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    Rebecca Starford on Bad Behaviour

    in Blogcritics

    In this special Newcastle Writers Festival episode, Rebecca Starford, the author of Bad Behaviour, reads from and talks about her memoir and how it came about, her "characters" and why she needed to revisit them, about the complex and fuzzy lines between bullying and being bullied, about the importance of being honest about her own character in the story, on the way writing about her experiences has open doors for others to talk more openly about their own, on coming of age and coming out, the latest news on the television option for the book, about her work in progress, and lots more.


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    TC 302 : Changing your life with a Crayon. Yes! Adult Coloring Books

    in Self Help

    Join us as we look at the growing popularity of adult coloring books and the science behind this growing craze!  It's parties to color, reducing stress and improving productivity.  All in the pages of a coloring Book? Yes.  The  Transformation Cafe a fun place to play, create and nourish your colorful Soul!

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    Awakening The Adult

    in Higher Education

    The child creates reality out of projections, while the adolescent lives a reality of absolutes (black or white, either/or) attempts at perfection filled with separation and negative judgements.  Children can only choose to be children, adolescents can only choose to be adolescents or children.  In order to awaken and become the Adult it requires a "transformational choice based in operative values."  Once this choice is made the Awakened Adult has the facility of the of the magical child, the passionate adolescent and the wise adult.  The best quality of the Awakened Adult?  They always win!  Awakening the Adult is an imperative on the path to conscious reality creation and Rick and Ben will discuss why.  They will also explain what choosing to awaken the Adult looks like and how to get started. 

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    Wholeness and Healing vs Pathologizing Adult ADD / ADHD

    in Self Help

    Sari Solden joins Tara McGillicuddy this week on ADHD Support Talk Radio. Tara and Sari will be discussing some important issues related to Wholeness and Healing vs Pathologizing Adult ADD / ADHD.

    Learn more about Sari Solden at: http://www.sarisolden.com/

    Learn more about the Better Together Festival at:  http://bettertogetherfest.com

    ADHD Support Talk Radio host Tara McGillicuddy is an internationally recognized ADD / ADHD expert. She is also a top ADHD Coach the founder of ADDClasses.com.

    Learn more about Tara McGillicuddy at: http://www.taramcgillicuddy.com/

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    in Relationships

    We'll be talking to Adult Film Ms. Cleo you know James is going to be in heaven and will be asking her about that nice ass of her's. I don't know if Cleo can handle James, but we'll find out.

    You know it's not a show without Ms. V getting all up in Ms. Cleo business like only she can do it in a real converstion.  

    Plus out listeners never miss a beat when it comes to asking our guest questions and they always have the best questions. 

    If you've never seen this beautiful woman than you will definitey want to listen to this show and check her out. 

    We'll be asking all your sexy questions and  getting up in her business.

    We're gonna sit back and just have a real conversation about just about anything and Sex.

    Join Ms. V and James  when you never know what they will talk about.  It's like ease dropping on a private conversation about sex.   They do mix it up with the listeners and guest chimming in, but you never know what these two will say.  Join the conversation at 646-716-8041

    Also we'll be discussing up coming adult events in the industy and public and radio appearances we'll be making.

    This is a all new V's After Dark that you don't want to miss.

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    The Christian Coaches Huddle Presents: The Young Adult Success Manual

    in Family

    Becoming a successful adult in the 21st century will require a new paradigm.  Author, educator, mentor and professional speaker Evan J. Roberts will share his powerful success philospy found in his book entitled How to Become Influetential and Highly Successful: The Young Adult Success Manual. This book provides a blueprint for high-level acheivement for young adults. Roberts will discuss how to tap into a young persons internal motivation, expand creative genius, develop clarity, avoid - avoidable "youthful" mistakes and move from "having" potential to living ones dreams. Roberts enthusiam for life and his personal mission to "Empower People Now and For the Rest of Their Lives" serves as his motivation for his writing and speaking endeavors.  The principles found in Evan J. Roberts books provide practical guidance to living a successful life, including steps to develop clarity of purpose that will produce life-long positive results. Roberts has a reputation for influeincing change through his strong mentoring programs for African American males and contributes to the positive portrayal of African American families thorugh literature. Join Christian Coaches Huddle host Donna Brumfield and Evan J. Roberts in a stimulating conversation useful for anyone ready to take full control of their life- dreams and parents and guardians who provide necessary motivation from the side-lines. This is one show you don't want to miss! 

