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    11.30.14..Dylan Chambers..Singer/artist..Girl George Radio Show # 99

    in Entertainment

    Girl George & the Dragons Radio Show 

    11.30.14.SUN interview.3pm (pst)..5pm (cst)..6pm (est)

    .Lester Chambers of the Chambers Bro. Talented Son..

    Talent Runs in this Family ..California

    DragonSlayerProductions..GGR # 47..total..99..

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    College Seniors DON'T DO WHAT I DID! A Spring Break Disaster! Jagada Chambers

    in Spirituality

                       Inspiration~ Empowerment & BREAKTHROUGH! with Dr. Beverly L. Swanson                                                                    A Radio Talk Show of "Real People Sharing "Real Stories" of Great Faith & Great Victories

    So many times "Spring Break" for college students are glamorized by the music industry, movies of promiscuity and crazy fun, girls, guys, alcohol and drugs. Often times these escapades end up in disaster. Someone is badly hurt, arrested even death! Meet my special Guest Jagada Chambers~ Author of the Book "Based on a True Story" Jagada shares with us just what happened his Senior year of college with just one month left to graduation day. He was an accomplished athlete, an excellent student. but one wild night on his Spring Break in another town...cost him EVERYTHING. College, Career...Prison. This Sports Writer & Illustrator by profession comes out of the closet to Share His Story to help young people today. Join me on the AIR! with my special guest Author Jagada Chambers! WEDNESDAY 12/03/14, 11AM (PST)

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    The CAC Show: Ep. 42 - A Sunny Glow With Patricia Chambers Summerland

    in Entertainment

    November 13th, 2014 - Call in (1-347-884-9479) and join us on The CAC Show this Thursday at a special start time of 5pm est when we welcome the legendary female wrestler Sunny Glow (Patricia Chambers Summerland) from Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling! Sunny will share her story, her thoughts on today's wrestling industry, comic books, and much more! Sunny is a pioneer that is still looked at today as a legend for all she did for women's wrestling, and she is still highly influential to this very day! You won't want to miss this broadcast!

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    "Up Close & Personal" with Saxophonist "Greg Chambers"

    in Music

    Greg Chambers 

    Greg's latest CD, "Can't Help Myself, was released August 1, 2014.  Entirely produced by Nate Harasim & Matt Godina, this record features 2x Grammy winner Paul Brown, Julian Vaughn, Nils, and others.  Onstage, Greg has played the J.A. Nugget Jazz Night, has performed as an opening act for Evelyn "Champagne" King and Howard Hewett, has backed up Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, and performs regularly throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Greg's last record, "After Hours", featured Paul Brown on guitar, smooth jazz pianist Jonathan Fritzen, session musicians Ross Bolton, Louis Fasman, and Roberto Vally, and the mixing expertise of saxophonist/producer Darren Rahn. Singles from "After Hours" and Greg's 2011 self-titled album have charted on the Smoothjazz.com Top 50 Chart, the Jazzweek Top 50 Smooth Singles Chart and have made the Most Added/Increased Airplay lists for Billboard Magazine, Smoothjazz.com, and RadioWave. 

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    CORNER TALK: Preview Alexander vs Khan w/special guest"FastEddie" Chambers

    in Sports

    The primary goal of our show is to promote the sport boxing. At "CORNER TALK", we want to interview the respective boxers and other individuals involved in the sport. Followers will have the opportunity to call in and give their input.  Also, at "CORNER TALK", we will discuss various topics such as upcoming fights,potential matchups and the politics that exist in the sport. Let's help keep the sport alive! With all of this being said, here we go: CORNER TALK, "WE GOT SCRAPS.    

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    Church of Reality 80 - Brutal Child Murders In America

    in News

    Jessica Chambers lit on fire, Prince Joshua Avitto stabbed multiple times, a five year old forced to drink a 2 liter of grape soda, and a 12 year old shot to death by the cops, the world is insane and child are being slaughtered.

