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    RIppin Friday's: Santore Says Goodbye, part 2. The Final Farewell

    in Comedy

    The SHOW ISNT ENDING!!!! it's just beginning. What great things will Santore do to Ft Lauderdale? What will Ft Lauderdale do to him? He's at Adobe Gilas, thats Adobe Gilas, so jhoin him for his Orlando Farewell

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    Carol Walker on Wild Horse & Burro Radio

    in Politics

    Hosted by Debbie Coffey:   V.P. Wild Horse Freedom Federation

    Our guest is Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation and a plaintiff on a recent lawsuit attempting to stop the BLM from removing over 800 wild horses from Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, and Great Divide Basin in Wyoming.  Carol was an observer at the roundups, and will share her observations and give an update on the wild horses that are now in captivity.

    Carol's website is http://www.wildhoofbeats.com/ and you can see her photography of wild horses at http://www.livingimagescjw.com/


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    Lisa Nirell Award-Winning Author The Mindful Marketer

    in Business

    Lisa Nirell

    Award-Winning Author

    The Mindful Marketer-How to Stay Present and Profitable in a Data-Driven World

    As a marketing leadership advisor, growth strategist, and award-winning author, Lisa Nirell brings provocative insights and practical marketing wisdom to her clients. They experience higher revenues, accelerated profits, and improved team execution. Companies such as Adobe, Infor, Oracle, GenRe, and Bozzuto hire her to help them dramatically accelerate growth and build customer mindshare.

    Lisa's latest book, "The Mindful Marketer: How to Stay Present and

    Profitable in a Data-Driven World", is a practical planning guide that helps marketing leaders and CEOs make better decisions, align their teams, and attract loyal customers by applying Pan-Asian principles.


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    Vernon v. Autodesk

    in Legal

    Vernon v. Autodesk

    This episode of Vondran Legal Hour features an overview of the case of Vernon v. Autodesk and asks and answers the question of "Can I buy software at a garage or office sale and sell it on an internet auction website such as eBay without risking federal copyright infringement?"

    This is a very imporant question, and often misunderstood.  Most people think when they "buy" software that they become the "owner" of the software and thus have a legal right to sell the software online.  This is not always true and it is very important to look at the terms of the Software Licensing Ageement.

    If you are acting outside the scope of the licensing agreement, you may winde up posting the software for sale on your eBay "power seller" account only to find out the software company sends out a "take down" notice that might result in getting your eBay account (or Amazon.com account) shut down.

    Federal Copyeright law protects software products and the members of the Business Software Alliance ("BSA") which is comprised of some of the largest software companies in the world - such as Adobe, Microsoft, Autodesk, Apple, Bentley, Symantec etc., take issues of alleged "software piracy" very serious.  They even have an "anti-piracy" hotline that gives rewards to ex-employees who blow the whistle on their employers use of unilcensed (meaning unpaid for) software, or the failure to purchase the software from authorized resellers.



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    Deepertruth Welcomes Father Bill Of Sacred Heart Catholic, Tombstone AZ

    in Religion

    Tombstone got its start in 1877 when Ed Schieffelin found one of the richest silver strikes in U.S. history in the hills above the San Pedro River. His discovery set in motion the history of a town that is seared in the memory of a nation and the world a true representative of the "American West". By 1879 settlement began, and by 1881 the population of the town reached 6000 people. While many rugged individuals inhabited the town's center, respectability and civilization began to occur on the edges of town. Church services were held in any vacant room or closed bar and the need for a decent church building was quite evident! In 1879, Rev. John Baptist Salpointe, Vicar Apostolic of Arizona, sent Father Antonio Jouvencaeu to Tombstone to ascertain the need for a church in the busy mining camp. Led by Nellie Cashman "Angel of the Camp", the citizens of Tombstone raised money to build a one and one-half story adobe building that housed a rectory on the top floor and a church on the bottom floor. This church-rectory was dedicated as Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church on January 1, 1881, becoming the first church building of any denomination in Tombstone.

    In 1882, a second wooden Catholic Church building was constructed. This allowed the 1881 building to be used solely as a rectory. Again, Nellie Cashman spearheaded the construction efforts, raising money and borrowing a team of horses and a wagon to haul wood from the Chiricahua Mountains, 50 miles away. This church building served the Tombstone Community until 1947 when it was moved to its present location. A new 1947 church building was constructed at the corner of N. Sixth and Safford Streets under the guidance of Pastor, Father Thomas Doyle. Later, the property north of the church that included two 1880's entwining rose trees was donated to and became part of the Sacred Heart Church Complex. 

