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    Nursing Home Admission, How To Find, What You Need

    in Health

    A Nursing Home Admission can be very stressful things for botht he patient and the family helping them.  Most people have very little information about nursing homes until they are forced to use them.  In this episode of the Fischer Report we will look at the Nursing Home Admission process and provide tips that will make the process easier and less stressful.

    Tony Fischer will be joined by Michelle Salvetti of the Lakeland Center.  Michelle will help our listeners understand how to find a nursing home and what you need for admission.

    You can find a companion post for the show at www.tonyfischer.hubpages.com/hub/Nursing-Homes-A-Guide-For-Familes

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    ADMISSION: The Book, the Movie, and Application Packaging

    in Education

    Application packaging, one of CollegePrepExpress’s THREE specialty areas, is arguably THE single most important criterion for college admissions. Join Dr. and special guest Jean Hanff Korelitz, author of Admission, the fabulous novel on which the recent Tina Fey and Paul Rudd movie is based.  Their discussion about her book, the movie, and her experience as an application reader for Princeton University will help you present yourself in the best possible light in your applications.
     Topics include:
    •   Given the primacy of grades and tests scores, how important are the applications themselves?
    •   What are the main components of the CommonApp and how do they work together?
    •   Tips for writings compelling personal essays
    •   How important are the supplement applications and what tips/tricks are there for those?
    •   Nightmares in applications adjudication
    •   How best to make application readers “fall in love” with you 

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    Movie Reviws: Admission, Croods, Olympus

    in Movies

    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review four new films: Admission, The Croods, Olympus Has Fallen, and Starbuck. 

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    911-Are You Prepared for A Visit To The ER With Your Aging Parent?

    in Caregiving

    It is only a matter of time until a senior loved one will need to visit an ER in crisis.  Are you ready with personal belongings, documents needed for admission, Medical Information Notebook, questions to ask and discharge?  It is a scary and stressful time, learn to be prepared, stay calm and protect the rights of your parent, neighbor, grandmother or friend.

    Listen to this informative half-hour show on 2/ 26 @ 10am on BlogTalkRadio, http://tobtr.com/s/6305645

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    Global Peeks With Brian E. Muhammad

    in Culture

    Nation of Islam commemoration brings light, life, power to cities and towns across America in preparation for major address by Min. Farrakhan Feb. 22

    CHICAGO (FinalCall.com) - Saving the lives of Black people, delivering words of enlightenment, standing for the oppressed and charting a way forward in a world of confusion are essential to the mission of the Nation of Islam.

    In 2015, the movement marks its 85th year in America and the mission to save Black people and the oppressed, the mission to offer light and the mission to provide divine guidance will encompass this year’s Saviours’ Day commemoration in the third week in February.

    Instead of making a journey to Chicago, the Nation’s headquarters, mosques and study groups will stay in their local areas, open their doors, join community partners and present celebrations, workshops, protests and local viewing of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s keynote address Feb. 22, which is titled “The Intensifying Universal Cry for Justice.”

    The Minister will speak live in Chicago at 2 p.m. CST at Christ Universal Temple, located at 11901 S. Ashland and doors will open at 12 noon. Admission is free and the program will be broadcast at NOI.org.

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    in Culture

    Topic:  Debut Show: Alkebulan Business History & the Black Parent

    PHONE/DIAL: #914-803-4571 at 11am East Coast Time

     STATE OF THE BLACK PARENT "Kickoff NYC 2015" will debut on The Initiative Network.  We will speak on a spinoff of correlating of Alkebulan Business History & what is the black parent teaching their children.   Alkebulan Business History is knowing how history relate to business (economics/ enterprise).   #statebp #bpnow #nyc     Review the timeline & Engage.

    ?Parents embrace for this event for $10 Admission.  Send Paypal & Label: -->stateoftheblackparent@gmail.com ?

    ?Become a Vendor,Today for $50 Limited Time Offer. Send Paypal & Label-->stateoftheblackparent@gmail.com

    Our Topics for ‘Kickoff NYC 2015′: 


    *Education: How do we fund Our children’s education? This will cover child care, learning centers, preschool, primary, secondary, & post secondary education. We will/possibly address those parents getting arrested for homeschooling their children. Solution: Facts/Resources and how to maintain?

    *Economics: How each economic class can help each other?


    *Enterprise: Does small business solve unemployment






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    The G-Spot Love Zone

    in Romance

    Welcome to the G-Spot Love Zone, where lovers come to listen to sensual, stimulating music, to enhance, tease, and  tantalize their listening senses. The G-Spot Love Zone is guaranteed to give you the kind of erotic pleasure that will bring you the ultimate eargasm.

    And what’s exciting other then the music, is that the drinks and admission here is free. And tonight’s drink special’s are...Foreplay and Flirtini. So relax and drink as much as you like! And enjoy this sensual evening, because tonight’s music, is on me.


