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    Helping the Achuar Indigenous Tribe in the Amazon Rainforest

    in Environment

    Frequent visitor and volunteer in the Amazon rainforest, Vickie M Peck, will be sharing the accomplishments of regaining indigenous peoples' rights and the current challenge. Learn more about visiting and helping / videos at http://www.pachamama.org
    We are inviting shamans & energy healers from around the world to listen and call in to the show to send blessings, prayers, and drumming for the tribes and the heart of the president to open — and since everyone is a healer...everyone is invited to join in. 

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    Be the Change You Wish to See

    in Spirituality

    Join us for and guest speaker Elaine Burns of the Awaken the Dreamer Symposium is going to be talking with us.
      You can choose to be the change you wish to see in this world by making a difference through the Achuar Tribe of the Pachamama Alliance by attending the Awaken the Dreamer Symposium. The symposium motivates your soul to action for the planet.  Learn what action they were inspired to take and what you can do to make a personal difference, big or small.   Elaine retired from the telecommunications industry, now blessing the world being of service as a non-denominational minister and activist. One of her forte's is the ability to ask the "right" questions to assist one to find their own answers! To assist one to a conscious, in the NOW awakening to the power of choice. She was introduced to the "Awakening the Dreamer Symposium" in Ecuador, presented by some of the original members of the Pachamama Alliance. Call in the show if you have questions! We want to hear your voice! (760) 283-5138  Alliance web- http://www.pachamama.org/

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    Surviving the Jungles of Ecuador with Lynn Saunders

    in Travel

    In Lynn Saunder's words,"I have a pretty good survival story from November 2008 involving a plane crash in the very remote jungles of Ecuador. I was doing some ecological engineering consulting at a remote jungle ecolodge that is accessed only by plane or a several day canoe ride. The day of the crash, I was leaving the lodge to catch another flight to the capital Quito and then to fly home to Chicago the following day.
    I was riding up front in the little 4-seater Cessna with the captain; the other two passengers consisted of my field assistant and an Achuar resident and employee of the ecolodge. (The Achuar are an indigenous people in whose territory the ecolodge is located) . We were several hundred feet above the forest canopy when the plane failed for unknown reasons and began to go down. The sound was deafening as we crashed through the multiple forest layers until we eventually hit ground. Bam. We hit hard. The plane was totaled and it is amazing that we all survived."

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