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    Johanne's Story

    in Health

    Our guest today, Johanne Picard practiced corporate law for 18 years before leaving that world to follow her passion. She attended Chinese Medicine school  and now provides Eastern medicine therapies such as acupunture and herbal plant based medicine. She is the owner of Harlem Chi Community Acupuncture, a Health and Wellness practice  based in Harlem. Johanne told us,”the goal of my practice is to not only provide people  with natural alternatives to deal with their health issues but also but to use Eastern philosophy and medicine to help people recover their self-healing abilities and empower them to gain better control over their health”. She went on to say, “many people mistakenly think Chinese medicine is an entirely intuitive  medicine but, there is a logical underlying science and even mathematical precision to it… and only when you fully understand this logic is the magic revealed”.

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    Susy's Story

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    Our guest, Susy Seet has traveled a long and facinating path to arrive at the work of her heart, Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a"TCM" practitioner whose treatment modalities include acupuncture,Chinese therapeutic massage and dietary recommendations based on therapeutic food used in Chinese Medicine. Susy's journey began in Singapore where she was born.After college, she worked for more than i5 years on Wall Street and in public accounting before pursuing her dream to teach dance.She loved this career which she stayed with for seven years until  a shoulder injury forced her to try acupunture for the first time. As Susy tells us,"I did not believe in acupuncture and would not have tried it if I was not desperate".Her healing experience led her to an awareness that TCM was her path and so, she attended Chinese Medicine school four months after her shoulder injury and found her true avocation.

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    Fertility Naturally with Dr. Steven Friedman of Acutonix Heatlh Solutions

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    An Enlightening interview in which Dr. Friedman will share about natural ways to enhance fertility for both men & women. This is such an important topic! Couples need to realize that enhancing their over-all health will create an environment that enables conception to take place much more readily. Do you really need & or want to fill your body and mind with so much of what these infertility drugs may cause? Do you think that perhaps since we are made according to mother/father Nature ~ that we also need to look at what we may be able to do to truly nourish our bodies which in turn could spur on the conception of the precious little one that we want to bring into this world!

    We look forward to having you with us Oct. 2nd,, 2014 at 5:30pm est time for this Very informative interview with Dr. Steven Friedman of Acutonix Health Solutions of Tampa, Fl  Dr. Friedman can be reached at 813-258-1545   www.DrFriedmanWellness.com

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    Small Changes Big Shifts -Adjusting Your Health for the Better

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    During National Chiror]ractic Health month on Small Changes Big Shifts with Dr. Michelle Robin, you'll meet meet two men who are doing innovative things in the field of chiropractic health.

    Dr.John Sibley is Dr. Robin's first guest. They'll be discussing the role and importance of medicine in treatment but they'll also talk about giving the body a chance to heal itself first.  Dr. Sibley's practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma is acknowledged throughout the healthcare community as a benchmark of excellence.

    Also joining Dr. Michelle Robin is Chiropractic patient and advocate, William Esteb.  Estab has spent years exploring the doctor/patient relationship from the patient’s point of view, co-founding Perfect Patients in 2004, an interactive website service which manages the online representation of over 2000 chiropractors in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.  An author of 10 books and public speaker, Estab writes a weekly blog at patientsmedia.com.

    To learn more or connect with Host Dr. Robiin, go online http://yourwellnessconnection.com

    Read more about William Estab at http://www.patientmedia.com/history.html

    and conncet with Dr. John Sibley at http://drjohnsibley.com

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    DIY Acupressure for Your Aging Animal with Susan Tenney

    in Spirituality

    In this episode we’ll talk with veteran instructor and author, Susan Tenney about using acupressure with your animals. She’ll tell us about how acupressure is effective for all manner of animal issues from skin rashes and digestive distress to aggression and anxiety. Best of all, after sharing acupressure with hundreds of clients and students, Susan knows that acupressure is accessible for all animal lovers because it is safe and simple to use.

    Susan will also focus on how you can use acupressure can help the senior animals in your care. She will teach us a couple of simple acupressure points to improve vitality and overall well-being for animals of any age, techniques you can use with your animals right away. All of us who have been fortunate enough to have our animals live long lives, will appreciate how these methods bring you and your animal closer together while simultaneously helping your animal thrive.

