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    ACO Paranormal Ladie's Night -Karen C Patrick, Diana McClintic, Janet Kira Lessin, Theresa J Morris.

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    We share Cosmos Radio Organization as TJ Morris ET Cosmos Radio and Aquarian Radio. We are the ACO as Alien Contact Organization. We are growing to include our alien contact transmissions and downloads as of THanksgiving Day 11/26/2015. We ready ourselves or the Ascension Age of Communication!

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    ACO Ascension Psychics Club w/Theresa J Morris & Friends~Various Psychic Tools

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    PANEL on PHENOMENOLOGY - with Bill M. Tracer,Janet Kira Lessin, Tessa B. Dick, join Host - TJ Morris. Discuss Philip K. Dick Movies with Tessa 5th wife- Author in ACO author's Club.  Theresa J Morris, Psychic Life Coach shares in the various skills we all have and how to sharpen our tools! ACO CLUB - Authors Club, Psychics Club, UFO Club. We share as Universal Life Metaphysicians with the ACE MEtaphysical Institute. People share in promoting ancient wisdom and new thought teachings with TJ Morris ET Radio Shows. TJ now has Cosmos Radio Organization for other Radio Syndicated Shows that want to share her time here with others. Harold

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    ACO UFO Club w/TJ Morris, Javier Sandoval, and Janet Lessin-UFO Talk

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    ACO UFO Club is about phenomenology dealing with unidentified past ancient mysteries and new thought teachings on UFO Sightings and Alien Contact Experiencers (ACE).. We are dealing with the new Ascension Age  with the horizontal and vertical dimensions, We deal with the difference in physical energy, resonance, and vibration. We share particles and waves. We share people who are learning about themselves as individuals and how they fit into this world of wonder.  Life is a gift and this is a working planet where we explore our own spiritual path and the mysteries of our own minds and place in space. There is a new shift in time and space and in our own minds. ACO is about accepting the fact that there is more and everyone of us is important! We are shifting our manifestation projects. We are about health & prosperity for all. See what was once called a UFO and have it become an IFO. Unidentified to Identified. This is the Future! Linear planet science in our innovative lives. We as humanoids come and go from this planet.Home is where the heart is!. Alien Contact Organization (ACO) is welcoming those who want to talk abut ALIENS, Extraterrestrials, UFOS, and we have the ACO with EVENTS as Alien Cosmos Expos Classes, Seminars, Workshops, Ebooks, Books, and Training as Life Coaches.TJ is a Mentor. We have Engineers, Astronauts, Researchers, Writers, Authors Artists and we all have a friendship. TJ is a social networker and ambassador of goodwill. TJ is welcomeing new friends. If you want to know TJ find her own Facebook and LIKE HER AND FOLLOW HER HERE ON HER RADIO SHOW of FRIENDS in the ACO CLUB she funded and founded. JOIN Education Research Association Community Online Press as (ERACOP.com) Magazine a PEER REVIEW as PEER TO PEER talks on blog talk. We invite friends in the USA to become a part of the rise in the vibe of the tribe. JOIN us  and learn the art of your own life story. TJ Morris dba ACIR, ACO

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    ET Communication of Blessings for ACO Club of Phenomenology Education Research Association of "US"

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    Theresa J Morris, Founder Director of the ACO - ACE Folklife - Education Research Association Community Online People! (ERA COP.com) TJ Shares a transmission and download. Bill M Tracer VP of ACE and ERA joins TJ and Janet Lessin - Pres of Ascension Center Network in Maui Hawaii and Alien Contact Organization joins TJ - Founder/Director of our ACO. John Drockton-California Area always joins in the chat room to anchor the energy for us all!Lightworkers and Truthseekers join.

    We will welcome those who want to share their wonderful time together with "US". We are about sharing that which we call SYNCHRONICITY! 

    What makes us who we are and how we spend our time as body-mind-spirits sharing the birth-life-death process. We are a support group for our friends who have the life time for our family. We are a group of souls who handle their happinesshttp://theresajmorris.com/2015/11/ufo-alien-contact-intel-diplomatic-relations/

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    ACO -ACE Metaphysical Institute Empowering God Within and Without As Ascension

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    Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris also known as THERESA J Morris will begin her NEW YEAR 2016 as a WIDOW. A new title for her while she goes it alone and yet  knows that the ETs have shared with her the future as the Ascension Center. Theresa also known as a psychic called TARA of the Ancient Ancestors and THERESA in todays time is also known among her NOW FRIENDS as TJ MORRIS. TJ Morris dba ACIR is now  sharing Sundays as she has done to grow the Ascension AGE. 

