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    Adopt A Homeless Person Or Family - Call 619-768-2945

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss a very simple, not orginal, yet stlll inovative way to help the homeless and that is to either adopt a homeless person or homeless family.

    Minister Alan Holt shall be our guest today to give us some guidance on how to do exactly just that...........adopt the homeless and do it with no government handouts.  This innovative way of giving to the community will allow people to learn how to be sustainable and never become homeless again.

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    Pet Radio-Mr Magoo the Blind Cat, Legs for Hector, and Why You Should NOT Adopt

    in Pets

    Colleen and her blind cat Mr. Magoo join us, author Jill Keaton will tell us why some people should NOT adopt a shelter dog, and you will hear first hand the heartwarming  story of Hector the two legged border collie who got new legs for Christmas. Additional guests yet to be announced. We will stive to educate you and entertain you! Join us for all the fun.

    Please vist our Facebook page and our web site, (online blog and magazine) for informative articles, photos, videos, and recorded interviews.

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    CR eXtreme! 7/12/14: Adopt-An-Illegal, Caliphate Excess, Islamic Anti-Christ

    in Politics Conservative

    Join the highly successful (and controversial) Conservative writer and talk show host, Barry Secrest, and Exo-Government expert, Lee Daniel for a no-holds barred political, religious, paranormal discussion where anything goes! 

    Today's topics include:

    Earth's Magentic Field Weakening 10 Times Faster (End Times Scenario?)
    Obama Regime Extending Illegal aliens more rights than US citizens: Top Down, Bottom up, inside out
    Why Does Obama Have Border Patrol Operating 45 Miles Back from US Border?
    Putin seeks to replay Kennedy's Cuban Missile Crisis, this time with Obama
    The Great Border Lie
    Want $ 6,000 a month in extra income? Adopt-An-Illegal

    and much more....

    Call in to speak with the hosts and join the conversation, if you have a question or something you'd like to add:


  • Is It A Choice or Not (Homosexuality)? Should Same Sex Couples, Adopt Kids?

    in Current Events

    Special Guest Interview:

    Mr. Andrew Carldwell ( He is delivered from being a homosexual)

    Blogtalkradio.com/thelarryloveshow                                          Callin#646 716 5495

    9:30pm to 11:30pm Est.


    Your Opinion Matter

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    Spirit and Science – The New Earth's Harmony

    in Spirituality

    Join Sharon Rainbow Eagle, Sue Graywolf & Jim Graywolf for a powerful webcast of Ciracle Radio on Wednesday, 1/28 at 1 PM MST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time. In this show we will discuss how to bring spiritual and scientific energies together to work as ONE. In harmony and support of each other.

    We do need to start giving respect to science and we need to give respect to spirituality. They are both equally important and can help us achieve balance, wisdom and knowledge. Sometimes people trust facts more than they trust their emotions and their spirituality and sometimes, the situation is reversed.

    A very interesting fact are that the first scientists were very spiritual; the Greek or the Mayans, for example, were able to predict a lot of future events, back in their times, and prove it using science. With the modern knowledge we have now, it's in our hands to build a better future by combining the spiritual and the scientific knowledge.

    Spirit and science are sometimes quite similar; they both support changes. In fact, in their essence, both spirituality and science keep exploring changes as both approaches are based on the fact that without change, life will vanish.

    We will see you soon.

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    Animals Are Not Susceptible To Marketing

    in Motivation

    I know it sounds funny at first to say this and also to think about it, yet Animals do not need school to learn how to be an animal. They just know what to do and they do it. They do not judge, they do not lie, they do not steal, they do not discrimiante, they do not need to learn how to balance a check book, and they are not lonely or question feeling loved or not. We do not charge animals a fee for living here, we do not insure their lives, we do not have grocery stores for animals to shop in and we do not have homes that animals can buy or cars they need to drive. Imagine the freedom in not being part of the paperwork of this world, yet being able to be here for free? Freedom from manipulation, pressures and stresses that we as a whole we decided it was OK for us to adopt. Tune in and Join the Conversation Live,  Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM, PST!  

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    Maintaining your identity as a woman in a competitive environment

    in Psychology

    Helping young women to understand the dynamics of a changing society where women are coming more and more into their own. How do they see themselves and what kind of behaviours do they adopt.

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    Living & Thriving Guest: Dr Shaunte McFarland. Author

    in Women

    Dr Shaunte McFarland:

    Instead of giving you a formal third person description of myself, I’m going to be transparent. The same way I present myself in ministry, my book, my blog, the way I am in real life. I’m passionate, enlightening and formalities may dilute the true message of what I want to deliver. I grew up a small town girl who involuntarily learned a lot of things the hard way. My childhood was stolen at the tender age of four and after years of abuse I decided to liberate myself through accomplishments. My trophies and awards shined brightly but my soul grew darker as I started to adopt and carry out self-inflicted abuse. Fearing a return to my impoverished beginnings I became a serial perfectionist. If things weren’t flawless, I would perpetually beat myself up until I fixed it. As I was bringing down the hammer on myself for the umpteenth time, God grabbed my hand and I looked up to behold the Son of Glory. He showed me a new way. I learned that acceptance, forgiveness and grace is more effective in change than punishment. I would continue to fall, but instead of the whip I used something a lot fiercer: the double-edged Word of God.

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    Teaching, Learning and Educating –Different Realms

    in Spirituality

    Join Sharon Rainbow Eagle, Sue Graywolf & Jim Graywolf for a powerful webcast of Ciracle Radio on Wednesday, 1/21 at 1 PM MST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time. This is the show when we will discuss about the differences about teaching, learning and educating.

    To begin to create a better world for ourselves and our children we need to create educational models that work. Once again combining tradition with science and teaching with inspiring. Education has become a process in which we collect knowledge and skills, but too often the system wants us to mimic how they want us to think. Real learning also includes not only the facts and understandings we need but also some guiding in ‘how’ to think and apply the facts. All too often in our education systems it is only the facts shared. And often only those facts that support the worldview the system wants.

    Learning from non-institutionalized teachers, on the other hand, most often focuses on learning, expanding and improving the wisdom, knowledge, insights and skills we acquire. This contribute to caring, growing behaviors and way of life. Notice, in the word "Learning" we can find the letters: EARN – ‘earn’ some of the teachings that are beyond schools, universities or even Google.   

    We will talk about how we balance learning facts and applying knowledge and between the teachings of the educational systems and other teachers. And talk more about the changes needed in the system for the youth of the present and future. Come share your thoughts. The time to teach in new ways is now upon us.

    We will see you soon.

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    Real Talk with Mark Angelo and Lynna Arielle With Special Guest Andrew Perlot

    in Self Help

    Tonight we have Andrew Perlot he used a low fat raw food diet to lose more than 60 pounds and overcome the intestinal disease colitis, migraine headaches, and other long-term health problems. Since then, he's gone from being a couch potato to a marathon runner and strength athlete, putting on more than 15 pounds of muscle.

    A former newspaper journalist, Andrew was disappointed in the health information he saw disseminated by the major news outlets, and in 2008 started the popular website Raw-Food-Health.net to spread scientifically-supported information about raw food diets. 

    He is the author of a guide to adopting a raw diet, Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality, the recipe book Savory Raw Dressings And Sauces, and The Raw Food Digestive Tune-Up, which helps people overcome their digestive and intestinal disorders. He also coaches people who want to adopt raw food diets to overcome their diseases, lose weight, or just feel healthier and more energetic.


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