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    House Of Evbuomwan With Mrs. Ekiuwa Evbuomwan

    in Entertainment

    Jaqwan Evbuomwan born in Bronx, NY, raised in Detroit Michigan. She has always had a zeal for photography and graphic design, but never knew it would be the very thing she would be  pursuing as her life's goal. The youngest sister of three she always wondered what her gift was. Her Middle sister was passionate about teaching and, the oldest an amazing celebrity stylist. Ekiuwa was often very confused, so she began collecting photos online. She decided to start blogging, with her online blog EkiuwaJMagazine.com. The Blog had a steady flow of readers from all over the world, This is where her love for graphic design grew tremendously. She designed every aspect of her own blog, then others became interested in her designs. She didn't think much of it, and continued to pursue her degree in Psychology. She stopped blogging + graphic design altogether that was until 2012 where she moved to Hawaii with her husband and he pushed her to follow her TRUE dream. He noticed her keen eye for typography + design. So he taught her how to use professional designing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and many other programs. Then a few months later he purchased her her first professional camera and from there she blossomed her love into a full time design studio. 

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    Kelli Richards Interviews Elaine Dennis

    in Art

    Kelli Richards is the CEO of The All Access Group and the host of All Access Radio.  She's spent over two decades as a catalyst and trailblazer in the digital music and entertainment arena.  As a super-connector, she creates powerful alliances at the nexus of technology and entertainment, bringing together leading innovators, entrepreneurs and forward thinking creative talent.  And as a trusted advisor, she works with high achievers as a strategist and coach, ensuring they have the insights, expertise, support, and connections they need to create greater impact and more meaning in their work and in their lives.

    Elaine Dennis is an experienced designer and brand advocate and the founder of Ink Studios, an arts advocacy firm representing a variety of artistic works and artisan brands, which connects creatives to creative avenues to more widely share their work and tell their stories.  Elaine has directed creative marketing campaigns for such iconic worldwide brands as Apple Computer, Adobe, Levi Strauss, Match.com and Sony, and she has collaborated on tech-related endeavors with Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana, Metallica, Seal, Thomas Dolby and other entertainment industry luminaries. Elaine is also the co-founder of the Graphic Arts Institute Technology Lab in San Francisco and has been recognized by Apple Computer, the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences (Emmys), National Recording Academy (Grammys) and Communication Arts Magazine for outstanding contributions. 

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    Adobe-Apple Showdown

    in Technology

    Sammy and Jon talk about the saga between Apple and Adobe over Apple's decision not to support Adobe's Flash on the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch with The Tech Update's Henry D'Andrea. They're also discussing Amazon's battle with Apple as a new version of the Kindle is set to be unveiled in the near future. This week's Showdown also delves into Microsoft's war with Google as the competition between Office 2010 and Google Docs offerings heats up.

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    The Trackside Experience-Hosted by Jason Semerau & Simon Knight S1E3

    in Sports

    Season 1 Edition 3

    In this edition of TTSE we discuss a lot of real racing recaps of every sort, some Sim Racing Adobe Photoshop work with Eric Brown of ESB Digital Designs. We will also discuss some more Assetto Corsa and ofcourse World of Tanks, The new featured "Stronghold" change to the battlefield and MUCH MORE !!

    Thanks for listening !!

    We have some interviews and some great chatting about subjects you the fans have requested that didn't make it coming to the every edition of TTSE !!

    Jason Semerau & Simon Knight 










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    August 14, 2014 Special Ventura Breeze News with Sheldon Brown

    in News

    More news about the City of Ventura with Publisher of the Ventura Breeze, Sheldon Brown - Olivas Adobe MUSIC UNDERS THE STARS, details. And Sheldon fills us in on the tour buses seen recently in Ventura, being escorted by the Ventura Police!


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    Change for Good with Mike Robbins

    in Self Help

    Mike Robbins is the author of three books: Focus on the Good Stuff; Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken, and Nothing Changes Until You Do.

    As an expert in teamwork, emotional intelligence, and the powers of appreciation and authenticity, Mike delivers keynote addresses and interactive seminars that empower people, teams, and organizations to work together effectively and be more successful. He has inspired tens of thousands of people around the world to reach new levels of awareness and productivity, both personally and professionally.

    His clients include some of the top organizations and institutions in the world, such as: Google, Wells Fargo, Adobe, Charles Schwab, Twitter, the U.S. Department of Labor, Gap, New York Life, Stanford University, Chevron, eBay, Kaiser, UC Berkeley, Genentech, the San Francisco Giants and many others.

    He has been featured on ABC News, the Oprah radio network, in Forbes, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and many others. He hosted his own radio show called Let’s Get Real on Energy Talk Radio, and since 2008 has been a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.


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