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    Adoption Tax Credit 2013

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    The adoption tax credit is a great way to help fund your adoption, though it is often underutilized. Host Dawn Davenport will interview two of the leading experts on this confusing tax credit: Donald Cofsky, President of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and Josh Kroll, with the North American Council on Adoptable Children. adoption tax credit, adoption tax credit 2013, adoption, foster care adoption, failed adoption, international adoption

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    For more information on the Adoption Tax Credit, click here.

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    The Refundable Adoption Tax Credit for 2011 and 2012 Taxes

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    You are listening to Creating a Family: Talk about Infertility and Adoption. We thank our sponsors for providing the resources to bring youthis show, including Cryos International - New York based Sperm Bank which is part of the world's largest international network of sperm banks. Working with same sex couples, single women and ?heterosexual couples, Cryos NY offers donor semen and semen storage services with the ability to ship specimens to more than 65 countries. You can get more info on them by
    Are you eligible for the refundable adoption tax credit for 2011. what changes are planned for 2012 in this tax credit for adoption. Our guests are Mark McDermott, adoption attorney and adoption tax credit expert, Megan Lindsey, Director of Infant Adoption Training Initiative and Assistant Director of Policy for the National Council For Adoption, and Josh Kroll, the adoption tax credit expert at the North American Council on Adoptable Children.

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    Adoption Tax Credit

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    The Adoption Tax Credit has caused a great deal of confusion this year. We have a terrific panel of experts to answer your questions about this refundable tax credit and to talk about what the future holds.  Mark McDermott Washington, D.C adoption attorney and past president of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys; Jackie Perlman, principal tax research analyst with The Tax Institute at H&R Block; and Josh Kroll, adoption tax credit specialist with the North American Council on Adoptable Children. Adoption Tax Credit 2011, Adoption Tax Credit 2012, Adoption Tax Credit 2013. Getting the adoption tax credit for a failed adoption. What expenses qualifiies for the adoption tax credit? International adoption. Foster care adoption.

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    How to Repair Credit and Boost Your Fico Score In 90days

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    This show is Hosted by Leonard Person from MyHouseGram.com featuring Credit Expert Mike Miller from FES. Mike will explain the services and procedure on fixing your credit. he also will give advice on how to keep it and good standings

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    Why Consider Open Adoption & How to Do it Well

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    Open adoption is the norm in for domestic infant adoptions in the US and becoming more common in foster care adoption and international adoption. Host Dawn Davenport will interview Dr. Hal Grotevant and Dr. Ruth McRoy, long time researchers on the impact of openness on all members of the adoption triad, and lead researchers of the Minnesota / Texas Adoption Research Project (MTARP). They literally wrote the book on open adoption and how we currently practice adoption. 


    Blog summary of the show and highlights can be found here:
    Blog summary of the show
    More Creating a Family resources on open adoption can be found here.

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    Breaking The Silence on Business Credit

    in Entrepreneur

    Maybe you've been trying to make an impact in your business and have been DENIED repeatedly.

    Maybe you've done all you can to SURVIVE in the business world and they told you a BUSINESS GUARANTOR was needed.

    Well, we're taking your questions and helping you GET REAL ANSWERS for your BUSINESS CREDIT NEEDS!

    Guest: Jeff Johnson

    Will be in the ONLINE STUDIO with us!

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    Smart End Of Year Tax Moves

    in Business

    It is tax time.  That is right, do not wait until 2015 to get your taxes ready.  There are things you can do now and what you need to do in 2015 to make sure you keep more money in your pocket.  

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    I will be joined today by John Boone.  John is the owner of D& J Taxx Service.  John is an experienced, reputable tax accountant with over 18 years of expertise in the tax industry.  John helped launch D & J Taxx Services as  CO CEO in 2007. His mission is to help clients maximize their tax returns by educating and providing tools to succeed and achieve this goal.

    I will also be joined by Kgosi Johnson.  Kgosi is the owner at Johnson Consultants and Associates LLC.  His passion is helping small businesses succeed. He assists all types of businesses and he also caters to the home based business community. Kgosi provides services locally in North Carolina and nationally!  Owner Kgosi Johnson is a Professional Bookkeeper, Consultant & Tax Preparer. Because of his background in human services, he is able to provide effective customer service, in addition to his innate skill with numbers.

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    The Global B2B Finance/Credit Conference & Expo

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    BUSINESS CREDIT RADIO is honored to welcome Mr. Sean Roberts, the Founder and President of StandingStonez, an an Independent Global Events and Exhibit Consultant. He is a global experiential sales, marketing and advertising expert, primarily expositions, corporate events, museums, amusements and themed attractions. Specialties: International Trade Show Strategy & Management, Corporate Events, Corporate Sponsorship Consulting and Support, Corporate Product Launch Consulting and Support, Global Sales & Marketing Mentoring and Management, Global Branding Strategy Consultation, Global Business Development, Blue Chip Account Management, Within Industry Acquisition and Merger Consultation, Global Vendor Management, International Purchasing, Logistics Management, Mobile Applications Ad visor and specifier for Lead Management, Themed Attractions, Amusements, Aquariums etc.

    Business Credit Radio is sponsored by Commercial Credit Management Associates LLC.

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    Torture And The IRS .... Fair Tax 101

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight we address the IRS and its woes, scandals and infamous reputation.

    When talking of this American Gestapo we cannot ignore America's desire for a more simple and easy to understand tax code.

    You want simple, easy, fair? .... I give you the fair tax.

    Villianized for its fairness, misrepresented for its danger to established power and over-complicated for its simplicity, the Fair Tax is the answer to so much that ails us in America today.

    Splash talks about the basics, the benefits and the need for something as middle class friendly as The Fair Tax.

    We will of course revisit the Budget Deal in potential peril and have more on the CIA Terror uproar.

    All this plus the news of the world in general on tonight's show.

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    The PRF Table: Holiday Credit and Debt

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight's dialogue is about being proactive with credit and debt during the holiday season.  We'll talk at least about:

    1) balance-to-limit ratios - Do you know yours?  How can you find out?

    2) checking your credit scores - Have you taken a look at yours this year?  How many of the scores do you have?

    3) options for consolidating balances - Will you accept 6, 12 or 24 months?  Which are more beneficial?

    Hosts: Warren Feaster, Curtis Bishop, Nate Dunlap, Jr., Mary Ann Williams, and Shatara Sherwood

    Please "LIKE" us and join the discussion on Facebook at Possessions.Resources.Finances

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    How to Boost your Business Credit Score/Give Yourself Credit.

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    Knowing what your credit report means is critical to your business and your personal life.Do you know your credit score? When was the last time you checked your credit report? Your credit history plays a key role in your financial future., yet most people are blissfully ignorant of how credit scores work-or how to improve them. This week on The Networking Diva Hour, hear how you can make sure your score is not damaging your business. 

    Also my co-host is Sharie Brown with Give Yourself Credit, a young company but a much needed service in today's economy. They offer credit education & restoration and educate on the rules of the credit game & assist with restoration. Check them out @ https://www.facebook.com/GiveYourselfCredit






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