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    TOTAL EMPOWERMENT PRESENTS: The Power of Sisterhood

    in Self Help

    We will explore the values and benefits of having sister-friends. Notice, I said sister-friends versus girlfriends, because we are discussing the great relationships and bonds that are so much deeper than just friendships. We will also discuss those apprehensions that comes along being transparent and emotionally vulnerable towards another female. Are women to be trusted, should there be no one person on this earth who knows all of your secrets. One who holds you accountable and see through your foolishness when no one else does and mjust the relationship be tried and tested to be of quality???

    I would love to hear your thoughts, as my guests and I share our thoughts and experiences with no holds barred!

    Listen on line at http://tobtr.com/8279579 or call into 646-929-0630 if you want to get in on the conversation call the same number and press 1 to be an active participant.  The show starts tonight, Feb 4th bat 7pm: If you're anything like me you've got some stories to tell!

    As always, I encourage all business owners to call and promote your business or service for free... That's right, good conversation and free advertisement!



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    The biggest upset in soccer history, plus: Morris signs, Klinsmann and Feilhaber feud

    in Soccer

    It's going to be a chilly weekend on the East Coast, so come warm your ears with the fires of our soccer chat. We talk:

    (0:00 - 11:00) Jordan Morris officially signing with Seattle Sounders in Major League Soccer.

    (11:00 - 22:30) The Benny Feilhaber vs Jurgen Klinsmann feud, with a bonus discussion of USMNT philosophy.

    (22:30 -23:30) http://PodcastOne.com app advertisement

    (24:15 - 35:30) Listener question: What's the biggest upset in international and club soccer history?

    (35:30 - 44:43) Listener question: How would Pep Guardiola fare at Bayern Munich? And how would Tony Pulis do at Bayern Munich?

    (44:43 - 45:40) The Pep to Manchester United rumor

    (45:40 - 50:30) TSS Scouting Network updates, including news about Mallory Pugh, Timothy Weah, Patrick Bamford, Ezequiel Ponce, Bence Mervo and Giovanni Simeone.

    (50:30 - 58:30) Two new scouting assignments — a terrifyingly talented Belgian attacking midfielder and a seemingly unbeatable German goalkeeper.

    (58:30 - end) World's shortest EPL weekend preview.

    Want to leave us a review? Here's the link: http://bit.ly/tssreview

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    Let the games begin...It's officially 2016!!!

    in Politics

    Hey there, folks. Welcome to another installment of "Campaign 2016" and "Religion - Have it your way!"  A few firsts happened today...The Donald released his first television advertisement, and former President Clinton (Bubba) gave his first campaign speech for Hillary.  Also for your edification and/or amusement, we will continue our discussion with Chad, you remember him, our evangelist from upstate New York.  If you would like to voice your opinion or share some news, you can reach us at 646-595-3275 or 516-336-8510. BTW, the temperature has dropped, so bring your coffee and make it hot!

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    Marketing 101 – What you Need to Know Before Buying Advertising

    in Technology

    You’re a new business owner ready to buy your first advertisement so you call the local newspapers, radio and TV stations along with several coupon and website vendors to see what they have to offer. Unfortunately, you have never purchased advertising before and you’re hoping the advertisers will help you figure out exactly what to do. You may not realize that most advertising sales reps are paid mainly on commission and their primary mission is to sell you advertising or they don’t make any money. What happens next is all too often the scenario that plays out. To find out what happens check out this weeks episode. This weeks program will show new business owner a 10 step process that will insure the advertisiment they buy is a good fit and has a chance of actually making them money. So stay tune and turn on to this weeks episode or Working The Web To Win as we tackel - What you need to Know before Buying Advertising.

