Erin Fagan is a student activist and marine conservation major attending Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. She began organizing as a regional director for the Clean Air Defense Campaign, which led to positions as a Campus Coordinator and Student Board Training Coordinator with Greenpeace USA. Erin has also worked on land, ocean, and air campaigns with a local advocacy group, TerraScapes Environmental. Currently, Erin is organizing with and running a campus group for the Virginia Student Environmental Coalition, which was launched this past October at the national PowerShift conference, lobbying with the multi-issue group, the Virginia Student Power Network, and helping to plan Virginia PowerShift. Of course, Erin is also recruiting and organizing for XL Dissent throughout Virginia.  When Erin is not organizing for environmental and social causes, she is active in several student organizations, works in a community garden, writes poetry as inspiration strikes, and hangs out with her dachshund.

    The Keystone XL pipeline is set to bring toxic tar sands from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast, where it will be refined for export. As young people we’ve had enough: approval of the pipeline would ensure that our generation takes on the risk of oil spills, increased toxic pollution from refineries, health disasters, and a exacerbated  climate change.

    Join us in Washington DC March 1-2 to tell President Obama to reject the pipeline to protect us from a future defined by climate chaos.

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    Interview With Activist Thomas Ponce

    in Environment

    Thomas Ponce is a 13 year old advocate (and all around awesome young individual) from Casselberry FL. He is the Founder of Lobby For Animals, and an animal advocate, citizen lobbyist, and a Vegan. He has been active in animal rights since he was about 4 years old and is passionate and committed to the work he does. He is currently working on legislation SB540 and HB 449 to ban the sale, distribution and trade of shark fins and shark fin products in the state of Florida. He is also a supporter of the Floridian’s Clean Water Declaration to try and protect the waterways in our state.

    He believes in speaking out against cruelty, to all living beings, as well as speaking out on the damage that is being done to our environment. He is a firm believer that raising awareness and educating people is key to seeing real change in our world. By exposing the truth and giving  people the tools necessary to speak up, positive change can happen.

    Facebook link for Lobby For Animals

    Fin Free Florida website

    Fin Free Florida Facebook

    Floridian’s Clean Water Declaration Facebook Page

    Delegates meeting  November 13th date and it starts at 1:38ish on the video




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    Police brutality among the mentally ill

    in Health

    This week we will be disscussing police brutality and the use of lethal force on individuals with mental illness which is just another part of the mental health holocaust we are currently in.

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    Interview with the Team of The Real Meaning of GREEN

    in Environment

    I will be interviewing Kristin McGinnis-Salazar, Jessica Nuckles-Wright, and Sage Ashcroft the team behind: The Real Meaning of GREEN

    They are compassionate and intelligent voices for positive change that bring their own unique approach in educating others on a wide array of issues society and the planet face today. Their mission: Increase awareness of environmental issues. Encourage people to sign petitions to make a change. Educate on important issues such as consumption, food production, climate change, healthy living, conserving, and much much more.  Come up with ideas together on how to improve your daily life and community.

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    The Social Justice League With Special Guest Jost Van Dyke

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    The boys are back to bring their own special dose of reality  to this crazy world we live in. We speak our minds on the many issues we face as a society and offer our humble but pointed opinions on how to embrace a sustainable future.

     Jost van Dyke considers himself a Multidimensional Renaissance HuMan.   This multidimensional indentification is typified by three pivotal events at an early age that set in motion an underpinning dynamic.   Before Jost's birth, his parents had a “close  encounter” experience that was quite extraordinary for two people raised and living at the time in rural North Florida amidst Deep South fundamentalism of the 1950s.   Subsequently, Jost was born Easter morning, at the break of dawn with a natal sun conjunct an 11:11 Aries ascendant/Libra descendant axis.   At the age of five, Jost had an out of body experience (OBE), an angelic visitation that set a precedence for recurring numinous events that have since made a significant impact on his life in many ways.   In addition to being an accomplished concert pianist, Jost has pursued many creative, professional venues.  Among these include acting as musical theatre director at Florida State University School of Theatre, vocal coach/accompanist, music editor for Bourne/International Music Publishers and international copyright correspondent for MCA/Universal, Inc., Artist in Residence at Marymount Manhattan College, fine-dining restaurant manager, a chef and food columnist, a large-scale events coordinator, a nationally-exhibited fine art photographer with photographs housed in private and gallery collections around the country, a photo-journalist, and most recently a Pilates instructor.  

