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  • Joseph : The Prophet of Healing Adversity in Exile

    in Spirituality

    This episode of A Sound Heart will explore the life of Joseph.  Joseph knew as a young man that God had set him aside for a very special ministry. However, Joseph did not know the Cost of Discipleship.  He had no idea that following God would cost him everything.  He would go into exile by the ruthless actions of his brothers who had nothing but envy for him.  Joseph's soul would suffer healing adversity in exlie.  His life was a living sacrifice to God.  Under God's direction Joseph's life would be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.

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    Through Adversity We learn Dependence Upon God

    in Spirituality

    This episode of A Sound Heart explores the necessity of adversity in our lives.  Adversity teaches us the very important lesson of depending upon God.  Too often we are prejudiced to lean upon our own understanding.  We cannot possibly know the deep mysteries of the will of God for our live if we consistently walk by sight and not by faith.  Adversity disciplines us to look away from ourselves and our conslusions, and rely upon the redeeming Grace of God. 

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    Surviving Adversity: Lessons from Moloka'i

    in Motivation

    episode 61

    Live from Moloka'i Hawaii

    Rayanne Thorn, host of HR Latte, shares ideas for surviving adversity and reveals new lessons she learned while visiting the formerly quarantined leprosy settlement of Kalaupapa on Hawaiian island of Moloka'i.

    Tune in for this special episode, live-streamed from Moloka'i. 



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    After the Storm Blows By The Righteous Ones Remain (Adversity 101)

    in Spirituality

    This episode of a Sound Heart will explore the importance of learning to see the Divine Imperative in the midst of adversity.  God does not lead us to not to bring us through the storm.  Adversity teaches us to trust in God when we cannot see nor understand what he is doing in our lives.  However, when we grow through the storm we come to see that all things work togther for good for those who love Him.  This is a great spiritual lesson to grasp.  

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    in Business

    Hardship—the Great Life Equalizer

    Research shows the following information;

    Hardship affects the wealthy and the poor; the young and the old; the corporate CEO and the teacher in a one-room school. “The human condition guarantees that each life will encounter natural and largely unpredictable trauma. . . . Leadership, by its very nature, is entwined with adversity” (Stoner & Gilligan, 2002, p.17).

    Given this sober dose of reality, the question that begs to be answered is this: How do human beings face hardship and how do they turn an adverse circumstance into a developmental experience?  Since leadership is my professional interest, the above question even goes a bit deeper:  Does hardship play a role in leadership development? Can people learn important leadership skills and competencies from their own experiences with hardship?

    These and other related questions led me to start researching this topic two years ago. However, it was not until I faced my own set of hard circumstances that I began to understand the life-changing impact that hardship has on an individual. Kolb’s (1983) cycle of the experiential learning process has been validated in my own experience; I was better able to understand the role of hardship in shaping and molding leadership by the concrete experience of my own and others’ difficulties, as well as by the theoretical research I undertook.

     Please join me here http://m.pgtb.me/9CbvWW

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    Defying Adversity

    in Poetry

    Poets will call in to slam poems that reflect struggles that they have faced and managed to overcome. Audience members are welcomed and encouraged to share ways in which they have defied adversity. This episode of Poetic Soul is an open mic event in which all are welcome to share, listen and be inspired to keep fighting to remain relevant despite adversities that life presents.

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    Overcoming Adversity In The Game Of Lacrosse And Life

    in Sports

    Roger and Steve talk about hurdles and challenges lacrosse players commonly face in their development as players and as people.  From discussing real life examples of youth lacrosse players currently facing adversity that inspired this episode, to sharing their own often humbling experiences that they faced in their own lacrosse and life journeys, Roger and Steve highlight strategies and planning to overcome adversity, and even use it as the catalyst to fuel even greater future success.   

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    Dealing with Adversity

    in Christianity

    Life is full of adversity.  Most of the time, we just want the adversity to go away.  Hear what Mark Joneschiet, The Running Pastor, has to say about this relevant subject.

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    LIVE with Cathi---Come Alive and Welcome Adversity!

    in Fitness

    Come Alive and Welcome Adversity!

    Have you ever been hit by a cosmic 2X4?  Most have and when it happens, we don't generally find cause to celebrate.  However, these moments of adversity are the spring boards that propel us into a fuller life.

    When you're diagnosed with a health challenge, most don't jump with joy, au contraire, anger, depression, anxiety and WHY ME set in.

    You rage at your Doctors, family, your body and anything else you could find.  However, this experience can be the greatest gift you've ever been given.  How you handle 'your adversit' reveals how strong you really are!

    When we face a challenge, it is generally highlighting an emotional pattern that no longer serves us.


    Be aware of...etc.

    Outdated emotional patterns...etc.

    Opportunities to change...etc.

    Conscious awareness...etc.

    What am I to learn from this challenge...etc.



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    Evolution FEST: Upgrade your programming and overcome adversity

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and co-host Dan Dugo share their insights on Evolution FEST: Upgrade your programming and overcome adversity.

    Thursday, April 30th  10am PST

    Dan Dugo is an inspirational speaker, success, business, life, health and healing coach. He has worked for and trained with some of the most famous speakers and authors in the self-empowerment and sales training industry. Dan’s greatest passion is to inspire great improvements in the world and in humanity that will benefit many future generations as well as the current ones. What is your greatest gift that you bring to the world?

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    Finding the gifts in adversity

    in Self Help

    Yup, life happens sometimes in ways we would rather not… how do you move through it, how do you move on?  

    Tonight’s guests on Life Interrupted Radio are Denny Stockdale and Cara Lumen.  Denny, a positive change strategist, motivational speaker, and award winning inspirational author is widely known hailed as the CEO - Chief Encouragement Officer whose work is based on compassionate conversations. 

    Cara Lumen, is a seeker, explorer, guide and founder of the Deeper Song Community who shares on the topics of self-awareness and on finding your gifts and purpose. She is the founder of The Deeper Song Community to help you “sing a deeper song.” She is an enthusiastic explorer of ideas and as I like to say the coolest 82 year old in the world. 

    Come explore with us how to move through those dark places to find your gifts.

    #LifeInterrupted  #LivingYourGifts