• Episode 16: The National ADA Symposium 2015

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    Get a preview of what’s in store when you attend the 2015 National ADA Symposium from May 10-13 in Atlanta, GA. In honor of the 25th Anniversary of the ADA, this year’s Symposium is bigger and better than ever. Join Jim de Jong, Director of the Great Plains ADA Center as he chats with Sally Weiss from the Southeast ADA Center about the many speakers and seminars, along with cutting edge technology, that makes the 2015 ADA Symposium something not to be missed. Kicking off with a reception at the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta and featuring a keynote speech by John Lewis, the 2015 Symposium blends the latest on ADA, implementation strategies and best practices with a celebration of the 25th ADA Anniversary and a stop from the ADA Legacy Tour. Symposium registration opens on January 5th (adasymposium.org) and spaces are expected to fill up quickly. 

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    Episode 168: Chi-Town Legend DA Smart

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    Walk Wit Us tonight on the Murder Master Music Show with special guest Chi-Town Legend D.A. Smart

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    Afro Chi Fitness

                          Afro Chi Fitness 3 Part Body Beautiful Plan©

    Join us helps to learn and create personal strategies, menu’s and meal plans. Fitness action plans for all, supports all levels of abilities. Relaxation techniques, that empower and motivates individuals towards success, noting challenges that hamper progress or that prevent you from reaching your healthy BMI and weight. Achieve optimum nutrition goals, now! Understand your bodys needs, together we will formulate a lifetime action plan that will work for you!

    Fitness passive stretches, Chi balancing & relaxation techniques. Nutrition information, and more.

    Available in the Boston area only, group & personal consultations.


    CALL IN WITH QUESTIONS 347. 215. 8559

    Sister Re Cocoa Lady, contact with questions or to schedule 650.265.1193 

    or email Cocoaladyusa@gmail.com

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    ADA The Americans with Disabilities Act turns 25

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    The ADA turns 25 on July 26, 2015. Tonight's episode of Brain Injury Round Table will focus on this commemoration and offers an opportunity for listeners to tell their stories and have them included in the official record of this momentous occasion.
    The ADA became law in 1990. It is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities. To learn more about the ADA go to http://adata.org/. Joining me tonight is Alvaro Gutierrez of Art Beyond Sight, http://www.artbeyondsight.org; Ken Collins, former pro baseball player, and peer counselor at the Gallop, NM Center for Independent Living, and Brain Injury Radio host. Other guests: Cheryl Kempf, of the Texas Brain Injury Advisory Board and brain injury survivor. Les Paul Morgan, peer counselor at the Walton Options Center for Independent Living, survivor of a "cornucopia" brain injuries, and host of a Brain Injury Radio show. Also joining us is Tai Campbell, founder of http://www.tbocnow.org, tireless community activist, and survivor of childhood brain injuries
    Welcome to another episode the Brain Injury Round Table. I am your host, Constance Miller, brain injury survivor 32 years and Managing Director of Brain Injury Resource Center, located on the Internet at http://www.headinjury.com  I'd like to thank: all our listeners for bringing our voices, to your home, your mobile device wherever you are around the world. Additionally, I’d like to give a big thank you to this show’s sponsors: Martha Marcum, mother of a brain injury survivor and author of MARTHA'S FABLES and Gordon Johnson, attorney of www.TBILaw.com

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight: Sat. January 24, 2015 on "NU Day"

    Another Black man is murdered by cops (in NJ) and now with the video being released that provides greater clarity questions are surely warranted as it prtains to why they were stopped in the first place and was the actions of the police officers premeditated.