    TJ is a LIFE COACH, AGENT, CONSULTANT, ORGANIZER, AUTHOR, RESEARCHER and Business Owner. TJ has websites and authors books available at ,B&N, AMAZON, LULU as Theresa J Morris, and TJ Thurmond Morris. Join ACO Club. Also her ACE Metaphysical CLUB. Together people will join teams who will learn to meet annually to explore all year long their own spiritual life paths. Many people are now learning the synchronicity to own spirituality that entails their own life path. Many teachers show up to become students of life on this planet. Here we share the adventures of knowing some of us who want to share their lives mission and goals to form an alliance for all. We all share this planet and we all eat and defacate the same. We are all equal when it comes to the planet and our own FREE-WILL and HUMAN RIGHTS! TJ has created a way to share articles and by-laws in the world of business to form a nonprofit and she offers to others a chance to own a franchise in business based on the spiritual trade and commerce network she formed ACO UFO.Making the world a better place -spiriual and paranormal shows of the metaphysical phenomenology kind! X Files is COMING Jan. 25th on TV. JOIN TJ MORRIS & Friends on our Mystery Quest!  ACO UFO CLUB 

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    ACO UFO Club - Alien Cosmos Expos Phenomenology Topics Breakthrough

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    ACO UFO CLub of the Ascension Center Organization as ACO sharting the ACE Folklife Historcal Society as ACE for knowing Alien Civilizations Exist! We celebrate with K.C. Patrick, J.K. Lessin, Stephanie Parrish join Theresa J Morris on the TJ Morris ET COSMOS RADIO SHOW , A Blog Talk Show about Alien Contact Organizers a Fellowship of Womanship.  We share our ALien ET UFO Community and our experiences. Steaphanie is Theresa's daughter and comes on the last 30 minutes of the show. We are offering a support group and an annual meet and greet for those who share interest in the Alien Contact Organization. We are the ACO UFO Club Members who share the ERA COP Magazine, Alien Contact Organization and Alien Cosmos Expos. 

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    ACO Ascension Psychics - Spirituality Club - ACE MEtaphysical Institute

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    Life Coaches, ACO Universal Life Spiritual SUnday Group. We meet here with our ACE Metaphysical Institute of Metaphysicians. The founder Theresa J Morris shares with Bill M. Tracer and friends their choices for lifestyles in the ACE Folklife Historical Society which share body-mind-spirit sharing the birth-life-death process with others who are in our support system. We learn to share ancient wisdom and new thought teachings during the Ascension Age. We all share in Cosmology, Phenomenology, Ufology, and the Paranormal that is becoming the normal for many.   Bill M Tracer and Diana McClintic are invited to join Theresa J Morris on Sundays.

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    TJ Morris ACO Club ET Spirit Guide Friends Phil Laing, Diana MCClintic Loving

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    5 nights a WEEK - Taking off Monday & Tuesday - WED through SUN shows for JANUARY. 2016

    Theresa J Morris known as TJ Tarot Reader among her friends share live education esoteric education as her ACE Metaphysical Institute unveils the Cosmos Connection. Theresa share life, love, freedom, liberty and most of all our free will to share support while we are in pursuit of happiness. Theresa believes that we are meant to learn and grow our soul. TJ Morris is the ET Spirit Guide for ACO Social Club. http://ascensionpsychics.com, http://tjmorriset.com andhttp://theresajmorris.com.

