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    Wayne Williams' Watercolour and Acrylic Paintings

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    Wayne Williams (B.A., M.Ed) incorporates colourful places and people from his travel experiences into his art. He tries to “capture life in the moment”. His paintings are unique, mixed media creations on canvas, often using both acrylic and watercolour paint and sometimes collage.
    As well as travel scenes, florals and scenes of people in action, Wayne paints scenes from in and around the picturesque town of Perth and the city of Ottawa. His paintings are in private collections in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Russia. Wayne is a member of the Rideau Lakes Artists’ Association and the Ottawa Mixed Media Artists, who have presented him with an Award of Excellence for one of his paintings.
    As a long-time resident of Eastern Ontario, Wayne also paints scenes from in and around the picturesque town of Perth and the city of Ottawa. He is a member of the Rideau Lakes Artists’ Association and the Ottawa Mixed Media Association.
    Wayne’s paintings can be seen twelve months of the year at Gallery Perth, Perth, Ontario, or through his website: www.waynewilliams.ca

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    Featured Guest Jerri Brown, Founder, All Things Creative

    in Women

    Tune in on Monday, February 23rd as we feature guest, Jerri Brown, founder of All Things Creative (ATC), an artistic platform that provides inspiring artwork, novelties, services and programs.  Learn how this wife and mom of 6 balances her roles while pursuing her dreams and goals!

    About Our Featured Guest:

    Mrs. Jerri Danyelle Brown (Jerri B) is the founder of All Things CREATIV (ATC), an artistic platform that provides inspiring artwork, novelties, services, and programs.  Jerri is an Artist, Designer, and Creative Consultant.  She has been creating for over 20 years.  She has hosted solo exhibitions, published artistic books and literary works, and launched creative product lines.  Her artwork illustrates the endearing moments of inter-generational bonds and inspirational concepts, and has been referred to as Narrative Art.  Jerri works in a variety of media including acrylic, pastels, charcoal, block print, photography, textiles, ceramics, and graphic design.  She strives to trigger feelings of warmth and familiarity from the viewer.

    At age 37, Jerri has been married for sixteen years and is the mother of six children.  In addition to her roles as a wife and mother, Jerri is also an active Community Advocate and Minister.  She has hosted and participated in several grassroots programs to encourage youth in the area of Art.  Jerri believes that Art is therapeutic, and she has facilitated creative sessions at women's gatherings and retreats as a "de-stresser."

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    Business InSight with guest Sheryl Luxenburg

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    Sheryl Luxenburg, is a Canadian artist, a water based painter, who paints in watercolour on paper or acrylic paint on linen canvas. She has been painting her whole life, but took her formal university education through to graduate school in clinical psychology.

    Sheryl was a clinical psychotherapist for 20 years, specializing in trauma with children and families, but when she became debilitated by a serious and chronic illness, she had to leave that career. Sheryl is someone who has truly re-invented herself and her journey is one that is inspirational.

    Don't miss this show!

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    Acrylic ABC's

    in Education

    Acrylic ABC's.   The industry is enamored with gel and power polishes, but many techs stick with the foundation of the nail industry, acrylics! We're taking you to school the entire month of January with the ABC's of Acrylics!    

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    Glenda Watson Natale, MSN, RN, HNB_BC Joins Reiki Radio

    in Health

    Glenda Watson Natale is a Board certified Holistic Nurse, degreed in Nursing, Communication and Theatre as well, active member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, experience in clinical practice as a Psychiatric nurse, and as adjunct university faculty. She is Certified in past life regression with Brian Weiss, Reiki Master , and LightScape artist, having received professional acclaim for large format acrylic depictions of Light.

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    Stylist & JewelryDesigner Shenetta Gordon joins Living Purposely w/Stacy Y Whyte

    in Motivation

    Shenetta Gordon: These days, so many things we buy are cookie cutter, but SheNetta’s X-Clusive Jewelry Designs, Owner & Designer, Shenetta Gordon believes jewelry is not just a piece that you wear, but it speaks a lot about your style, your likes and dislikes.  It even portrays your inner personality. With her unique sense of style, she has combined her passions and created her own innovative jewelry line that incorporates the essence of elegance, with fascinating pops of color and exquisite craftsmanship. Each artistic creation is handcrafted, using high quality Swarovski crystals, uniquely shaped stones, glass beads, glass pearls, acrylic beads, wood, polymer clay, resin, metals, reclaim plastics, chains, wire and colorful fabrics to achieve elegant, whimsical, and romantic jewelry that is luxurious yet budget friendly.

    Stacy is a Life/Relationship Coach that helps women to restore their hope, faith and confidence through reflective writing and life coaching. She is a motivational catalyst that believes in empowering women to live their best lives by stepping out by faith to fulfill their purpose.

    Stacy has experienced many setbacks, trials and tragedies along her journey. She knows pain first hand and as result she has dedicated her life to helping other women to rise above adverisities. For Stacy, the challenges has helped to shape her life, gave her the strength to pursue the dreams and God molded her character to not simply settle but work towards being the best and accomplishing greatness.

