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    The Activist Show

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    Talk radio that walks the talk! This show is about solutions, something our elected officials don't seem to understand.

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    The Activist Show

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    Talk radio that walks the talk! This show is about solutions, something our elected officials don't seem to understand.

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    Guest tonight is Activist Central's own Mr. Tom Madison

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    Activist Central tonight will be a role reversal:  Activist Central's Tom Madison in the Hot Seat for One Hour to talk about his campaign to reform the Oregon sex offender registration laws (OregonActionCommittee.Org) in addition to answering questions about Activist Central talk radio concept, the sex offender registration law reform movement in general, his fourteen year background in helping to reform SOR laws and how he sees today's political activism strategies and tactics in general.  He will be interviewed by Derek Logue of OnceFallen.Com (a SOR law reformer activist website) and other interested switchboard callers to the show. 

    Viva La Revolucion! - The New Militancy of the Oppressed, Degraded & Persecuted on Activist Central talk radio.




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    Activist Daivd Delk, Move To Amend

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    Acivist David Delk, Move To Amend Activist
    The People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United and other related cases, and move to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.

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    DAVY: "It's been almost 2 years since Pete Eyre, Copblock founder told me I could no longer write for CB, and then banned me, after I called him out for refusing to remove comments an individual named Justin Bainter was posting on the CB site, detailing my home address, as well as my children's schools, etc. Justin Bainter is an obsessed, very disturbed individual who has been stalking me and my children for well over 2 years now. Bainter is friends with several Rochester, NY Police officers, and as a result has the support and backing of the RPD. I have been a passionate community activist against police misconduct and corruption for the past 20 years.

    Before that, I accompanied my dad, the late Mario Vara, also an activist against police corruption in the 1980's. Since Pete Eyre banned me from Copblock, Justin Bainter has continued his twisted behavior. Some of you will be interested to know that Justin Bainter runs a new Facebook page called EXPOSING COP BLOCKERS. What an irony. Pete Eyre supported this individual threatening my family, including my minor children, and now Justin Bainter is leading an attack on Copblock, its contributors, and anyone who stands up against police misconduct and corruption."

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    Search For A Cure - David Scondras, Activist

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    "Political Dissent, Protest, and Repression - American Style” = = = = =
    With Special Guest:  David Scondras, political activist, former Boston City Councilman, and Executive Director of “Search For a Cure” a non-profit organization aimed at HIV Treatment Advocacy.   
    = = = = =
    This week's topic will deal with the US Government’s war on protesters, dissenters and the growing repression of various political groups exercising their First Amendment rights by speaking out against the current and recent illegal wars (overt and covert) in the Middle East; those who have stood up to the US Government’s authoritarian laws such as the NDAA 2012/2013 and PATRIOT Act where habeas, privacy and due process legal protections have been eviscerated from our Constitution;  those journalists and whistle-blowers (Chomsky, Hedges, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and John Kiriakou) who have and continue to stand up against the massive counts of war crimes, treason and felonious wrong-doing by the Bush/Obama regimes;  and also those who led the Occupy protests of 2011 and 2012 who recently discovered that they may have come close to being assassinated by an as yet unidentified group according to the FBI.   America’s political dissenters are in increasingly in dangerous territory but still, they and we must push further ahead.   We want our former democratic society back.

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    Artist, Activist and Storyteller, Paul Richmond

    in LGBT

    Paul Richmond is an artist, activist, and storyteller. His work often incorporates elements of pop culture, politics, and his own experiences as a gay man. You can see all of his work, purchase some prints and more at http://paulrichmondstudio.com. His latest series, War Paint, explores ideas of identity and masculinity through expressive, figurative paintings of men covering their bodies with paint. He enjoys working with models who have made important or interesting contributions to LGBT culture, and he's painted everyone from Jack Mackenroth to Perez Hilton. Many of the "gaylebrity" models were a part of his Cheesecake Boys series, a gay/male spin on classic pin-up art from the 40's and 50's.