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    The Fault is Not in the Black Youth. The Fault is in the Black Adult

    in Current Events

    Director of the Protect and Defend Network Nommo Userkaf is joined by Assistant Director Neferu Anu as they lay out the case against the Black Adult in the condition of the Black Child.

    Any reasonable person knows that the behavior of any given Child is a direct reflection of the Parent.  Yet we have allowed the Black Child to be blamed for their behavior to the extent that many of us have become scared of our own Children.

    Although that fear is justified in the sorry ass parent who has neglected - or even in some cases taken advantage of - the Black Child, the rest of us cannot afford to be afraid of anything. ESPECIALLY Black Youth. We have all heard the songs about 'the Children are Our Future' and this could never be more true or important than it is to us right now, as we struggle to save Our Beloved Black Race.

    Responsible parenting is an answer. Community involvement is an answer. Mentoring is an answer. And now is the time in which we must identify ALL answers.

    Join Host Nommo Userkaf and Co-host Neferu Anu as they explain the importance of redeeming and embracing Black Youth and articulate some of the steps we must take to avoid the genocidal results that surely await us if we continue to blame and ignore our future Kings and Queens. Your input is welcome and needed and you are invited to call in and participate in the discussion.

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    Pajama Party Adult Night Time Talk Show

    in Entertainment

    Join the Pajama Party Crew for lively, humorous conversation on today's hottest topics, commentaries, TV and movie reviews and more. We've got Poppa DD with "Living for the City" and "What's Poppin," Ketel with the Weird News and the Hollywood Wrap Up and Redwine with "I'm Just Saying" and the "Hit it and Quit it Headlines."

    Each week, we feature a "Cocktail of the Week" and our world-famous "Kiss It List" where we call out people or organizations who got on our last nerves and deserve to be told to just KISS IT!

    Tonight, we honor the memory and legacy of Prince, so call in and share your favorite Prince songs, anecdotes and stories about the Purple Prince of Music and More!

    Follow us on Twitter @aPajamaParty and visit our website www.aPajamaParty.com anytime to listen to the show archives or find out about the Pajama Party Crew. And if you have a business you'd like us to advertise, email info@aPajamaParty.com.

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    For the Love of Adult Babies

    in Lifestyle

    Adult babies are one of those fetishes that leave people scratching their heads.  Why on earth would anyone want to return to an infantile state?

    Well I'm happy to bring you my interviews with both "Kent" and Mommy Emma.  Kent is an adult baby who was kind enough to give us his perspective on the fun of being an Adult Baby.  And Mommy Emma gives us her view as a 'professional Mommy' and caregiver to these fun and loving individuals.

    Once again I ask you to listen with an open mind and open heart as I point the spotlight on Adult Babies.

    If you want to learn the psychological aspects of paraphilic infantilism Wikipedia of course has some great definitions and causes if you want to go deeper in to the fetish.

    For more info on my guests and ABDL CLICK HERE!

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    Shame and Avoidance Cycle with Adult ADD / ADHD

    in Self Help

    Bonnie Mincu joins Tara McGillicuddy this week on ADHD Support Talk Radio. Tara and Bonnie will be discussing some important issues related to the Shame and Avoidance Cycle and Adult ADD / ADHD.

    Learn more about Bonnie Mincu and her ADD / ADHD resources at: http://thrivewithadd.com/

    ADHD Support Talk Radio host Tara McGillicuddy is an internationally recognized ADD / ADHD expert. She is also a top ADHD Coach the founder of ADDClasses.com.  

    ADDClasses.com the leading resource for virtual ADD / ADHD Support and Education. It provides free Teleseminars and has an extensive audio library with more than 150 hours of courses. It also offers more in depth support program for adults with ADD / ADHD.

    Learn more about Tara McGillicuddy at: http://www.taramcgillicuddy.com/

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    Adult Entertainer Jovonnie Returns to The Bare FaXXX

    in Entertainment

    Urban gay vet and adult entertainer extraordinaire, Jovonnie, makes his return to The Bare FaXXX Radio Show to discuss his scenes, exciting new business ventures, and what's ahead for 2016.