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    The Activist Show

    in Politics

    Talk radio that walks the talk! This show is about solutions, something our elected officials don't seem to understand.

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    The Activist Show

    in Politics

    Talk radio that walks the talk! This show is about solutions, something our elected officials don't seem to understand.

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    A Street Activist Perspective (A.S.A.P)

    in Politics

    Our guest for this Sunday evening is our own native Houstonian, "Deric Muhammad." Deric Muhammad is an accomplished Houston-based Activist/Organizer who addresses issues on behalf of the black community and other poor and under-served disenfranchised communities concerning Social Justice, Police Brutality, Racial Inequality, and Black Male Development.

    Deric Muhammad believes that man is given power for one reason; "To Serve Others!" Deric Muhammad has been, for years, seen on local and national television stations addressing the tough issues faced by Black people in America. He says that he is unashamed of his love for Black people and thanks God every day for giving him the honor of serving his community. 

    In 2009 he independently produced and starred in a critically acclaimed documentary called “Raising Boys: Tips for Single Moms” that addresses the plight of Black women raising sons in the absence of a father. He recently launched a Houston-based Black Male Initiative called Project FORWARD that focuses on Stopping Inner-City Violence and creating Economic Development. His writings have been published in many newspapers and he has currently released his first self-published book A.S.A.P (A Street Activist Perspective).

    For more information on Brother Deric Muhammad and his work visit his website at www.dericmuhammad.com 


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    Bill Fletcher Jr, Human Rights Activist

    in History

    Legendary human rights activist and union organizer Bill Fletcher Jr will talk about his life as an organizer for social justice and what he thinlks of protests in 2015.

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    Guest tonight is Activist Central's own Mr. Tom Madison

    in Politics

    Activist Central tonight will be a role reversal:  Activist Central's Tom Madison in the Hot Seat for One Hour to talk about his campaign to reform the Oregon sex offender registration laws (OregonActionCommittee.Org) in addition to answering questions about Activist Central talk radio concept, the sex offender registration law reform movement in general, his fourteen year background in helping to reform SOR laws and how he sees today's political activism strategies and tactics in general.  He will be interviewed by Derek Logue of OnceFallen.Com (a SOR law reformer activist website) and other interested switchboard callers to the show. 

    Viva La Revolucion! - The New Militancy of the Oppressed, Degraded & Persecuted on Activist Central talk radio.




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    Rapper and Activist Jasiri X

    in Self Help

    A new millennium leader leveraging the transformative power of Hip-Hop, Social Media and Technology into a new brand of social change.  Jasiri performs nationally and internationally, delivers keynote addresses and speaks on scholarly panels.  Jasiri has worked in underserved communities as a mentor, educator and community leader.  He is a founding member of the anti-violence community organization, 1Hood.  After garnering over 1.5 million YouTube views for his conscious elevating Hip-Hop, Jasiri felt that it was imperative to provide training for young people in new forms of digital media, empowering them to change their own communities and to tell their own, often maligned and marginalized stories.  In 2011, Jasiri founded 1Hood Media Academy in Pittsburgh, where he leads a team of educators and artists in teaching young people media literacy, photography, videography, music production, creative lyricism, entrepreneurship, journalism and other 21st century skills. Jasiri X is a new millennium Civil Rights Activist working closely with his mentor, Harry Belafonte to address social ills of today’s society.  Jasiri is poised to lead a global generation in changing Hip Hop’s bad rap (rep) by staying true to his artistic intention – FREEING MINDS ONE RHYME AT A TIME.

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    Activist Daivd Delk, Move To Amend

    in Politics

    Acivist David Delk, Move To Amend Activist
    The People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United and other related cases, and move to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.

