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    Advertising and Parties!

    in Christianity

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    Today We'll be talking Advertising and some Inexpensive places to advertise your product or services. These are NOT all Christian sites, so your audience will be diverse in culture and religion.

    50 Sites; Start Here:  GHomies.com  http://ghomies.com/advertise/   If for some reason you're unable to find the advertising link, go to www.ghomies.com, scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see 'Advertising'. 

    Advertising starting at $10 mo. 

    Now, for You Party Crashers Out There....  :-)

    Whether you're a business, vendor, networking, trying to find a soul mate, or just someone who enjoys a party, here's something you're sure to enjoy: Party Crasher's Extravaganza!  

    These are parties across the city in Evansville, IN Sept. 14-19th 2015

    Each party has the Mardi Gras theme, so think about costumes!

    Those links will be placed here when they are ready.

    To book your PRE-Ticket Party Crashers Extravagaza, call now 812-985-7342 or 812-568-3904 Right Now.






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    Addressing Subsets of Data of a Targeted Advertising Segment

    in Internet

    Today we are discussing addressing subsets of data in your advertising strategies. If you like the show, like us on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/websnoogie, or fill out a support ticket on our website at https://www.websnoogie.com/support.

    Also, view our SEO and web mrketing product offerings at: https://www.websnoogie.com/omaha-seo-and-enterprise-marketing/


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    Automotive Advertising Experts Review iDrove.It With Ron Morrison

    in Automotive

    Today’s Automotive Advertising Experts show is hosted by Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, LLC.  Philip will be joined by Ron Morrison, the President of iDrove.IT, to discuss their new consumer centric marketing platform and enhanced inventory module, (VDP),  with Dynamic Market Pricing.  

    The iDrove.IT enhanced inventory module is a plug and play Vehicle Display Page, (VDP), that leverages transparency and better user experiences for website visitors. It provides the most favorable impression of your new and used inventory as well as your dealership while answering more of your visitor’s questions to keep them on your site longer and help them make a buying decision.

    It includes all that you would expect from a VDP marketing platform but with a more integrated strategy of leveraging 3rd party content including:

    Manufacturer information,
    dynamic reviews,
    dynamic market pricing,
    virtual “word of mouth” referrals.

    The most unique feature/benefit of iDrove.IT is their use of “Dynamic Market Pricing” to insure that a dealer’s inventory is always competitively priced and presented.  Philip and Ron will discuss this next generation marketing tool and its impact on the way that consumers will shop for a vehicle online in the future.

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    Understanding the Difference Between Branding, Marketing and Advertising

    in Internet

    I often hear marketing professionals in my industry bantering about the terms Branding, Marketing and Advertising. The same is true of the terms, campaign, strategic and tactical. In many cases seasoned professional use the terms interchangeable as if they all mean the exact same thing. In fact these six terms are often misused, confused or worse, associated with unscrupulous means of conning people out of their money. In this article we will explore the meaning and use of these six often misused marketing terms. We will look to see if they overlap, provide concrete examples and we will provide as clear a distinction between the six terms wherever possible. So get ready to wipe away the myths and misunderstanding these terms often carry. This episode will help  you can better understand marketing your business.

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    Understanding Advertising, Marketing & Promotion!!!

    in Lifestyle

    If you have a business idea, invention or have thoughts on any moneymaking projects, then you will need to have a thorough understanding of advertising, marketing and promotion. These three elements can and will have a profound effect on the success of your venture. It can mean the difference in you being a day to day meager money making project or becoming a billion dollar enterprise. 

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    Breaking Through the Clutter of Mass Advertising

    in Business

    On November 12, my guest will be Don Winter.  In 1988, Don founded Resident Publications, which grew to become Manhattan's largest weekly community newspaper, and was the featured cover story in Inc. Magazine as one of the “500 Fastest Growing Companies.”  As Co-President and Co-Publisher of Resident Publications, Don and his partner were responsible for the day-to-day operations of each of the newspaper's four local editions. His activities included managing a staff of fifty employees, overseeing editorial content, directing sales efforts, as well as authoring his own political opinion column each week.

    In 2001, he formed Encompass Media Group, one of the leading companies for non-traditional out of home advertising. His is actively involved in the day to day operations, and serves as President, with primary responsibilities in new partnership development.

    Encompass Media Group has also been recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the country’s fastest growing companies. Since its inception Encompass Media Group has expanding rapidly into multiple platforms which include; events, digital, and social media. Encompass Media Group currently executes over 400 programs a year. Among the clients that have worked with Encompass this past year include American Express, Coke, GE, Metro PCS, NBC, Oracle, Swatch, Wells Fargo, and many other Fortune 500 companies.  

    Don has served as Chairman of The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, and is currently serving on their executive board. The recipient of numerous awards and honors in recognition of his continued dedication and service to the business community, he received the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – Blue Ribbon Small Business Award for excellence in financial performance, business history, staff training and motivation, community involvement, customer service, and business planning. 

