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    Friday Farcast: Activated Activism With Dave Parker & Alexandra May Hunter

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    In the true Aquarian spirit, we are bringing back two favorites in the realm of gritty, yet enlightened activism. From the boominest city in the USA, Austin, Texas, Dave Parker from the Free Energy Party returns with salient updates from the Free Energy front.  We'll discuss developments in the realm of building the free energy devices as well as some of the latest politcal updates as it relates to free energy.  Dave's passion and single-minded-purpose in liberating these transformational technologies is truly inspiring.

    In the second hour, the pitbull of chemtrail activism, Alexandra May Hunter circles back to give us the lowdown on "geo-engineering."  You don't want to miss out on Alexandra's energy, passion and up-to-the-minute knowledge of what's happenig in our skies as well as what's taking place in our courts surrounding the issue of geoengineering.

    Dave Parker and his free energy posse can be found hanging on Facebook as well as their website:


    Alexandra May Hunter has been helping the anti-geoengineering community by drafting a 70+ page state specific Resolution document that is intended to be presented to all state level elected representatives. For serious minded activists who are interested in Ms. Hunter’s expert services they can contact her at her email address which is; alexandrahunter@att.net.  She can also be found on Facebook, TSU, Seen.is and Twitter.

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    Real Talk: Bandwagon Activism vs True Activism

    in Culture

    How can you tell the difference? Who is actually about some shit and who is just looking to up their twitter following? Who only speaks on issues when they are hot topics in the media and who has BEEN speaking on issues and working toward change for awhile now?

    With everything from Domestic Violence, Child abuse, Street Harassment, and Police Brutality being discussed so heavily on media and social networks, are we really making moves toward change or are people just hopping on to discussions just to get subscribers for their blog?

    We will talk aout it ALL and of course we keep it all the way REAL!

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    Can Hip Hop Artists Influence Social Activism?

    in Women

    It has often been noted by fans of Old School music that artists like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and James Brown influenced the civil rights movement with music that inspired social activism among the people. But hip hop artists seem to be just the opposite, spouting lyrics that glorify mindless violence and self destructive behavior in the face of a desperate need for political empowerment through social activism. Where are the conscious hip hop artist? Music manager DeShawn also known as FOCUS explains the mindset of today's hip hop artists and the challenge to be politically relevant and profitable at the same time.  

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    Judicial Activism, Role of Government, and Executive Amnesty (10.22.14)

    in Politics Conservative

    Liberty or death? Is that extremism or a reflection of the deep desire of human beings? Shane Krauser, the host of Liberty Storm, talks about the issues of the day and provides serious solutions. Shane covered the following topics:

    1. What system of government do we live under? Monarchy, oligarchy, democracy, a republic? Why is it important to define our terms anyways?

    2. We often talk about judicial activism. What is it and what do the Federalist Papers say about it?

    3. The Obama Administration quitely put out a bid for millions of "Green Cards" in anticipation of immigration reform. What is going on here?

    Facebook: Liberty Storm with Shane Krauser
    Twitter: Shane Krauser

    Find out more about how to get involved by going to Freedom Fires or Shane Krauser Enterprises.  

    *Please pardon the technical difficulties over the first 20 minutes of the show. 

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    David Nicol on the Impact of Social Activism on Global Consciousness

    in Self Help


    David Nicol, PhD, is Director and Co-founder of the Gaiafield Project and the Center for Subtle Activism, an action research center based at the California Institute of Integral Studies that advances the study and practice of subtle activism. His forthcoming book Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation is the first comprehensive academic treatment of the topic.  

    He is adjunct faculty in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Program at California Institute of Integral Studies, where he teaches classes in "Subtle Activism: Theory and Practice." He has been on a path of spiritual development for over twenty years and is a long-term practitioner of the Diamond Approach of A.H. Almaas.  He is a former environmental lawyer from Australia. Visit http://gaiafield.net and http://bethepeace.com

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on Facebook, visit our website and follow us on Twitter.





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    PIJN News: History of Israel and Jewish Political Activism

    in Politics Conservative

    Dr Chaps reports on the important issues:

    * President Obama halts the shipment of Hellfire missiles to Israel, even while he sends $400 million to the Palestinian Authority.
    * Exclusive interview with Bill Federer who explains the history of Jewish political activism in America that helped Israel.


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    Political Activism, And why YOU should understand it!

    in Politics Progressive

    This is the first show i will have ever done apart form co hosting on a diffrent show my mate matt hosts. today or tonight (depending where you live) i will be dicussing why people should pay attention to polotics and their countrys political system... why you should understand that the government doesnt lead you, YOU lead the government. among other things.  along with a bit of news.
    Also a possible apearance by my good mate and teacher mathew wright (who is a psychic, medium, empath, telepath among other things other things) if i can work this blog talk out (first timer)... he will come on and talk with me if possible.
    but anyway, sit back, relax and enjoy what i have to say, like anything, people just need to understand...

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    Sacred Activism

    in Spirituality

    Life Coach Ade is flying solo on the Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show to explore the theme of August – Transformative Actions.

    If there ever was a time to be spiritual transformers, this is it! Are you willing to accept the mission or buy into the illusion?

    Join Life Coach Ade as we collectively come together to activate the transformation button on action within.

    Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show" fan  (LIKE) page on Facebook.

    Also, don't miss Celestial Moment with Celeste Morgan. She offers the energy of the day!

    This show will shift your consciousness. Empower you to create a space and a place for inspiration, transformation and healing.

    For more information about Life Conversations Radio visit www.LifeConversationsMedia.com 

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    Art as Activism

    in Current Events

    NEW SHOW TODAY @ NOON: ART AS ACTIVISM. Does it work? How do we know? Is it's impact always subjective? What art affected your awareness, behavior, or perspective?

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    Energy Activism

    in Spirituality

    Today we are talking with Ruth Wilson, Intuitive skills Teacher, Healer, Coach and Consultant about the topic of Energy Activism.  What is it? How can one be an Energy Activist?
    Ruth will teaching a  2 part workshop in October and November 2013 on simple tools and techniques that can transform community and empower people to be more aware of their ability to transform their world with conscious intention and their own natural energy skills. There are no prerequisites for her workshops.
    To read more about her workshops go to the homepage of www.clairvoyanceacademy.com.
    Francine Marie-Sheppard is the Director of the Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness and an energy activist herself. She created an unusual school with a mission to contribute in it's own way to the world. Through its unique training programs the ACC supports the evolving consciousness of whomever walks through the door.
    If you'd like to email Ruth with your questions she can be reached at Ruth@clairvoyanceacademy.com and her websites are www.enlightenedinteraction.com or www.ruth-wilson.com
    If you have questions for Francine about the ACC school, email francine@clairvoyanceacademy.com.

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    Conservative Activism Guide for Patriots

    in Politics

    On Friday's show, I will have with me, Hugh Fike from Heritage Action for America's Sentinel program.  Sentinel is a grassroots campaign developed by Heritage Action for America to promote and channel effective and vigorous Conservative / Liberty movement activism.

    We'll talk about avenues of participation, how the Sentinel program facilitates impact on legislatures and the opportunities that social media provide in the mix.

    Also up for discussion - the potential impact of newly proposed IRS regulations which threaten the ability of non-profits to participate in issue organizing.

    Be sure to call in during the program with your comments, ideas, concerns and questions at (646) 668-8537.

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