  • Advertisement and Kids And Various Thought Provoking Topics

    in News

    Advertisement and Kids And Various Thought Provoking Topics

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    No Titles, No Lies, No Pressure, JUST TALK Episode 24

    in Spirituality

    It's been three months. THERE'S NO BIG ADVERTISEMENT, NO BIG BUILD UP, NO BIG WELCOME BACK!!! But we can all use some JUST TALK! The iWALK Crew is back, primetime today, Dec 6th at 7:30pm. Join LOkey, DC da mouth of the South, and Jimmy J as Just Talk Primetime returns after a 3 month lay off. Just when you thought you've heard the last from us... WE RETURN TO PRIMETIME ON SUNDAY NIGHT!!! Join us at the place where "Getting it off your Heart, is a GREAT START!" It's iWALK Radio! LOVE WALK...iWALK!!!

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    Sandra Wilson Advertisement Fashion for Freedom

    in Radio

    Sandra Wilson Show Celebs Interviews Advertisement Fashion for Freedom by LaShana Wilder of LaJule Designs.

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    Talent In 10 Episode #7

    in Social Networking

    What's Up Diamonds,

    Happy Holiday's to you all for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! We all have plans to get together with family and friends and this shows owner Lina Jones loves the holiday season don't you! This year I am giving my thans to my God and my listeners that's right I mean you! I am truly thankful for you giving me your ear each Monday.

    Monday's Talent In 10 is bringing the season in right with nothing but holiday films no horror just joy. Joy for those seeking it and  more joy for those that already have it, the holiday season can be just as depressing as it is happy for some folks. Well I want to bring some joy into those hearts that can use it, check out the show on Monday not only will these short films bring you joy but they will also bring joy their producers if you click the link and give them a like, don't forget to tell them you heard about it from the Lina Jones DiamondNetwork Show "Talent In 10". Please enjoy!

    Time is moving so fast before you know it November will be gone and on to December we will be. I hope you get a chance to check out the shows November calendar and updates before the month is out, its real easy to do just click this link LJDNShow.com and I will be hearing you on the show Monday remember the show is live you can always call in say Hello! Or Happy Holiday 347-237-4697.

    If  you have a business and would like some free advertisement for your business be my guest all you have to do is send an email to guest@ljdnshow.com.



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    Scough Advertisement

    in Parents

    Protecting your loved ones from airborne viruses and flu is important. Flu kills and causes countless icky, phlegmy miserable sick days in bed. We offer a better, technically-advanced stylish solution: A designer Scough with built in protection from the harsh germ and pollution-filled world.

    Results: You stay healthy and look pretty hot, if you don’t mind us saying. (But hot in the metaphorical, sexy sense, not because you have a fever.)

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    How Sexual Behavior Defines Our Frequency & Level of Consciousness

    in History

    Greetings, Peace, prosperity and wisdom to all the 9MIND Sacred Sistuhs, others and especially those we love. Tonights show will be about sexual behavior and how our concepts of sex or shaped based off religion, who we live around what type of society is governing us and whether we be free people or slaves. Other factors that can determine ones sexual behavior is the various forms of overt or subliminal sexual programming one is exposed to on a regular bases such as commercials, food, billboards/flyers, sexual songs, movies, cartoons,  magazines, gentlemen clubs, strip clubs, escort services, parties ect.... All of these overt and subliminal sexual lures and advertisements all will eventually shape our opinions on sex and thus have a strong effect on our sexual desires and behavior and we should know this and not take for granted how POWERFUL sexual advertisement can be. Women especially should know that such a overly sexualized environment or society will have the most negative effect and consequences for them the most vulnerable of a society and children. So women most of all should be the last ones seeking to willingly participate in such a ovrly sexualized society let alone encourage it with loose or amoral behavior and yet here in America just such a society has been stratecically created and maintained to hold many unsuspecting American citizens as permanent prisoners to lust and uncontrolled sexual appetites that will be the downfall of our Republic or Democracy... in the same way sexual perversion was the downfall of the ancient Roman Empire. Are we looking at a repeat of ancient history?  States most single men/women.
    Roman Sculptor.
    Rome a Perverts Paradise.



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