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    Keith Baxter - Native Advertising

    in Entrepreneur

    In this episode, Jack interviews his longtime friend and colleague, Keith Baxter, a renowned, highly successful internet marketer.

    Keith has had a lifelong passion for health-related things and not only preaches good health, but he practices what he preaches.

    As a result of this passion, many of his ventures, in the past and currently, involved selling products or supplements in the health industry. His current venture is in the brain health niche.

    Keith discusses an interesting twist he’s taken with “native advertising,” where he writes articles himself that are educational, are syndicated, and which are pointed to an educational site. All of this eventually leads to enticing sales from the readers.

    He doesn’t believe in the anonymous approach, lending his face, knowledge and opinions to videos which are also an important component of his marketing strategy. Giving people access to him via videos, articles and emails has worked for him in past businesses and continues to work for him now.

    The products he’s promoting are highly niched and attractive to biohackers, and require educating people because they’re not mainstream products. As a result of Keith’s strategies, he’s building a strong community of followers who are interested in buying his supplements.

    Keith also shares a recent personal business failure he experienced and the lessons he took away from this failure. A poignant story - you’ll come away with an enhanced respect for this man whose life is an open book.

    To Learn More:

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    Marketing Strategy: How Video Advertising Bolsters the Biggest Impact

    in Entrepreneur

    The #1 marketing advertising medium, when done right, is that of TV or video (in the case of YouTube and other digital video distribution channels). Video provides the viewer with an emotionally stimulating experience by way of storytelling using the components of sight and sound. Developing a business strategy that contains a well-crafted marketing plan which includes video advertising campaigning will help your brand (products/services) capture the awareness and recognition requisite toward increasing market share and elevating profitability. So, what are five things you must consider before rolling out your first or next video advertising campaign? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Kellen Kautzman: Modern Advertising - Tips to Maximize Your Effect

    in Entrepreneur

    Kellen Kautzman, Partner and director of operations at Advise Media Group, a  multi-faceted company that works with clients to create and maximize their advertising and internet presence. This includes SEO, Competitive Analysis, blogging, social media and /Relationship Building to blend with the what advertsiing has evolved into - targeted messaging versus agents of change.  

    A former teacher that found a passion in blogging learn from Kellen how he envisions himself as a Philantrepreneur. Also great tips and simple strategies to improve your marketing efforts and increase your effectiveness. He feels SEO isn't as scary and difficult - as most assume. It's knowing the basics.

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    Automotive Advertising Experts Discuss Driving Loyalty and Autocon 2014

    in Automotive

    Today's encore Automotive Advertising Experts Show, hosted by Philip Zelinger the President of Ad Agency Online, will discuss the common thread between Autocon 2014 - a "Dealer Generated Conference" for the auto industry,  and Driving Loyalty - an automated database marketing platform for auto dealers and Social Networking.

    Autocon 2014 will host educational sessions that focus on 15 different categories covering advertising, digital marketing, social media, retention, certified pre-owned and more.  All-in-all, over 150 best practices will be shared at the conference being held at The Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas September 03rd through September 5th 2014.

    Driving Loyalty will be exhibiting their database marketing platform at Autocon 2014.  According to Philip, Driving Loyalty is uniquely qualified to represent the subjects addressed at the conference.  Their solution is powered by proprietary software and algorithms that have proven successful for over 200 auto dealers with included targeted email, direct mail, PURL’s, an outbound call center and a newly introduced social marketing initiative.

    About Driving Loyalty, LLC.:  Driving Loyalty started as a family owned operation but several industry savvy investor partners have joined the company supporting their expansion and shift to the more comprehensive solution they currently provide.  Driving Loyalty has been selected as “One of The Top Ten Companies To Watch” by AutoSuccess magazine for three years in a row.

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    Automotive Advertising Experts Review Carfolks With Mark Dubis and Jeff Sprague

    in Automotive

    Today's encore Automotive Advertising Experts show features an interview with Mark Dubis and Jeff Sprague, the co-founders  of Carfolks.com , discussing the Carfolks marketing and employee retention program.

    Philip Zelinger, the host of the show and President of Ad Agency Online, LLC, will ask Mark and Jeff to share their insights on what dealerships need to do in order to build long term customer loyalty, retain their best employees, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

    The Carfolks.com platform provides a simple transparent solution to build a salesperson’s personal brand online, leverage social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, and engage with customers and prospects to build a growing and sustainable customer base.  While many dealers chase customer reviews most of the current programs only treat the symptoms and don’t address the cure that our industry has been searching for over the last few years.  Mark will discuss next generation customer engagement and  some recently announced marketing partnerships with select vendors in the auto industry that share their vision to provide a consumer centric, dealer focused solution to enhancing the sales process and improve the customer experience.

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