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    The Civil Rights Movement 2.0

    in Entertainment

    We are witnessing a civil rights movement in 2015. The same things that the brothers and sisters went through,we are facing again. What will come out of this movement? Does it prove America is a racist nation? Will we ever get past race? Let's have a honest talk about a issue that divides many.

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    Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings Bonus Episode 15 Advise for New Muslims

    in Islam

    AsSalaam Alkuim,


    Good morning today’s bonus episode will be the last. Next week will be the first episode of Season 2. More on that later.


    Today's show will be on Advice for new Muslims. This can also be used by long time Muslims,matter of fact all Muslims. The shows are lectures by Dr. Muhammad Salah.


    I pray that you enjoy this episode.


    Next week we will start Season 2 of Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Glad Tidings.  Each episode will cover a different subject. Due to the length of some subjects, it may take more than one show to finish a  subject. In an attempt to tie all of our resources together, we will now put the show notes and extra material on our blog site. (haqqdawah.blogspot.com). By doing this you as the listener will get the info that is promised when it is said “ I will go into this a later show”, or “this is just the basics”. This opportunity with  the blog will give a longer explanation for those who are interested, and will point you to other material that maybe interesting.


    I pray that Allah accepts our effort and blesses each and every person who listens or even intends to listen.

    Until next week AsSalaam Alkuim.


    The Haqq Dawah Group

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    Live Support/Advise to the Listeners

    in News

    Giving Support/Advise and helping the Listeners with there Questions

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    Should Churches Kick Members Out For Not Tithing?

    in Entertainment

    We have another story of a church member being kicked out for not tithing. This practice is becoming common place and have no scriptural basis for it. Have the church house because a paying members only institution? It's quite sad when we have all issues in society that they need to deal with.

  • 02:59

    The Comprehensive Plan For Black America

    in Entertainment

    Black Americans have been through a lot in this nation. We are seeing movements gaining ground but the one thing they are lacking is a plan. This plan must be something we can get behind. Complaining isn't going to fix our issues at all. Something tangible that we can get behind to change laws is the way to go.

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    Live Giving Advise/Support to The Listeners

    in News

    Giving Advise and Support to my Listens by Helping them to the best of my Knowledge

    And By Providing The Listeners with Music

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    Black Inferiority Complex

    in Current Events

    Black Americans will suffer some form of discrimination in their lives. This usually happens to you in elementary school. That one event where you notice that you were treated different for the color of your skin has an lasting effect on you. Nothing about you is celebrated until it is done by someone with white skin. Their are different rules for black people and white people. Most black Americans know they have to live with that kind of treatment. Some blacks feel self hatred will ease the discrimination until they find out the hard way. We must reveal the hidden things in order to be healed of the disease called racism.

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    Black Genocide: Abortion

    in Entertainment

    Abortion is the #1 killer of black people since 1973. 13 million black children have died at the hands of abortion doctors and their mothers conscience choice to kill the baby. The sad fact that the most dangerous place for a black child is in the womb of a black woman. This is based on facts and not hate propaganda for black women. We must stop committing genocide against our own people.

  • 03:45

    Should Blacks Continue To Seek And Follow Leaders?

    in Entertainment

    The topic for tonight will answer a question many constantly present in the black community. Many feel we need a leader to fight against social injustice,progress and change within the community. Dr.Umar Johnson is viewed by many to be a leader. He is seeking to open the Fredrick Douglas Marcus Garvey leadership academy for boys. I feel that is a noble cause and idea. The problem for Dr. Johnson started when screenshots were release by a woman named Conscious Stripper. Dr. Johnson stated her release of screenshots of conversations between himself and Conscious Stripper caused him to lose a 1M donation for his school. We will have Conscious Stripper on the show and give her a chance to explain why she released text messages. We will also give the callers opportunity to question her as well.

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    The Confederate Flag-Hate Or Heritage

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    The killing of 9 innocent people by the racist savage Dylann Roof has caused a call for the confederate flag to come down. Alabama has removed the flag,South Carolina is taking a vote on the issue and retailers have stopped selling the flag. Some feel it's a attack on their heritage while others feel the confederate flag represents hate.

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    Why Fox News Pundits And Others Support Police Brutality?

    in Entertainment

    Fox News Channel is the most dangerous platform on mainstream media. They give excuse,cover and rationalize clear acts of police brutality and racial profiling. They support stop and frisk which only targeted black and hispanic people. They encourage hatred toward blacks and anyone that stand up for justice. Due to their popularity they influence people in this nation to support the narrative and cop worship. The Fox News crowd have immense hate for blacks and show it through support of savage cops.