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    THE REAL DELIA with Delia Smith - African American Political Figures & Activists

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       On this fourth week of February, Black History Month, The Real Delia & Mr. DLW will be discussing the contributions of African American Political Figures & Activists. Listeners are always invited to participate in the chatroom and on-air. Just call 347-205-9366 and press the number 1 to be on air with The Real Delia. 

      One of our success stories, here on the JKN, even though each show host is their own content supervisor within a guideline and responsible for their own shows, this “lady cab driver” not only works hard for her money, but works hard for her show.  Started her show on Sunday, following the original THE WAY I SEE IT with Jay King the original show for this foundation, now on every Monday at 4pm pacific.  She chooses her topics wisely and gets involved with her true spirit.  She is also known as the corrector.  THEE CORRECTOR.  347-205-9366  Welcome to the show!

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    Should The Community Pay A Salary To Its Full Time Political Activists?

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    Organizing voter registration drives, holding mass meetings, raising funds, contacting the media, passing out literature, even sending out mass e-mails in order to organize people for mass political action, requires the time and resources to work without the pressure of wondering how ones bills will be paid. These are activities necessary to change conditions for a community, and yet, the activists who make things happen are often stuggling to survive themselves, which makes it unlikely that efforts will be successful to change conditions for those who most need a change. Why do we expect activists to volunteer their time and work for free, when those who are in control of government resources get paid a handsome salary to live comfortably while they maintain the status quo? Should there be a fund that community members pay into which would support acticvist who lobby and organize for better conditions for the people? Or are such organizations already in existence, but merely need more financial contributions form those they consistently help? How do we change the thinking of those who are in need of better public service so that they understand "freedom ain't free"? Which organizations do people trust enough to invest enough money into that can hire those who are dedicated to working for better conditions for all? The Urban League? The NAACP? The National Action Network? The Rainbow PUSH Coalition? Your local block club? Your own religious organization? Or something else? Would you help pay the salary for full time political activists who work for your interests? 

  • “Can African American Entertainers Be Effective Activists?”

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    TONIGHT: Listen to The African History Network Show Thursday, Jan. 8th, 8:00pm-11:00pm EST with host Michael Imhotep. “Can African American Entertainers Be Effective Activists?”  Nicki Minaj recently did an interview explaining why some African American entertainers don’t speak out on our issues.  We’ll discuss this and more on tonight’s show.  Call in with your questions at (914) 338-1375.

    1) Phylicia Rashad (Claire Huxtable on “The Cosby Show”), did an interview with ABC World News on Wednesday clarifying a statement regarding the Bill Cosby scandal. I never said “forget those women”.  2) In Colorado, a bomb went off outside of NAACP office.  3) Asar Gray of G & G Associates will discuss Tax Tips for the 2015 Tax Season.  4) The movie “Selma” is drawing critical acclaim and also criticism for its portrayal of Pres. Lyndon Johnson.  Former Ambassador Andrew Young recently did an interview to set the record straight.  5) Michael Imhotep’s latest presentation is on the history of “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ll share an excerpt of it on tonight’s show.  6) This date in African American History and Dr. George Washington Carver.


    Sign up for The African History Network email newsletter by texting the word "Kemet" to 22828.

    If you want to learn more about African History and African-American History to counteract the negative images we see of ourselves on the TEL-LIE-VISION (TV), please visit www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com. We have information and DVDs to Educate, Empower and Inspire people of African Descent throughout the Diaspora and around the world.

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    PNN Special Report - Hunger Activists in Fort Lauderdale

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    PNN Special Report - Hunger Activists in Fort Lauderdale

    Join News Director Rick Spisak - as he interviews Nathan and Jillian Pim of the Ft. Lauderdale Food Not Bombs group.

    We will talk with Keith McHenry one of the founders of the National Food Not Bombs a Hunger and Peace Activist for over forty years.

    We'll also preview our Sunday Show on Progressive in a post-2014 Election Environment

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    and Sunday at 7pm Eastern time


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    Civil Rights Activists: Activists or Actors??

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    Todays show will focus on different civil rights activists and activists groups.  Are they a part of the solution or the problem.  What are they doing for our communities?  What should they be doing and aren't?? What changes do you as the community think we need and what are ;your ideas for making those changes??  It's time to stop talking about and start being about it.....

