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    Author Sue Dent

    in Books

    Author Sue Dent has penned such Horror Thrillers as Electric Angel, Forever Richard and Never Cease. In 2007 Author Sue Dent was elected to the Bram Stoker Preliminary Ballot for Superior Acheivment in a First Novel. Her accolades continued... 
    2009 Author Sue Dent was added to the British Fantasy Society long-list. In the same year she was a Pluto Award finalist. In addition, she has received the #1 Christian Horror Novel award at Best Horror.
    Join us as Author Sue Dent discusses her journey as an author. 

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    in Pets

    In this episode of WK-9R Dog Registry & Family, we will be talking with Noe Soto of HeavySet Bullys of Tri-City's Washington to discuss his recent interest, and support of the  WK-9R All breed Dog Registry. On this episode we will also  here first hand how much work it took Noe Soto and His Wife to champ out there dog CH. SOBE, and how his experience was traveling and meeting great new freinds on his journey and road to Ch. status, and acheivment for his dog Ch. SOBE.                                                                                  Also on this episode we will be talking about next weeks show in spanish, and how we will begin our campaign to invite and involve more kennels and familys in our Latin parts of the world. We are gearing up to make a POSITIVE IMPACT MOVEMENT statement World Wide, and see our listener audio attendace grow with the focuss on building a great social and listener network fan base World Wide.      We would also like to thank you for your support and time listening to WK-9R Registry BLOGTALK Radio show, have  a great weekend.  

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    Forget goals and focus on outcomes - How to craft them

    in Self Help

    This show we will focus on the key things that many people miss when they are "setting goals" Do you ever wonder why so many New Years Resolutions go broken? Tune in to learn why and how you can avoid this.

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    Your personal value chain

    in Self Help

    You have probably heard business people talk about the company's value chain. What about your personal value chain. Learn what it is and how to use it to take your vision to success now. This will certainly help your personal development.

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    Social Media Details Show. Everything Counts

    in Social Networking

    A lot of what we do in social media and especially Twitter is done by real people in real time with mistakes. We accept a few mistakes, but we do give 100% in heart when we do a Twitter radio show, tweet about current events or talk to friends... Tonight, we talk to @GaryRyanBlair about the success he's had with paying close attention to the details, making sure that everything in a customer experience is EXCELLENT. He'll have some tips for the TwitCast crew, and tell you about his new book "Everything Counts" -- @LeePound drops by to talk about his current project and we will give you and update on "Profitable Social Media" with @WarrenWhitlock and @EdLovesSumo

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