    NOTE: If you have facebook, look us up at Erotic Talk Radio and ask to get into our group. Also follow us on twitter @eroticpleasure

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    Marvel Film Talk Podcast Ep. 8 - SPIDER-MAN is back at MARVEL w/ SONY along

    in Entertainment

    After Sony attempted to reboot its “Spider-Man” franchise with Andrew Garfield as the web slinger, the studio is ready to give it a third try, this time with Kevin Feige, the man who has produced 10 consecutive blockbusters for Marvel Studios.

    A deal to free up Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel cinematic universe, starting in 2017, is a clear admission by Sony that its superhero strategy with one of the most popular comicbook heroes around simply isn’t working.

    That’s especially true at a time when the studio is desperate for some major film franchises. Struggling with one of the comicbook industry’s most popular superheroes was starting to get embarrassing — especially when “Guardians of the Galaxy,” starring a cast of misfits unknown to most moviegoers, broke out as a bigger hit in 2014 than the last “Spider-Man” movie when it made $774 million. “The Amazing Spider Man 2″ earned nearly $709 million worldwide.

    “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ just wasn’t the billion-dollar hit that Sony’s Amy Pascal had been looking for last year — and needed to be in order to keep full control over the character. That movie became the lowest grossing film of Sony’s five Spidey films to date, and forced the studio to instantly start rethinking its plans for the character, even giving up a piece of the franchise.

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    Thorough Body Thursday with Prof James Small & Prof Griff God Essence II

    in Spirituality

    Thanks for hanging out in the Goddess Suite, Tune in 9pm for our THOROUGH BODY Thursday show, sip a cup of CONSCIOUS tea and get ready for the HOTTEST 2 HOURS of your life! 


    Join us tonight as we bring to you Prof James Small and Prof Griff as they talk about the God Essence part II



    2:00 PM - 8:00 PM

    at VICARS
    ATLANTA, GA 30311

     FEATURING in depth teaching lectures by

    [Pan-African activist, scholar, Yoruba priest and speaker.]
    [Founding member of legendary rap group Public Enemy, activist, book author, photographer and lecturer.]

    Brother Small will be speaking on AFRICAN SPIRITUALITY and Griff will be teaching about THE GOD FREQUENCY...the fingerprint of God.



    STUDENTS w/ID. $ 15.00

    CHILDREN 12-17 yrs. $ 10.00



    STUDENTS w/ID $ 20.00

    CHILDREN 12-17 yrs. $ 10.00

    Patricia Patton at (323) 929.7724 
    Professor Griff at (678) 557.2919

    email: info@abacus-6.com




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    Obama's impact on the military - Cal dumb clucks - REAL unemployment

    in Politics

    Hr 1 Greece wants the EU bank to let them make payments on their debt based on their economic recovery. So if they aren't improving, they won't pay as much? Is that how your mortgage or car loan works? Mine doesn't. But that would be nice!

    Don't you think that BY NOW President Obama would have a clue (plan, strategy, something!) as to how to deal with ISIS by now?

    The unemployment rate at 5.6%. YAY! YAY?? Wait, those aren't real. They don't include people who haven't found a job and no longer qualify for unemployment. It's as if they don't even exist...

    San Francisco minimum wage increases to $15/hr. Long time bookstore announces it's closure, as a result.

    Hr 2  Major General Paul E. Vallely, U.S. Army (ret.) candidly discusses Obama's impact on the military, the Middle East, the budget (cuts), and the overall impact that the sequestration had on our military forces.

    The IRS has confirmed that illegals will be eligible for tax credits. Are you kidding me?! They've costed us money just by being here. They've taken American worker jobs, filled seats meant for American children in schools. And now we're just going to start giving them tax refunds?! Thanks Obama, another wonderful (aka, stupid) idea.

    Hr 3  Why has the price of eggs gone up so much in California? You dumb clucks voted for it! Farmers forced to make costly henhouse renovations.

    Lumber sexual men? I guess that's the new "in" thing. Sounds like Duck Dynasty wanna-be's to me.

    982,000 work permits were given to illegal immigrants and other foreign nationals who did not qualify for admission. Why? 

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    The New Year Craft/Vendor Expo/LIVE Remote!

    in Business

    Come to a Live Radio Remote this Sat !! The Networking Diva Hour Radio Show will broadcast LIVE on Sat morning to promote this event! 

    Your Invited to a FREE event this week-end!  Yes, admission is free but we suggest that you bring any canned food or non-perishable item to donate. All the donations we get will go to the Care and Share of Colorado Springs.

    We will be having a Silent Auction with all proceeds going to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, as well as a Chance Drawing with all proceeds going to the March of Dimes Foundation.

    We will have over 85 vendors which will include crafts, direct sales,small businesses, and much more!. 
    We will have your kids favorite FROZEN characters for them to come see and take photos with!

    This is a Valentines Day theme so we have things for the ladies,and gift suggestions for the guys as well and for those little ones of yours. So come see us and bring the family.

    Colorado Springs Event Center

    3960 Palmer Park Blvd, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909

    Jan 31st 9-4:30 and Feb 1st 8-2..


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