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    The Alex Cardinale Show Episode 33: Interview with New Stems Tal Davidson

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    On this episode of the Alex Cardinale Show, Alex will be interviewing his first Musicain ever on the Alex Cardinale Show! Alex welcomes New Stems, a Canadian Music band that is really good! Alex will be interviewing New Stems Member Tal Davidson and Tal will explain his band to us and we will have the honor of hearing some of their wonderful music.

    If you have any questions, please call in at 1 323-642-1605.

    About New Stems:

    All four members of New Stems have been comrades, amigos, and best buds since the early days of high school. Tal and Jordan started performing together as an acoustic duo under the name “The Stems”, but quickly expanded their resources to include Daniel in 2009. Several years went by with a rotating cast of bass players. In 2011, Adam decided to start playing the bass, and, as he was already a good friend, adding him was a natural fit.

    Although we cater to a wide range of audiences our sound is often described with adjectives such as: “folk”, “organic”, “jammy”, “wacky”, and most notably, “the cat’s pyjamas”. We draw inspiration from groups like The Beatles, Phish, The Flaming Lips, Pavement and The Grateful Dead. Our oeuvre ranges from psychedelic rock to country, with a recurring focus on unique collaborative improvisation - we explore the myriad possibilities both within and outside of our songs.

    We have recently been recording at Metalworks Studios in Mississauga, under the supervision of producer extraordinaire Adam Feldman. It’s been a ton of fun, and we’re really excited to get the new recordings released.

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    WTF? - w/Kevin A. Phillips - Most Memorable Misfires

    in Self Help

    Brain trauma may make maturing brains "misfire" and disrupt the development of impulse control, social judgment and self-restraint, according to MedicalNewsToday.com but speaking from personal experience, it's a FACT! It was also my introduction to discovering the specific type of trauma sustained, had it not been for a 'misfire' after returning to duty in the Marine Corps.

    If you have a Brain Injury, 'misfires' can be an common occurance, if not identified and addressed. Before a Brain Injury, it's referred to as a 'melt-down', 'anxiety', '30-something syndrom', and a plethroa of others unique adjectives however, after a brain injury I've heard 'anger issues', 'crazy', 'insane', 'psyco' and a host of others. Fortunately there is HOPE!

    Join us tonight as Kevin shares some of his most memorable 'misfires' and the lessons learned from them. Call in and listen LIVE @424.243.9540 and share your success or questions. You never know who will be listening and how your question or story can help inspire others. 

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    End Institutional Racism Before Racism Destroy America

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    Racism in America is not like racism was a century ago. Once upon a time Blacks accepted being treated as property. I'm not referring to the days of slavery. I refer to the time after slavery was abolished. Blacks most definitely was referred to as a lot of things none of which we'll talk about here. After slavery Blacks were acceptant of names, and adjectives to describe their actions. Blacks were told what to do and when to do it. Racism was a way of life  for Whites and Blacks. Blacks were oppressed and just staying alive and not being beat was a successful day. Through all the troubles of daily life Blacks kept the faith, did the work, and made the necessary changes to gain respect of the people they now slaved for scraps and basically pennies. Change wasn't easy for Blacks nor the majority race then nor now. Even when we want change, when others fight against the change or just refuse the change it is most difficult to change. America we must change our actions toward one another. We must end institutional racism before racism  destroy America. Racism is real. Racism is visited upon Blacks daily by Whites. There is no Black racism. Skin supremacy exist but today it is more money than skin

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    We continue with our talk on Mr. Armah.

    Ayi Kwei Armah is one of the GREATEST Afrikan writers & thinkers born or dead, hands down, bar none.

    The author of the MONUMENTAL TWO THOUSAND SEASONS & THE HEALERS, has more recently delved into the foray of non-fiction. Tonight we read & discuss the lead chapter of his most recent non-fiction offering to the global Afrikan world--REMEMBERING THE DISMEMBERED CONTINENT.

    There are not enough positive adjectives I can use to describe this GREAT man & this wil DEFINITELY be the 2nd of M-A-N-Y talks we have sharing this Afrikan Giant!

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    What is Your Definition of a "Good Man"?

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    How many times have we heard, or even said one of the following statements; “Good men are hard to find,” “There aren’t any good men available,” “A majority of men are homosexual or on the down low,” or “All good men are already taken.” These statements and many others have more often than not been said by woman of all races, creeds and color for a number of reasons. However, what I want to know is what is the definition of a good man? What does he look like? Does he carry himself in a certain manner?

    Most women may initially define a man as good, or a good catch based solely on his exterior; meaning we have the tendency to focus first on the way he looks, his style of dress, what kind of job/career he has, so on and so on. But do these things truly define a good man? The answer is no. Now don’t get me wrong, these characteristics are nice to have, but they should not be the primary or the initial focus of a man, nor should they increase his value. The makings of a good man are not his outer possessions, but they are within his internal character.


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    What is Wrong with Social Justice?

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    What could possibly be wrong with social justice? We like justice. We are social beings. Should not our communities be just ones? Author Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. maintains that social justice is not justice. When we pursue social justice, it is at the expense of true justice and in its pursuit of equality, social justice threatens liberty. It is a case of setting contradictory and incompatible goals. Hushbeck examines our current pursuit of social justice and how it has failed, while looking also at the scriptures we use in that pursuit and how we have misunderstood them. While we should care about our neighbors and find ways to ease the plight of the poor, social justice’s emphasis on redistribution is not only often unjust but it actually makes things worse. His prescription? Pursue justice and liberty without any adjectives.