    ACE Metaphysical Institute. TJ has many books available on Amazon and Lulu.com. Jjoin the ACE  Life! .Terra, Gaia, Sophia, Earth. Theresa shares we are here to experience health and prosperity for all humanoid sentient intelligent beings. TJ is asking to have a spiritual gathering in the USA  CALL TO BE ON SHOW LIVE & RECORDED.347-945-7207.Spiritual club.l

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    TJ Morris ACO -ACE-ACIR - Metaphysical Us In Memory of Thomas R. Morris~Friends

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    Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris returns as TJ Morris Agency. Theresa will share her husband's last days with friends. Co-hosts are Janet Lessin, Diana McClintic, and Thomas (Tommy) A. Sinisi.We the people in American Willpower will decide our fate. This is the Age of Transformation. We share the Manifestation of Disclosure! Tonight we discuss "WHERE DO WE GO?" What is Life? Who are we? Does History Matter? We make the future!  Time Travel, Transformation from Life to Death and to Life Again. We share what the "WORD of COMMUNITY" will mean in the future. The ACE Metaphysical Institute will be sharing the growth on the ASCENSION PSYCHICS.com I will post in my ACO UFO CLUB network blogs such as  http://ascensionpsychics.com  and http://aliencontact.org. I ALso share on TJ Morris Radio News and ERA COP.com. 

    A TRIBUTE MEMORIUM TO MY LATE HUSBAND THOMAS R MORRIS who inspired me to share my world of PHENOMENOLOGY. Friends invited to participate with me to share how we shall proceed in life in the future without my fearless leader on the ground in this world! LIFE AFTER DEATH and BE THE FUTURE NOW discussion! Theresa J Morris HOST! Our future co-hosts are team players. We will share our TIME TRAVEL MODALITY!

  • Ascension Center Org ACO & ACE Metaphysicians - Universal Life Ministers Meeting

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    Ascension Center Organization Community ACO & ACE Metaphysicians  - Universal Life Ministers Life Coaches. Tommy Hawksblood, Diana McClintic, Theresa J Morris and You/"GO SOUL FIRST"  Meeting 6-8 Eastern/ 5-7 CENTRAL - Producer Paul E.D. Rosenberg Founder of GO SOUL FIRST assist in launching ASCENSION AGE with our Universal Life Ministries - ACE Metaphysician Ministers, Ascension Center Esoterics Spiritual Community. We share the Super Natural Energy.

    4-6 Mountain and 3-5 Pacific. Alien Contact Unincorporated volunteer association of authors/speakers are joining TJ Morris Radio Network & Aquarian Radio Network to share their opinions and views of what life we are co-creating together with our thoughts.What do we do now with knowing that Alien Civilizations Exist. We know that there are humanoid sentient intelligent beings who come and go from this planet at their own leisure and will. How do we know who we are and what we think is original? Do we all share a soul and or a doppelganger and higher self? What makes us think that our thoughts are our own? How do we prove that what we know is real to us? What is reality and the virtual reality we are co-creating in our cyberspace culture? Virtual reality Internet Online filled with Trash IN and Trash Out. Placing data in words and symbols on the Internet. We are responsible for our own shared information and what we are communicating. Is this all a game with levels that we share in aging in the Game of Life? Whole brain emulation (WBE) or mind uploading (sometimes called "mind copying" or "mind transfer") is the hypothetical process of copying mental content (including long-term memory and "self") from a particular brain substrate and copying it to a computational device.

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    Cosmos Radio Org - ACO Ascension Spiritual Panel Discussion on Phenomenology

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    ET Experiencers John Tenayuca and Javier Sandoval will be introduced and will share the spiritual side of their belief systems. Both men have recently been a part of an ET experience. Sharing their truth for LightworkersACE Metaphysicians. John knows a lot about the Toltecs based on his cultural background. John was born in Texas and moved to California at the age of 3. Javier was born in California and spent some years in Mexico City area. They both have a spiritual bond and will be sharing the future on how their spiritual path has lead them both to become friends and to have a spiritual journey they want to share with others.

    Toltec Indian Shaman, Metaphysicist, Philosopher, Cosmologist, Spiritualist, Retired. These are my only credentials besides my 19 generations of Shamans going back to the Tenayuca Pyramid and City. The Toltec Civilization is post Mayan and pre Aztec which conqured the Toltec Civilization. We migrated north to Texas and settled with Commanche and Apaches. In San Antonio Texas I'm fourth generation Texan. Im John the 5th, my son is John the 6th and my grandson is John the 7th.

    We are known as Master Builders and men and women of knowledge. We also started the pyramids but the Aztecs built over them and wiped out the history of the Toltecs. TEZCATLIPOCA is a TOLTEC GOD. The mind set was that we dream 24 hours a day. We were dream masters and master of our spirit. Karma, Quantim Physics and Laws of Attraction are just words where ancient knowledge is "WE ARE THE CREATOR OF OUR REALITY".