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    Interview With Pete Bethune, Founder of Earthrace Conservation

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    Pete Bethune, founder of Earthrace Conservation

    In his own words: "Conservation is uniting people in a similar way; however, the sense of belonging and contribution is much stronger. People are willing to sacrifice much more in support of their tribe. Further to this, their tribe is one of many sub-tribes making up the conservation movement in general. So all the conservation groups, including Earthrace, are all sub-tribes with converging values and ideals, and together we make up a very considerable tribe that is a growing and mobile force around the globe."

    Earthrace Conservation is a powerful fusion of direct action, knowledge and expertise, education, and most importantly, passion, which we strongly believe will grow into one of the most effective marine conservation groups in the world.

    The oceans cover over 70% of the earth’s surface – they are vast. The scale of the problems and issues being faced by marine mammals and the habitats they live in is equally immense.

    In October 2013, Pete, an Earthrace team of ex-services personnel (The Operatives) and a volunteer support crew, plus the new Sealegs amphibious craft, returned home after a three month campaign in Costa Rica helping to tackle pirate vessels fishing illegally around the coast.

    Click Here to view the trailor for the upcoming TV series: The Operatives - Mission Pirata

    ECO Junior Activist Club

    ECO Junior Activist Club Facebook


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    Interview With Alexander Sánchez

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    Alexander Sánchez, Secretary at PROMAR-Equinac

    Alexander Sanchez, is British but was born and raised in southern Spain. His love for these animals began when he was very young, he was one of the "Free Willy" kids and thinks that his love for Keiko's story is what inspired him to become what he is today.

    He is almost done with his degree in general biology, which is being delayed a bit because of all the work he has done with Promar Equinac, and other initiatives such as the WCA (World Cetacean Alliance) and Morgan, as well as a project for a preschool in South Africa.

    He has been to dolphinariums in Spain before he really understood the issues with captivity, but his best memories are from the few times his parents took him to see wild dolphins, in the strait of Gibraltar. He goes there regularly now, as it is one of the world's hotspots for cetaceans.

    His first real experiences were in South Africa as a volunteer and being a research assistant and a guide on whale watching tours.

    A few weeks after that he was walking on the beach in Almerimar, and saw this group of people camped on the beach with a baby dolphin in a sea pen, and that's when he began working with Promar and with Marcos the dolphin.

    At the moment he is a member of the technical team in the original NGO, Promar Equinac, where they are working hard on various projects, above all looking for resources so that they are prepared for any stranded animal that they may have to attend to. They also help other animals like dogs and horses, so they have decided to include that in the NGO's work as well

    In 2014 he will attend Whalefest and a few conferences. He hopes Promar Equinac will also grow as a team and an NGO.


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    "After working in the human services field for more than 12 years, I saw the ins and outs of the system and I must say I was not all that pleased. Seeing the extra need foster children warranted was something that hit me close to home. One thing I understand is the need for a child to feel like they belong and when you are placed in a home, around people you don't know, it can be a little difficult to feel as such. Foster children are resilient, courageous, and outwardly fearless; knowing this I decided to assist them on their journey to greatness. Gathered Dreamz, Inc was born out of the desire to assist where it was needed the most...the foster care system."

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    Word on the Street: Kalonji Kadima aka 'Kogniak'

    in Music

    Today, we converse with Congolese-born rapper Kalonij Kadima who moves his audience under the moniker 'Kogniak'! He not only entertains the masses with his music, he also advocates for change with his music. A lyrical ambassador for The Democratic Republic of Congo, listen in for a few, and lets change the world through his music. Believe.

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    Society Today with Said Kakese Dibinga (with Dawn Douglas)

    in Current Events

    Today we'll talk about whats in the news, President Obamas speech on Trayon Martin and also have a suprie conversation with Baltimore, Marlyand based artist Dawn Douglas as we talk about entertainment and social change. Its also her birthday by the way! Note that todays show will go beyond the set 1hr. Enjoy!