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    Activists Take Politicians To Court To Sue For Justice

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    A group of Chicago activists are organizing a trip to downstate Illinois to challenge the criminal justice system that continues to hold behind prison walls the well known community organizer Rev. Charles Koen. These activists are also challenging in court the validity of the upcoming city elections, based on a recent remap of the city's wards that seems to purposely reduce African American representation.  While the court system in America seems terribly flawed when it comes to equal justice under the law, litigation seems   to still be an effective weapon to use to fight injustice.  Will certain judges deemed to be unjust in their decisions be voted out of office in the next election? Will political prisoners be pardoned if it is determined they received an unfair trial? Will Chicago's elected officials be forced to redraw the city ward map to increase African American and Hispanic representation? Will those whose family members have been the victims of wrongful death at the hands of law enforcement officiers be able to organize a class action suit against the government for Civil Rights violations? How much justice can we expect to come from America's legal system?

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    Community activists,their impact on Gun Violence in the community at large!

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    Targeting of Student Activists: How We Can Protest Discrimination In Schools

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    Voice of Rebellion Radio out of Stay Bold Radio responds to the denial of Al Suarez's membership into the Student Government Association of Ybor campus Hillsborough Community College in Tampa. Al has gone to this College since 2013, and experienced discrimination for this activism. We will go over cases of where students have been suspended, maltreated or discriminated against for their activism. We suspect Dr. Robinson (who's image is shown on the show) campus president is behind the decision inspite of promises by the Dean to Al. Dr. Robinson sent security on Al for showing up to his own radio studios on campus and had him unjustly temporarily suspended for speaking out once on the air and for a College paper article. Al returned and was banned a semester from College media. He still takes part in HCC clubs and committees. Chris Jay the co host in his high school had experienced similar things. We will be accepting callers. We hope to bring awareness and show how to fight such discrimination as our tax dollars pay for these schools that violate our free speech. The program will be 2 hours starting at 8pm eastern.

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    PNN - Peace Activists in 2013

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    PNN - presents a round table on Peace Activism
    Hosted by News Director Rick Spisak & Associate Producer Renee Shaker
    This PEACE ROUND TABLE is intended to give a wide selection of Peace Activists a chance give their perspective on where we are and how we might best proceed in 2013.
    Peace - in a time of drones, non-withdrawl withdrawls, secret wars, executive kill lists, unfettered use of mercenaries and unpunished war-profiteers and ultra-prosecuted whitle-blowers
    Listen in to these activists:   Sandy Davies   PDA Activist Jay Jensen Author, War Crime Activist Gwen Holden Barry  New Age Activist & Journalist Hillary Keyes Code Pink Activist Emine Dilek  Journalist & International Womens Rights Suki Deyoung  Peace Activist & Organizer Anita Stewart  Peace activist & Ecologist Alan Maki Minnesota Peace Activist
    Tune in Live 7pm Eastern or Anytime

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    Church Pastors and Grassroots Activists Join Us

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    We expect participation from church pastors in a discussion about IRS Abuses against the churches, as well as calls from the grassroots activists around the country with updates on current projects like "Unfair: Exposing The IRS", the upcoming movie that will shed some light on past and present IRS abuses in all areas of life; the upcoming interim elections of many Senators and Representatives, many of whom may be Fair Tax cosponsors; and Fair Tax events.

    Fair Tax Time is brought to you commercial free each Wednesday evening, 6PM Pacific time, 9PM Eastern, by the host John Wesley Nobles. You may listen on your computer or on your phone. Dial (619) 393-6478 or, if you’re charged for long disance, use our toll-free line: (888) 436-1206. Just follow instructions when the nice British lady answers.

    Show info: Fair Tax Time Radio, Fair Tax Nation, HR25 Fair Tax Review

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    Mile High Club: Sensual Activists

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    How do you define sexy? Most dictionaries define sexy as “arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest…sexually attractive or exciting”. The essence of sexy is a state of mind, “so as a man or woman thinketh so is he or she”. Let the Mile High Club sensual activists Jasmine and King show you how to nourish, reclaim, and redefine your inner sexy. “A Little Sexy Goes A Long Way”…”Come Fly With Us” at http://www.jetsettingjasmine.com/

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