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    The Prophets Chambers

    in Religion

    Apostle Robbie C Peters will be joined by special Guest Elder Kecha Chambers who serves as House Prophet as well as the Head Intercessor of Empowerment Word & Truth Church. 

    She will be discussing Several issues as it relates to Prayer and Prophetic Utterance and how to effectively hear and commnicate with God

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    Last Show Until After The Holiday Season

    in Politics Conservative

    This is the last episode until January 5th so don't miss it! ~~~~ 

    Splash runs the gambit: Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Obama on Cuba, The right jumps all over Jeb, Liz Warren jumping  all over everyone. Russia is on the brink of disaster .... Awwww..... and oil continues to do the American consumer good. ~~~~ 

    The House is already gone .... The Senate leaves soon. With both Chambers gone until after the New Year rings in. When they come back things will be vastly different. With the GOP in the driver's seat in  Congress and Obama still wielding his phone and pen, there is much opportunity for compromise and even greater chance of disasterous head butting. ~~~~ 

    But right now it's Christmas so maybe Santa will bring us something to cheer about in Washington. ~~~~

    Wishing you all a GREAT Holiday season and we will see you next year, but DON'T MISS THIS SHOW!!!


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    The BSD Basketbro Show! Episode 1.6: Duquesne And George Washington

    in Sports

    Another week, another episode of the BSD Basketbro Show! This week, the guys are confused, because after narrowly beating Duquesne (or, rather, duqane) and beating up George Washington, Penn State hoops may actually be pretty good. Bill DiFilippo, Eric Gibson and Chad Markulics discuss the two games from this past week, preview the upcoming games to finish the non-conference slate against Drexel and Dartmouth, talk about some of the major players from the past few games -- we're looking at you, Geno Thorpe and Jordan Dickerson -- and try to answer a simple question: at 10-1 with votes in both the AP and Coaches polls, is Penn State basketball good? There's also the general silliness that comes from the podcast, but you already knew that. So sit down, turn your headphones up, and get ready for the latest episode of the best damn Penn State hoops podcast on the Internet.

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    Sexual Abuse -Author Lottie Stearne on Candace UnScripted

    in Entertainment

    Evangelist Lottie Stearne is the author of two books, “Treasure in the Midst of Ruins: Birth Out of Bondage’ and ‘Chosen for Such a Time as This.” These two books are perfect halves of a whole which explore Stearne’s voyage from the ravages of her time leaving home at the age of 15 while being seduced by a man seven years older than she was, to her life now as an ordained national Evangelist and child of God She has suffered sexual abuse, loss of hope and plagued by an agonizing childhood but with the help of the Lord rose from ashes to become an Nationally Ordained Evangelist and an author.

    Evangelist Stearne has ministered internationally and nationally touching the hearts and souls of many who have experienced similar oppositions and abuse in their lives. Her mission is to encourage all of God’s children to accept the call on their lives and put their faith in the Lord.In her first book, ‘Treasure in the Midst of Ruins’, Evangelist Stearne examines the true story of her years as a child, teenager and young adult – what she calls “the ruins”. Leaving a life of sin, the author came to understand that she had been put on the Earth for a purpose, and built the foundation of her life now: spreading the message of God’s love and His Word. ‘Chosen for Such a Time as this’ is Evangelist Stearne’s second book. Backed by scripture and charting a path for anyone to start saying “Yes” to the Lord, the book helps readers through the process of purifying and transforming their hearts, minds and souls .Both books are stirring examinations of a life well led, and a roadmap for anyone struggling with finding their place in the world. Lottie Stearne has the answer, if people are willing to hear her speak.


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    Recording Artist Drew Chambers stops by Conversations LIVE

    in Motivation

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes recording artist Drew Chambers to Conversations LIVE to discuss not just his gift of music but what it's been like to share it with the world. The two also discuss his new single THE KING and how you can stay in touch with everything coming up next for him.

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