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    Inside Visual Artist: Charlie Elo Burnz

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    Charlie Elo has been an Artist in one form or another for most of life. His passion for Fine Art, Street Art, Cinema and Music have always inspired him to express himself through these mediums. Growing up in The Bronx, NY,  Hip Hop Culture resonates deeply in his work. With a love for the interactive and shared energy provided by the Live Art experience. Charlie currently paints live at Art Events throughout NYC. He is a graduate of The Institute of Audio Research for music production and of the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Institute of Advanced Media. While he  mostly uses acrylic paint in his work, he is not bound to any one medium and often likes to mix, match and shake things up in order to satisfy his creative expressions.  He recently co-founded "Synchronized Productions LLC", through which he plans to release his cinematography as well as a series of books based on Illustrations and poetic narratives.

    For more information: www.Websta.me/n/eloburnz

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    Inside Visual Artist: Cynthia Katori Walker

    in Art

    Cynthia Katori Walker, is a self-taught artist that works predominantly in acrylic, pastels and recycled material. Her themes evoke feelings of playfulness, joy and a feeling of the unknown. Two of her works, "Nighty Night " and "Journey" were selected in the City Without Walls 20th Annual Metro Show Juried Small Works Traveling Exhibition in 2001-2002. She also had an art piece displayed at a Regional Exhibition at the Bayonne Public Library Gallery in Bayonne, N.J. In 1999, Walker debuted her Katori Kids Collection at "Inspirations," an art exhibition at Exposure Gallery in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Her mission is to make the child in you smile and would like you to join her in spreading Katorikids Art which will brighten up spaces in the world.

    For more information, www.katorikidsart.com


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    CHARLES CHATMAN aka "Spaceman:" 

    M/r. Chatman's art is beautiful as it  visually stimulating the mind through  his various artistic forms.

    Mr. Chatman say that all  of his artwork is created to open the mind and allow one  to free the mind of wordly norms; as it creatively stimulates it, thus creating pure euphoric experiences.  

    All  of Mr. Chatman's artworks is created from the heart, allowing the senses to be stimulated through visual textures,  objects, and freeforming radicals.  There are many influences, which provide direction.  Influences include, but are not limited to his son, Allen London (visual artist), imagination,  cartoons, nature, music,  and artistic visuals.  

    His artistic experiences include indoor murals, acrylic paints, water based paints, charcoal, graphite, ink, tattooing, writing poetry, and writing short stories.  Artistic insights gained and executed include going with the flowing energies of the universe and precisely executing color distribution to set the tone and feel of artworks.




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    An Artist Speaks Season 3 Episode 7 Interview with Terry Meyer

    in Art

    Listen in as host Mike Harris interviews Terry Meyer, one of Contemporary Art Gallery Online' newest Artist Member.  Terry has been painting for seven years and studied with Stanley Harris and Ginger Cook in the Houston area. Terry’s work placed in both the Tomball Art League and The Woodlands Art League spring judged shows in 2013. Qualifying pieces went on to the Lone Star Art League Convention that same year. Terry received first place in the CAGO February 2014 competition, theme Animals. Terry has had work exhibited at the Barbara Bush Library in Spring and the Avant Garden Gallery in The Woodlands (Houston area) and at Art C’s Gallery in Somerville, Texas. Terry enjoys experimenting with unexpected colors and abstract backgrounds. Terry primarily uses acrylic paint, but will often add textural media.

    To read the CAGO Newsletter, visit www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com and click on the CAGO Media tab. On this page you will find our radio shows, videos and newsletters.

    Contemporary Art Gallery Online continues each month with their monthly art competitions and exhibitions.  Go to www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com, and Click on the Art Competition tab for details. 

    If you are looking for gallery representation, visit  www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com and click on the Artist Member Corner tab, and follow the prompts. 

    And of course, if you are in the market to purchase art, visit us at www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com  for all your wall art needs.

    Enjoy the show!

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    Metalsmith BenchTalk: jeweler, metalsmith, and naturalist David C. Freda

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    My guest on Thursday, May 1st at 3 p.m. PDT on MetalSmith BenchTalk will be jeweler, enamelist, metalsmith, artist, and naturalist David C. Freda.

    Abou David:  “Among the first images created by man were those of animals. One cannot trace the history of art without reference to the animal image. Since prehistoric times, the animal world has provided man the imagery by which to visually illuminate important aspects of himself and his life. The animal image provides a universal language that all cultures can share. Until the extinction of the last species, man will draw upon the animal world for inspiration.
    I also probe the world of animals for my imagery. Bird watching, taxidermy, falconry, scuba diving, rock climbing, mountain biking, and numerous other adventuresome activities have educated me enabling me to express the natural world in an artistic sense. My forms are a distillation of these experiences. Some compositions feature realistic “renderings” of animal forms while others are abstractions suggesting a particular theme and create from it an unexpected or surprising result. 

    To obtain this, I often juxtapose the animal image or abstraction using ancient processes with twentieth century materials such as fine metals, vitreous enamels, aluminum, acrylic, niobium, and so on, while maintaining the sense of a natural habitat via color, texture, and movement. I feel I share a kinship with artists of the past whose intimate knowledge of the natural world also provided them with their concepts..

    To learn more about David, visit: http://www.davidcfreda.com.

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