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    Adoption Tax Credit 2012-2013

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    It is tax time again, and adoptive parents have lots of questions about the Adoption Tax Credit for 2013. Our guest experts to talk about this credit are Mark McDermott, adoption attorney and adoption tax credit expert; and Josh Kroll, the adoption tax credit expert at the North American Council on Adoptable Children. adoption, adopting children, adoption tax credit, federal income tax, domestic adoption, adopting a baby, adopting a child, international adoption, adopting from Russia, adopting from foster care, adopting from China, adopting from South Korea, adopting from  Bulgaria

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    Adoption Tax Credit 2013

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    The adoption tax credit is a great way to help fund your adoption, though it is often underutilized. Host Dawn Davenport will interview two of the leading experts on this confusing tax credit: Donald Cofsky, President of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and Josh Kroll, with the North American Council on Adoptable Children. adoption tax credit, adoption tax credit 2013, adoption, foster care adoption, failed adoption, international adoption

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    The Refundable Adoption Tax Credit for 2011 and 2012 Taxes

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    You are listening to Creating a Family: Talk about Infertility and Adoption. We thank our sponsors for providing the resources to bring youthis show, including Cryos International - New York based Sperm Bank which is part of the world's largest international network of sperm banks. Working with same sex couples, single women and ?heterosexual couples, Cryos NY offers donor semen and semen storage services with the ability to ship specimens to more than 65 countries. You can get more info on them by
    Are you eligible for the refundable adoption tax credit for 2011. what changes are planned for 2012 in this tax credit for adoption. Our guests are Mark McDermott, adoption attorney and adoption tax credit expert, Megan Lindsey, Director of Infant Adoption Training Initiative and Assistant Director of Policy for the National Council For Adoption, and Josh Kroll, the adoption tax credit expert at the North American Council on Adoptable Children.

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    Divorce & Credit

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    Jeanne Kelly from www.ReadyForGoodCredit.com is going to talk about her Top 10 Credit Rules During A Divorce. Tune in and if you have any credit questions email us  JeanneKelly@KgroupConsulting.com

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    A Special Adoption Journey , with Lea

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    Listen with an open heart as Lea shares her Adoption Story. Adopted from Korea as a young child and growing up as the cherished daughter of an amazing Adoption Social Worker, Lea speaks honestly about her life and journey. Dont miss this interview!


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    Post Adoption Support: Needs, Gaps, and Solutions

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    Our guests are Debra S. Waller, Chief Executive Officer, Jockey International, Inc. and founder of Jockey Being Family Foundation. Rita Soronen, President and CEO of  Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Susan Cox, Vice President of Public Policy at Holt International.

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    Adoption In 2015

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    November is National Adoption Month. According to the Congressional Coalition On Adoption Institute, over 100,000 kids are eligible for adoption in the United States. Your national family radio talk show Let's Talk America with Host Shana Thornton will spotlight adoption in 2015. Our featured guest for this segment is adoption advocate Dee Shihady. She will offer a frank discussion about adoption for all listeners. Do join us and tell a friend. 



    Please visit www.letstalkamericawithshanathornton.com. Thank you for the support.  #LTARadio #adoption 

  • Why you should pull your credit reports?

    in Finance

    Most of the people who come to see me regarding a credit issue never knew they had the issue until they needed a loan.

    I will review why you should pull your credit report, how to obtain a free copy and discuss credit scores.

    Email me me in advance any credit question you might want me to answer during this credit talk chat: JeanneKelly@kgroupconsulting.com

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    The Spirit of Adoption

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    Adoption is something we're probably all at least a little familiar with.  But, did you know adoption is talked about in the Bible?  Moses was adopted by Pharaoh's daughter, which eventually put him in a position to free the enslaved Egyptians.  Have you ever thought about yourself , as a child of God, being adopted and, therefore, positioned to do something unique and wonderful for God, your Heavenly Father?  Listen this week as Dr Pauline and Catherine talk about adoption from a Biblical perspective.  

    As always, we welcome your comments and questions through Facebook (Dunamas Center Ministries), and Twitter (@YourDunamasLife).


    Watch for Dr Pauline's new book, "Won't Somebody Please Hear Me?  Healing from Birth Traumatomology Syndrome"...Coming THIS MONTH!  

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    Adoption and Birthmothers Generationally

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    Meet Glenda, a Mom and Grandmother whose daughter chose to become a birthmother. Learn how adoption has touched their family in many ways and how she is a source of strength and support.

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    Adoption Tax Credit

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    The Adoption Tax Credit has caused a great deal of confusion this year. We have a terrific panel of experts to answer your questions about this refundable tax credit and to talk about what the future holds.  Mark McDermott Washington, D.C adoption attorney and past president of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys; Jackie Perlman, principal tax research analyst with The Tax Institute at H&R Block; and Josh Kroll, adoption tax credit specialist with the North American Council on Adoptable Children. Adoption Tax Credit 2011, Adoption Tax Credit 2012, Adoption Tax Credit 2013. Getting the adoption tax credit for a failed adoption. What expenses qualifiies for the adoption tax credit? International adoption. Foster care adoption.