    When he's not painting, he is busy with a non-profit organization that he founded with his childhood art teacher called the You Will Rise Project. Their mission to empower young people who have experienced bullying to speak out through the creation of uncensored artworks. He was bullied horribly as a kid and having a creative outlet made all the difference. He does free workshops for young people, a mentorship program connecting college artists with bullied high school students, a special project last spring called Art For Michael in support of an 11 year old boy who attempted suicide after being bullied for his love of My Little Pony, and a new social media photo campaign called #SelfieRespect. Visit: http://youwillriseproject.com.

    Him and his husband  are involved with the fight for marriage equality as well. They were married a year and a half ago with a group of 24 other LGBT couples who rode a bus to Washington DC and had our ceremony in front of the Supreme Court building just days before DOMA was repealed. 

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    USA FAIR with Activist Shana Rowan, Executive Director

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    USA FAIR with Activist Shana Rowan, Executive Director – Controversial topic centered around sex offenders in society.  This will be her second appearance on the show (since we had technical problems on April 23rd.)   Bring your thoughts, concerns, insights and questions to Shana Rowan who is fighting against the sex offender bogeyman stereotype by bringing her point-of-view to the airwaves.  Listen in to find out about her mission which is to educate the public about the myth about the high likelihood of re-offending by this dangerous group of people and her advocacy to reform the registry that is based on facts and evidence she claims.  "Sex offenders have one of the lowest recidivism rates of all offender groups in the criminal justice system", she says.  For more info: Www.USAFair.Org

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    Public Citizen with Activist Tyson Slocum Director

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    Public Citizen with Activist Tyson Slocum Director, Public Citizen’s  Energy Program -
    Tyson Slocum is director of Public Citizen's Energy Program, covering climate change, coal, oil, fracking, nuclear energy, renewables and commodity market oversight. Tyson Slocum advocates for decentralized, affordable renewable energy for working families. Tyson has expertise on federal subsidies for the energy sector and promotes refocusing such incentives away from the nuclear, oil and coal industries toward rooftop solar and wind energy, energy efficiency and mass transit.
    Listen to Tyson Slocum and me but also please consider supporting their work at http://www.citizen.org

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    The Immigration Rights Movement w/ Activist Isa Noyola

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    Join us as we welcome Revolutionary Activist goddess Isa Noyola. Isa has been very instrumental in the grassroots efforts to change the immigration laws in this country specifically for LGBT/TRANS/GNC folks of color. Isa fights everyday for the rights of many in the translatina community. Join us as we discuss the specific structural and systemic oppressions that translatinas face every day. Isa will also talk about the recent Obama Imimgration relief executive order and its impact. We will also discuss the criminal justice system and its imact as well. Sister chat will include Isa's life and uprbinging as well as projects she is working on currently. We will of course take phone calls! Join us!! 



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    Women's Rights Activist: Martha

    in Women

    Martha comes forth today talking about what brought her into the passion for the activism for women's rights, what she has done with that time frame, and what her hopes are for the future.

    When the Texas legislature passed the Sonogram Law in 2011, Martha noticed a dangerous trend of stripping Texas women of their constitutional rights. Feeling helpless to fight back, she noticed on social media in early 2012, women's rights rallies being planned in all 50 state capitals. She became part of the core group who planned the rally in Austin on April 28, 2012. Martha was also at the capitol for the special session showdown over HB2 in the summer of 2013. Her 22-year-old daughter, Kayla, testified before the House State Affairs Committee, and her own testimony was read by Senator Wendy Davis during her famous filibuster. The rally in 2012 was the catalyst for her local involvement. Less than three years after her first experience in activism, Martha will be sworn in as president of the Texas Democratic Women of Caldwell County on January 19, 2015. Her goal for the group is to have members connect with the community in an effort to re-engage their neighbors in the political process of electing leaders who will serve the people of this great state.

    To learn more about the activism and women's rights issues:




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