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    Anne Grauso Talks FEED, and Ginger Button Shares ACN - LIVE!

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    Get ready for the most fun you'll have anywhere during the next hour of your life!  

    Tonight's First Special Guest Star:  Writer, Artist, Director, Model, Philanthropist and Mom, Anne Grauso joins the show in the first half hour to talk about FEED and what she's doing to help the global community.  

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    Also Starring Tonight:   Ginger Button with ACN.  Ginger will talk about the opportunities to save money on essential services you use every day like: digital phone service, local & long distance, wireless, television, internet and security systems.  If you're looking to save money yourself, OR as an opportunity to generate passive income yourself, Ginger will be telling everybody how they can take advantage of ACN's value based services!

    To check out which ACN services are available in your state click here!

    If you'd like to ask a question, please call 323 657-1493 (Press 1)!  Live Monday 10pE/7pW for 60 fun filled minutes!

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    ACN: Is It The Home Based Business For You?

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    ACN, Inc. is a Multi-level marketing (MLM) company that provides telecommunications, television, energy and other services through a network of independent sales agents known as "Independent Business Owners" (IBOs), who themselves recruit new sales agents below them. Based in Concord, North Carolina, USA, ACN began operations in the US in 1995 as American Communications Network. It extended operations to Europe in 1999, to the Pacific in 2006, to Asia in 2011, and now operates in 23 countries, on four continents. As a reflection of its international operations, it changed its name to just the initial letters ACN. The company is a member of the Direct Selling Associations in North America and Europe. In recent years, the company's business practices in relation to its representatives have been subject to criticism. But why? What exactly is ACN? Tune or call in as we speak to Representative Robin Taylor who will shed some light and be glad to take your questions. We'll discuss the history, operations, charitable giving and services offered by this world wide company. 2PM Eastern Standard time Friday February 22nd, 2013. 1PM Central Noon Mountain. 11AM Pacific.

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    EspreeNet News on ACN

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    On this program: President Obama joins 9/11 survivors and rescuers at the dedication of a memorial museum, GM recalls almost 3 million vehicles, Twin girls are born holding hands, Artificial food colouring in brand name products highlighted in new study, Beyoncé, Jay Z 'moving on' after elevator video with Solange, This week in court and much more.   

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    How Coaching is Changing the World

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    Patricia Hirsch, MCC, interviews Helen Attridge, MCC. Helen shares after 5 years of having my International Coach training company, I took some time out this year to review where I had been and where I am going, something I strongly recommend coaching clients, coaches and international leaders I work with do. From this time of reflection, I was able to review what was working both personally and professionally for me. This “reflection time” was deeply inspired by a leadership training I taught in China last November, where I walked into a room of leaders from all different walks of life and had a visceral experience in my body of their exhaustion and frustration. I started to hear a small voice inside of me inviting me to change my curriculum and be present with both myself and these leaders over the time I spent with them. That training began to create a pathway forward for me, as a leader, trainer and coach with a passion to create global change.

    Helen Attridge, President, International Trainer, Master Certified Coach, is the president and owner of the Academy of Coaching and NLP (ACN). When Helen took over the program, her vision was to create an international coach training program that provides students with the highest International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentials and combines ICF pure coaching model with powerful NLP coaching techniques. ACN empowers students with everything they need to launch a successful coaching business. Prior to becoming Director of ACN, Helen was an International Trainer for the NLP and Coaching Institute of California. She was a Results Coach for the Anthony Robbins Company, coaching CEOs and executives internationally. She is also Facilitator/Coach for Womensquest Outdoor Adventure Company. In addition, Helen has built a successful coaching practice.


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    Ever wondered if you made the right decision about an MLM company? Had second thoughts about which company was best for you? Well here on this segment I will share some tips on what to look for when making your choice. Things most people rarely consider and most importantly are you making money? Isn't that the real reason behind the "why" and personal enjoyment. There are thousands of them out there and choosing can be frustrating and cumbersome. Or are you a recruiter and not sure what interest people to join your company. So let's see where these quick tips lead you in making your decision!

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    NFI Radio Gospel Network

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    MON NOV. 17, 2014 LIVE 11:00am til 2:00pm 12 HOUR a day, 7 days a week, the number 1 QUARTET STATION in the WORLD the NFI Radio Gospel Network, in HD2 playing the very best in gospel music and the word of God. taking you into the Noon day drive from 11:00am til 2:00pm it's the ANOINTED 1 giving you that foot stomping toe taping music that will make you shout. and at 2:00pm til 5:00pm it's a FRONT ROW SEAT with various and groups in CONCERT 3 hour of the very best. and taking you into the Evening drive from 5:00pm til til 8:00pm it's COMPENTARY music the NEW and OLD catch the WAVE today to listen you can also join our web site nfiradio.com and you acn also listen by phone 347 215-8049 it's a WAVE thing COME ON IN WE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU 8:00am til 8:00pm the NFI Radio Gospel Network.

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    Project Empowerment - Kaya Redford

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    Project Empowerment is honored to have on a very special guest, Kaya Redford.  

    Kaya is Master Certified and a Trainer’s Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) and Time Line Therapy® from the Int’l Board of Pure Precision N.L.P. (IBPPNLP), American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) and the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) and the Time Line Therapy® Association.

    Kaya has been a featured guest speaker 4 times on OWN: OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK Recap Show and co-hosts a weekly radio show on LA Talk Live Radio.

    He has successfully coached many Fortune 500 companies such as New York Life, Bank of America, Century 21, Xerox, Keller Williams, Remax, Aflac, NuSkin, ACN and NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), as well as numerous prestigious private firms, and high profile individuals in government and the entertainment industry. They have all received Kaya's N.L.P. SUCCESS Coaching Programs and have achieved outstanding success as a result.

    Kaya also gives back in a “BIG” way by taking his trainings to charities and non-profit organizations to assist them with productivity training, effective communication and fundraising. 

    Kaya produced and directed an award winning documentary called "Homeless In America". The other and perhaps most severe cause is the issue of suicides in the Armed Forces globally due to a condition called P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Kaya is rehabilitating veterans suffering from P.T.S.D. and homelessness in association with Veterans First, a non-profit organization in Orange County, CA and he is also working closely with the L.A. Veterans Committee. Kaya is currently filming a new documentary on this tragic issue and his work to save veterans lives around the world.


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    Black on Black Crime on EspreeRadio

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    Black on Black crime is when black people overtly focus, criticize, or analyze other black people in areas they wont consider anyone else.

    Join in on the conversation @ 909 265.9189.  Every Monday at 9pm eastern on ACN and EspreeRadio.


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    ACN American Communications Network

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    Black on Black Crime on EspreeRadio

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    Black on Black crime is when black people overtly focus, criticize, or analyze other black people in areas they wont consider anyone else.

    Join in on the conversation @ 909 265.9189.  Every Monday at 9pm eastern on ACN and EspreeRadio.


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    Black on Black Crime on EspreeRadio

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    Spike Lee uses Kickstater backlash, Jay Z (Shawn Carter) vs Harry Belafonte, Uncle Ruckus Watch featuring CNN's Don Lemon, The World of News & Entertainment and more.

    Black on Black crime is when black people overtly focus, criticize, or analyze other black people in areas they wont consider anyone else.

    Join in on the conversation @ 909 265.9189.  Every Monday at 9pm eastern on ACN and EspreeRadio.


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