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    Search For A Cure - David Scondras, Activist

    in US Government

    "Political Dissent, Protest, and Repression - American Style” = = = = =
    With Special Guest:  David Scondras, political activist, former Boston City Councilman, and Executive Director of “Search For a Cure” a non-profit organization aimed at HIV Treatment Advocacy.   
    = = = = =
    This week's topic will deal with the US Government’s war on protesters, dissenters and the growing repression of various political groups exercising their First Amendment rights by speaking out against the current and recent illegal wars (overt and covert) in the Middle East; those who have stood up to the US Government’s authoritarian laws such as the NDAA 2012/2013 and PATRIOT Act where habeas, privacy and due process legal protections have been eviscerated from our Constitution;  those journalists and whistle-blowers (Chomsky, Hedges, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and John Kiriakou) who have and continue to stand up against the massive counts of war crimes, treason and felonious wrong-doing by the Bush/Obama regimes;  and also those who led the Occupy protests of 2011 and 2012 who recently discovered that they may have come close to being assassinated by an as yet unidentified group according to the FBI.   America’s political dissenters are in increasingly in dangerous territory but still, they and we must push further ahead.   We want our former democratic society back.

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    Maria Mejia-Laing- HIV Activist & Global Ambassador

    in Women

    Maria is the co-author of the book From a Warrior’s Passion and Pain, a real life account of her 26-year battle with HIV. She is currently the co-chair of the Women and Minorities Outreach for the Dab the AIDS bear project.Maria is a part of the campaign, “Let’s Stop HIV Together” for the Center for Disease Control and an ambassador for the “The Stigma Project”.She is the Global Ambassador for The well project and CAB member ,Recruiter and is helping expand it to Latin America. She is also a spokesperson for Janssens new campaign Your HIV your wisdom and does consulting for them. She is also a part of a Huge campaign for Greater than AIDS and Kaiser partnered up with Planned parenthood ,The Well project ,PWN and Domestic abuse hotline .The campaign touches on Trauma ,HIV and IPV ( Intimate partner violence ) and it is moderated by Mrs Tonya Lee Lewis .

    Diagnosed with HIV in 1991, Maria began a long journey finding hope, pride and passion in an undereducated society unprepared to deal with the growing epidemic of HIV and AIDS. After ten years without treatment Maria found herself at a crossroads. She could begin medical treatment or continue to slide towards death. Thankfully she chose to live and to fight for more than just her own health.Tune in and enjoy the show

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    Art Tanderup - Nebraska Farmer/Activist Update

    in Current Events

    Nebraska farmers and activists, often one and the same, are heading into the Fall with more determination than ever. They are working closely together to keep their land from being snatched up by the big oil & gas industry only to ship fossil fuels overseas where they will continue to have a devastating effect on the environment and climate.

    Talkupy welcomes Art Tanderup, Nebraska farmer and activist, back to the show at 9 pm ET on September 29, 2015. Art will give us an update on how the Pope's visit to the U.S. was received by Nebraska climate activists and what landowners are doing to prepare for their day in District Court to try and stop the KXL pipeline from crossing their properties. We'll also talk about a recent gathering of the Cowboy Indian Alliance to pick this year's sacred corn together at Art's farm.

    For more information on Art go to his Facebook page and Bold Nebraska's website. Please visit Talkupy.net, subscribe to Talkupy on Stitcher or iTunes and follow @Talkupy_Radio on Twitter.

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    USA FAIR with Activist Shana Rowan, Executive Director

    in Politics

    USA FAIR with Activist Shana Rowan, Executive Director – Controversial topic centered around sex offenders in society.  This will be her second appearance on the show (since we had technical problems on April 23rd.)   Bring your thoughts, concerns, insights and questions to Shana Rowan who is fighting against the sex offender bogeyman stereotype by bringing her point-of-view to the airwaves.  Listen in to find out about her mission which is to educate the public about the myth about the high likelihood of re-offending by this dangerous group of people and her advocacy to reform the registry that is based on facts and evidence she claims.  "Sex offenders have one of the lowest recidivism rates of all offender groups in the criminal justice system", she says.  For more info: Www.USAFair.Org

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