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    Claire Coffee guest stars "Adalind" on NBC'S GRIMM

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    Claire Coffee returns to Grimm as "Adalind," the Hexenbiest that has haunted Nick (David Giuntoli) since the show premiered. Tune in to Grimm tonight at 9pm (eastern) on NBC

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    CLAIRE COFFEE ("Adalind Schade" on NBC's "GRIMM")

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    The season premiere of GRIMM starts October 25th, on NBC! It's only a few days away before Halloween 2013! So it's a perfect time to have everyone's favortie hexenbiest herself, "Adalind Schade" aka Claire Coffee from NBC's GRIMM, is our guest for this show!

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    Claire Coffee (Adelaide Schade) from NBC's GRIMM

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    Claire Coffee - Adalind Schade, "Grimm"

    Claire Coffee stars in NBC's hit drama series "Grimm" as the seductive villainess Adalind Schade, nemesis to Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli).

    In addition to acting, Coffee writes a fun and relatable fashion blog called Full Disclothesure (www.clairecoffee.com/full-disclothesure/). The blog chronicles the nitty gritty reality of her red carpet “moments” and offers time-saving beauty, fashion and lifestyle hacks for the modern girl. Grimm airs on Friday nights on NBC.

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    Claire Coffee ("Adalind Schade") from GRIMM

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    At last it's the return of NBC's Friday night hit show GRIMM!
    Nick Burkhardt is back and he's out for revenge. Find out his plans on tonight's season premiere. But before that happens tune in to this show as we chat with one of Nick's favorite nemesis--the one and only "Adelaide Schade" the hexenbiest that no one can seem to beat. Actress Claire Coffee, who stars as Adelaide joins us to chat abou the new season of Grimm.

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    Grimm- One Angry Fuschsbau

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    Thank Grimm it is Friday. Grimm season 2 Episode 17 “One Angry Fuschsbau” now that is a mouth full. Looks like this week we are going to get some answers. We hope. Juliette is taken to the “trailer” which will be a big deal if she remembers and or she will be scared to death at what she sees. Rosalee and Nick are dealing with a Wesen lawyer who is trying to get a murder overturned. And Our wonderful alliance with Adalind and Eric may reveal a few more details to what game Adalind is playing.Join us Monday at 8:30pm for a recap.

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    Grimm She's Back. "Season of the Hexenbiest.

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    Thank “GIMM” it is Friday.  This week we have the Fall Finale! Season 2 episode 12 “Season of the Hexenbiest” airs November 16th at 9pm on NBC.  SHE’s BACK!!!  Adalind returns to Portland with vengeance as her top priority, and no one is safe.  She gives out some ultimatums to Captain Renard he has only 48 hours to get the “Key”.  And how will the obsession with Juliette/Renard play out?  How will Hank handle Adalind’s return? Nick has to deal with Juliette’s issues and Adalind’s  vengeance.  Join us as we talk about some of our questions being answered and how will Grimm leave us hanging.   

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    Grimm Recap

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    Info c Thank “GIMM” it is Friday.  This week we have Season 2 episode 11 “To Protect and Serve Man” airs November at 9pm on NBC.  Now that Hank has a new look on what is really happening in the world everything may not be so black n white.  He starts to look at some old cases. One case the prisoner is on death row for murder and his death sentence is coming up.  Hank now wonders if he truly should be on death row.  The prisoner claimed it was “self-defense” against monsters.  Nick will have to help Hank process all of this and how or can they help this prisoner?  Back at the spice shop, Monroe finds himself in difficult situation.  Adalind is back in town what trouble will she cause.  How does Juliette handle her feelings for Captain Renard?
    oming in soon.

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