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    Part 6 - African Holistic Health - Violence and Spanking Children

    in Health

    African Holistic Heath, by Dr. Llaila O. Africka is the first major book which addresses health issues from a comprehensive African-centered viewpoint.  It provides a complete guide to herbal remedies along with homepathic disease treatments. What makes African Holistic Health truly unique is the research Dr. Afrika has provided on the physiological and psychological differences between people of African descent versus people of European descent.  In addition Dr. Afrika provides a complete history (from the ninth century to the eighteenth century) of the European herb trade and why Europe invaded Africa for healing plants.  Finally, he concludes by detailing how European diseases defeated ancient Africa.                                          African Holistic Heath helps you learn about holistic sex laws, self diagnosis, disease treatments, the danger of commercial foods and much more.  But the most important lesson learned in this book is the concept of holistic health.                                                                                          African Holistic Health is written from an African-centered viewpoint and appropriately condems European commercialism, people ofEuropean descent as well as people of African descent will find that this book is the key to healing their bodies. All people regardless ofnationality, can use African Holistic Health as a reference guide to healthy living.

    For information regarding Heath products go to :

    Healthisalwayswealth dot com   Call 888-338-2508 

    Email babawesleygray @ Gmail dot com

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    Promo for Transforming the Temple Health Expo: R&MW

    in Culture

    Tonight, host Kasaun E. Henry is interviewing Reverend Nafisa Sharriff and Desiree Gordon, regarding the "Transforming the Temple: The Bliss Now!" Health Expo.

    Join Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, in partnership with Entering the Holy of Holies, An Institute of Learning and Healing, Inc., Back to the Middle and New York Sports Acupunture, for this 2nd annual community wellness expo!

    Keynote address by Susan L. Taylor, Founder and CEO of the National CARES mentoring Movement and Editor in Chief Emerita of Essence Magazine, featuring a vendors market, workshops for adults and children, live demos, and performances.

    WHEN: Saturday, April 26, 2014| 12pm to 7pm

    WHERE: Taino Towers | 240 E. 123rd Street New York, NY 10035

    ADMISSION:  $8 in advance / $10 at door/Children under 12yrs free / Student & Seniors discount: $5 at door. RSVP info@cccadi.org / must show valid ID at the door.

    For tickets www.theblissofnow.eventbrite.com

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    **Queendom of Goddess presents... Righteously Gifted Sisters !!!! **

    in Culture

    ASA~ Family, peace to everyone** Sister Alexis and I are once again excited to bring wonderful guests onto the Queendom of Goddess. Tonight we will be joined by Sister Rachel X Smith who is a frelance court reporter by trade. She has a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes Acupunture, herbs and other modalities. She's a Level 1 Reiki healer and also a Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils..For the second portion of our show ,we have Nehanda IsaQueen Muhammad, a singer who released a mixtape in December 2012 and is currently working on another project. She's also a member of a group called Brighter Day Productions, tune in to hear more about her journey in music & some of her music... Please invite Friends !!!  Your questions or comments are welcomed..  CALL IN # 347-857-4514   also via www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow

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    Bishara Wilson New York Sports Acupunture

    in Caregiving

    New York Sports Acupuncture, P.C. is dedicated to
    assist you with the prevention and recovery from
    injuries and various types of pain. This includes
    Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Headache, etc.
    An Acupuncture visit at New York Sports Acupuncture
    uses a combination of the following modalities:
        Acupuncture     Chinese Herbal Medicine     Tui Na Massage     Cupping & Moxabustion     Postural Assessment     Corrective Exercise     Eastern Nutrition     Qi Gong For more information, please visit:

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    Speaking out on Military Sexual Assault

    in Lifestyle

    Discussing Military Sexual Assault
    Massage for PTSD
    Acupuncture for PTSD

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    The I AM Well Show with Pam and Susan Ly

    in Spirituality

    The I AM Well Show hosted
    by Pam Drinnon and tonights
    guest Susan Ly.
    The I AM Well show features talented healers from across the world who will share important information about their ancient and leading edge healing practices. You will discover more fascinating topics including: traditional chinese medicine, naturopathy, ayurveda, herbalism, chiropractic, kinesiology, energy cultivation and healing, nutrition, effective weight loss methods, massage therapies and more!
    Tonight our guest Susan Ly
     a certified Hypnotherapist/Chinese Medicine Therapy.  Susan will be sharing her years of knowledge of the power of healing with Chinese Medicine and Acupunture
    May you all be Well!