    Also: An update on the Ramsey Orta trial and the next steps in the "Justice for Eric Gardner" campaign 

    AND: Why is the murder of Black women and girls paticularly, by law enforcement people, given so little attention, concern, or national response?  Hear our analysis and why we will now move forward with the "BLACK WOMEN LIVES MATTER TOO" Campaign 

    On the "LIVE LINE": Bro. Mike Greys

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    Episode 15 - Master Al-Waalee Muhammad

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    Al-Waalee Muhammad has been practicing and studying the internal arts (Tai-Chi Chuan, Hsing-I Chuan, and Pa-Kua Chang) since 1981.  He learned the Tai-Chi Chuan forms from Dr. Her Yue Wong (Yang style Tai-Chi, Hsing-I, and Pa Kua); Madame Wong Ju Rong (Sun style Tai-Chi and the 48 Combined Style Tai-Chi), Grand Master Yang Zhen-Duo (Yang style Tai-Chi and Tai-Chi sword) and Chu Ming-Hwa (Chen Style sword). From these teachers, he obtained a strong foundation in the physical forms and techniques of Tai-Chi.  For his knowledge and understanding of these disciplines, he had to embrace long hard study, research, and the practice of application of these styles and the principles upon which they are based.  

    Master Muhammad trained several national Internal Arts Champions and Grand Champions, including Fundi Fe, the undefeated women’s Push Hands Grand Champion (Moving and Fixed Step) and Nasiir Muhammad, full contact-fighting Grand Champion.

    He has written 2 books, “Conversations with The Master – The Reflections of a Disciple” and “Push Hands – The Tao of Tai-Chi Fighting;” and produced 2 DVDs, “Push Hands for Tournament and Combat” and “Push Hands – Applications of Fundamentals.”  He is presently writing his 3rd book entitled “One - The New Beginning.”


    You can find Al-Waalee Muhammad on his YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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    Episode 48

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    A look at the most powerful force in the universe. Beyond the format of traditions and religions. The connection to us thats not connected to the system. The wanting to be alive and witness the miraculous. No new age fluff but real connections to the divine through the sources that the hunter gatherers experienced and still do.  People Beyond series.






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    BOB CHIN'S: THE B-BOY STANCE The Hip-Hop Takeover EP1222015

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    Bob Chin takes over Kiley's World with Hip-Hop flare!

    B•boys & girls! I'm proud to say this thurs on the #bboystance we'll be rocking with the nicest rap cat you don't know... Yet Sense Coolie #gary #chi #atl want a preview? Go to https://soundcloud.com/sensethabeast #fuckyall #hiphop #dontstop LISTEN LIVE ONLINE @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/king-judahblacksatinradio OR CALL IN TO SUPPORT THE FEATURE AND SPIT @ (646)478-4196



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    Episode 14 - Steve Contes

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    Steve Contes, instructor and founder of Taiji Center, began training in the martial arts over 45 years ago. For the first 20 years he studied a variety of martial arts, qigong, health, nutrition, fitness, philosophy and various methods of meditation.  Steve's focus has become understanding Taiji as a complete art and has spent several years in China as well as regular trips to Chen Village, training with Master Zhu Tiancai (19th generation), Master Kam Lee (20th generation), and Master Zhu Xianghua.

    He serves as a judge at International Tournaments for both Sanda, Grappling and Traditional Martial Arts. His school has produced many Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists. He has competed in both China and the USA. Steve has also become a sponsor for Tai Chi workshops promoting trips to China for training with the world’s most accomplished Masters for individuals or groups.  

          Steve is a certified Taiji instructor holding the position of Vice President in Grand Master Zhu Tiancai's  ITF federation (Zhu Tiancai International Taiji Federation) . He continues to follow and teach the Chenjiagou (Chen) Style Taiji Method (for both health & self-defense) as taught to him by Grand Master Zhu Tiancai, Master Kam Lee a 20th generation Chen Tai Chi master, And Master Zhu Xianghua.  

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    Cocoa Lady's Wellness Corner

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    Wellness and good health requires being armed with a plan. Cocoa Lady Wellness Professional, brings tools that will assist and help you meet your personal fitness goals. The discussion topics and techniques presented have been designed in practice for decades both in clinical and fitness group settings by Cocoa Lady. Participation enables the listener to become conscious of eating habits, food ingredients and meal plans upon the conclusion of this 4 week program.

    For more information visit http://AfroChiFitness.blogspot.com/

    Monthly On Point, phone calls for support are available at no charge, by registration: AfroChiFitness@aol.com. Please include your name, cell phone number, the best day and time you may be reached. Personal Consultations are available in the Greater Boston Area 516 408 2376


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