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    Top Star Hip Hop Radio presents Kings of King with @grizzlylilcub

    in Music

    Welcome to King of Kings Sundays on Top Star Hip Hop Radio.  Where we fight demons and recieve our eternal riches.  So come get your weekly refreshment with Grizzly lil Cub this week we will have Ni-Kol, Prophecy, Hcb Streetwear, yung suave and more!

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    Adeline van Waning

    in Psychology

    Adeline van Waning, MD PhD has worked as a psychiatrist-psychotherapist with adults and children. With an MA in Buddhist studies, she integrates her broad expertise in giving meditation guidance and in hospice care. She lives in the Netherlands. Writing, painting and cycling in the Dutch dunes near her home are cherished involvements. Today’s favorite Zen saying: Everyday is a good day...

    Her book ‘The less dust, the more trust. Participating in The Shamatha Project - meditation and science’ is published by Mantra books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing. It came out January 2014. This book presents the story of her participation in The Shamatha Project, a large international endeavour in the field of meditation and scientific research. The project entails the participation of two groups of meditators in two three-month meditation retreats, combined with research, in 2007. Since then there have been two rounds of follow-up, and the third round - now after 7 years - is in process. Adeline’s book addresses Buddhism, shamatha mindfulness practices (concentration-calm), and meditation-research. With diary excerpts, dream log, and audio transcripts she gives the reader a feel for her personal experiences.


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    Adeline Ng

    in Blogs

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    Manchester United fired Moyes, what's next?/World Cup T Shirt

    in Sports

    Last season's EPL champs may not even make the Europa League this year. Manchester United got rid of David Moyes, who will coach the Red Devils? And what else must happen for the team to be contenders again? We are joined by Mark J Payne (@MarkJPayne), Man United blogger for ESPNFC and author of "Fergie's Last Stand" and Braden Ruddy (@detroitred9), a NY-based soccer writer,  to talk about what's going on at the Theatre of Dreams. We will also be joined by @Kassiano, an artist and DJ responsible for popularizing the Baile Funk genre. He released a sick T shirt to commerate the World Cup. We will discuss the T shirt (http://nossa.merchtable.com/) and Brazil's chances of winning it all

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    Wanda's Picks Radio Show: Morehouse College President Dr. Wilson

    in Art

    Guests: Robert Moses, Choreographer And Founder/artistic Director, Robert Moses’ Kin  speaks about his collaboration with Black Choreographers Festival Here and Now, Mar. 6-8, Draft/By Series; Auntie Frances Moore speaks about her third annual program at the 61st & Adeline--Triangular Park in Oakland, March 23, 1-5 p.m.; Emily Pilloton, Designer, Activist, Founder of Proj. H Design; subject in, If You Build It, dir. Patrick Credon; Dr. John Silvanus Wilson Jr., President of Morehouse College speaks about interrupting or dismantaling the Cradle to Prison Pipeline for African American Men: As an advocate for the intrinsic value of education for all, Dr. Wilson Jr. has dedicated more than 25 years to the advancement of socially conscious and purposeful education; student success; and the good that comes from a college education. As a scholar, an educator, a consultant, a strategist and a fundraiser, he has moved universities and organizations forward with his efforts and vision.  In January 2013, Dr. Wilson took office as the 11th president of Morehouse College, the nations’ only private, liberal arts institution dedicated to the education of African American males. Prior to that position, Dr. Wilson was appointed by President Barack Obama to serve as the executive director of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), a position he held since 2009. He attended Morehouse College, the alma mater of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1979. Dr. Wilson continued his education at Harvard University, where he earned two master’s degrees in theological studies and education, as well as a doctorate in education, with a focus on administration, planning and social policy. 

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    CBR Monday presents Adeline, Cicily & Christina

    in Radio

    Join us tonight on Cuttin Up Radio for CBR Monday's 9pm (CST) to catch up on the latest CBR news & talk about the new CBR Season on FSN with Cicily, Adeline & Christina @:  

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    Kash-Wayne interview w/ R-tistic Swagga Clothing from Cali

    in Entertainment

    Tune into The Kash-Wayne Campbell Show for a live Interview with California clothing company R-tistic Swagga. R-tistic Swagga has been Est. since August 2011. This Cali base streetwear line is pumping new life into the word swagg. R-tistic Swagga is bringing that abstract Cali style live and in color by being so diverse & spontaneous. Fly, Dope, Fresh is our Motto, three words that describe every piece that comes from us to a "T". R-tistic Swagga is about being your self, wearing what expresses your own style. Their are so many clothing lines out there, but instead of giving the public a line with varity , most create line's to try and start a new trend, not really focusing on giving their buyers the option to just be them. RS caters to the skaters, the dancers, the sneaker heads, the gamers, the music lovers, & the ones that feel they just don't fit in, all in one line. We feel these groups of people just think another way, they all think outside the box, they believe the possible is possible, they are the dreamers! And it's about time a line start to show more it's better to wear who u are, then to be a copy of someone else.

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    WORD PROC./DESKTOP PUB. SERVICES - OVER 30-YRS.' EXP. - $25/HR. - (Or Flat Rate)

    in Entrepreneur


    Hello, my name is Pete Newcome.   


    I have over 30-years' experience in word processing & desktop publishing.


    I have worked for law firms in San Francisco for over 20-years.


    If you need fast and affordable service please let me help.


    My rate is $20/Hr. - (obo)


    I am very flexible and accommodating and make every effort to delivery a high-quality product on time and under budget.


    My website is:   http://wordsmithguy.com


    My cell phone # is 415-948-0998.  415-496-5165 is my office# and 888-443-9407 is the fax #.


    My hours of operation are:  Monday-Sunday - (8:00 a.m. - to 10:00 p.m.)


    Two of my references are included here (for the remainder, go to my website and click on the "Testimonials" tab).


    "Very solid work, with genuine concern for timelines and accuracy.  Will definitely be working with him again!"

    Duggan Kerney/President/California Public Records Service-CPRS/ph. 408.354.1952/cell. 406.531.7298


    "Thank you Pete!  Your work is fantastic and your turn time is great!"

    Larry Hickman/Executive Director/Quest for Success Youth Foundation/5751 Adeline Street/Oakland, CA  94608/Phone:  510 467-4250


    Let me hear from you.


    Pete Newcome<

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    Meet Colleen Adams Founder of Empowered Youth with the Boys

    in Marketing

    Empowered Youth, Inc is a 501(c)3, founded in 2006.  The program began as a mentoring program inside the Miami-Dade Juvenile Justice Detention Center.
    Their mission is to empower inner-city boys and they are proud and gratified to be achieving that goal.  They are now in their 8th session of youth, and 87% OF THE GRADUATES OF EYN HAVE REMAINED OUT OF THE JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM SINCE ITS INCEPTION IN 2010.
    These boys have brought their STREETWEAR to eBay!
    Tune in and here about this amazing nonprofit direct from the boys and the founder.  Visit their eBay store while you wait and pick-up a T-Shirt to show your support at: eBay.com/EY
    Learn more about what the boys are doing with their other skills by joining their newsletter at: EY NEWS

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    #RebelliousCulture X #OddRarities

    in Culture

    weekly wrap up
    interview with odd rarities CEO Tiffany Courts 

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    We are the Rebels

    in Culture

    #Femalesneakerheads weekly wrapup 
    DXC Vegas  
    Rebellious Culture the brand
    finishline X resellers