    Tags:  Elgin Hushbeck, social justice, redistribution, equality, poverty, justice, Obama, liberty

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    The Biz With D: Interview w/ Luke James x Lil Mo

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    When a new artist hits the scene, adjectives like fresh and honest frequently get thrown around when, in many instances, it’s more hype than truth. But that’s definitely not the case when it comes to Luke James .. And just who is Luke James? He’s a singer/songwriter who truly embodies the honesty and fresh, organic soulfulness that’s been in relatively short supply of late in contemporary music. Now that sounds like a pretty tall order for a newcomer to fulfill. However, the New Orleans native is very much up to the task. In fact, you’ve no doubt heard his work.

    James’ real-deal approach to music and—more important—the craft of singing are the main attractions on his self-titled debut album: "Luke James” Both mark the singer/songwriter’s debut on Mercury/Island Def Jam via New Age Rock Star Records (NARS), the label helmed by award-winning producer Danja (Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Keri Hilson) and long-time collaborator / mixing engineer Marcella “Ms Lago” Araica (Madonna, Pink, Timbaland). That connection hits home on James’ lead single, “I Want You.” Packed with interesting breaks and tempo shifts, the sparse yet bright track pulsates with an infectious, hip-hop-influenced beat. That foundation provides the perfect complement to James’ pure, arresting falsetto as he sings: “I was just a broken record of one-night stands /Til you came along with your beautiful song …”

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    Ayi Kwei Armah is one of the GREATEST Afrikan writers & thinkers born or dead, hands down, bar none.

    The author of the MONUMENTAL TWO THOUSAND SEASONS & THE HEALERS, has more recently delved into the foray of non-fiction. Tonight we read & discuss the lead chapter of his most recent non-fiction offering to the global Afrikan world--REMEMBERING THE DISMEMBERED CONTINENT.

    There are not enough positive adjectives I can use to describe this GREAT man & this wil DEFINITELY be the 1st of M-A-N-Y talks we have sharing this Afrikan Giant!

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    3 Ways to Stay Stuck after a Breakup

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    “If you feel stuck in your present life…I guarantee you are living in a dungeon made of stories – and none of those limiting stories are true.”  Martha Beck, Steering by Starlight

    When I’m speaking with prospective life coaching clients who are enduring a breakup or considering a divorce, I ask them to give me 3 adjectives that best describe how they feel. The one word that is used more often than any other is “stuck.”

    I have spoken to literally hundreds of women about their breakups and by now, I can tell pretty quickly who will find their way to the light and who may stay stuck for years. This is because there are some behaviors that will keep us unknowingly stuck in a place of pain and heartbreak.

    I will share the 3 behaviors so that you aren't stuck anymore.

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    GED Prep Grammar/English

    in Education

    Welcome to General Education Grammar/English. Your Instructor for this class is Mr. Kenmanuel Carrizales. This class is taught in English and Spanish. In this class you will need your required and suggested materials to be proficient and successful. Attendance is very important. You are required to take this class online once per week and be in class one day per week.

    We will cover the basic principles of English and Grammar including listening, reading, writing and speaking.

    The class online is a closed forum, meaning you will not be able to ask questions of the Instructor while he is teaching. You will need to send him an email with any questions as well as a daily email to gain full credits for your attendance. The Instructor, Mr. Kenmanuel Carrizales will send each of you a course syllabus and lesson plan to assist you with preparing for the class.

    Thank you for attending and we look forward to an excellent learning experience!

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    Devoted, Hard-working, Transcendent are just a few adjectives to describe this Publisher, Fashion, Hair & Beauty industry connoisseur who continues to set trends in the publishing, fashion, hair & beauty world still to date. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Marilyn Bell has carved out a successful career behind the scenes for more than 16 years. Marilyn Bell started as Creative Fashion Director for popular media which consisted of coordinating photo shoots and publicity. Serving as Editor in Chief for a variety of worldwide noted Hair & Beauty Magazines such as Black Celebrity Hair Styles 101, Celebrity Styles, Natural Hair & Braids, Black Radiance and Hairstyles; In May of 2004 Marilyn helped put a deal together to purchase Black Elegance from Flash Publishing which made Black Elegance (BE) Magazine 100 PERCENT AFRICAN AMERICAN OWNED. Marilyn transformed a once declining magazine into a muse in the publishing world. But Marilyn wasn't always sure of her position in the arduous world of publishing, fashion, hair & beauty."The Publishing, Fashion, Beauty & Hair industry can be cut throat and resistant to Black Women" she continues, “You have to plant your feet with certainty and work hard to gain respect.” Not shortly after emerging on the scene, Marilyn made an influential imprint for many women of color to prevail. Credited for lending her expertise as Hair & Beauty Editor for MOC Radio Magazine, and worked with famed celebrities such as John Legend, P. Diddy, Brandy, Lil Kim, Keyshia Cole, and Robin Givens, just to name a few. Devoted to helping budding talent hone their crafts, Marilyn is currently developing an online media boutique for artistic creative talent, The Marilyn Bell Agency (MBA).