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    Understanding Your Path in Jedi Realism

    in Spirituality

    10/12/14 8:30 Central Time

    Is Jedi Realism as religion or a way of life?  How does one get involved in Jedi Realism? What does studies in Jedi Realism look like and what do you do with those lessons?

    On this weeks episode of Jedi Realism Radio presents we are going to discuss the different aspects of Jedi Realism and what this path has meant for many of us in the past as well as where this path will be going in the future.

    MJ Hannigan




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    Jedi Realist Radio Presents Training in Jedi Realism

    in Spirituality

    Jedi Realism Radio Presents Training in Jedi Realism

    11/1/14 1:00pm Central time

    Join us for this episode of Jedi Realist Radio Presents Training in the path of Jedi Realism. If you believe that studies or training in Jedi Realism means sitting on your butt and watching the star wars movies then this episode is certainly one you must check out. Jedi Realism is a path that requires dedication and effort. Our training is in all aspects of one’s triquatra of mind/body/spirit and it certainly takes a great deal of time and effort to become a Jedi Realist

    The Mind: Star Wars, Religion, Philosophy, Current Events, History

    The Body: Strength Training, Yoga, Cardio, Martial Arts

    The Spirit: Understanding the Universal Life Source, The Force, Ki, Chi, Prana, Tai Chi, Gigong, Reiki

    Love and Light

    MJ Hannigan


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    in Lifestyle

    Learn about life through the eyes of a man that has lived all of the world. I have lived different lifestyles (some good -some bad) Call me the Life coach on Reality. Ask questions and you will receive the facts. No holes barred. This is not a show to down people, but to lift them up and motivate them to live happy.  We will talk about relationships, opportunites, drugs, alcohol, sex, love, hate, friends, family, and more.

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    Abstract- by Darr Henderson

    in Paranormal

    In celebration of his body of broadcasting work we @ BevNat give our fondest farewell as a regularly scheduled to our brother Darr Henderson topic tonight ; Welcoming The Spirit Tribe. Join us for our 435th episode

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    Interview with artist Eric El Artista Fontaine

    in Art

    Eric studied Fine Arts at NCCC

    Past: HCC Central and C.E.King High School

    Now lives in Niagara Falls, New York

    From Houston, Texas

    Type of art Abstract surreal.


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    Living with Heart - the Lifestyle

    in Self Help

    Have a cup of tea, or your favorite beverage, (we call it "MEE Time") with Music 4 Life® Radio show hosts Judith Pinkerton and Amy Frost as they focus on the lifestyle of living with heart with special guest Jennifer Main, who loves having the freedom to use her imagination and emotions to create something out of nothing and to have the freedom to express myself however she wishes. As a figurative abstract painter known for her vibrant  bold use of color, she paints from the heart and is inspired by the Spirit to express the deeper meaning behind life's beautiful journey. Jennifer bravely began her career as an artist in Las Vegas at age 17 and now 15 years later her work is collected worldwide with her own gallery in Los Angeles.

    This week's topic of Living with Heart - the Lifestyle mirrors Oprah Winfrey's declaration (in What I know for Sure), “Never again will I do anything for anyone that I do not feel directly from my heart. I will not attend a meeting, make a phone call, write a letter, sponsor or participate in any activity in which every fiber of my being does not resound yes. I will act with the intent to be true to myself.”

    Download the free topic handout at Amy's blog at AmyFrost.com. Build your emotional resilience with music medicine. Learn how to apply music medicine in your life to manage more easily the ups and downs - take the 2-hour course, downloadable Music Medicine Boot Camp.

    Contact Jennifer Main at jennifermaingallery.com.

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    Reflections: Codes of the Jedi Responsibility Honor the Jedi Order

    in Spirituality

    12/12/14 2:00PM Central Time

    We all have orders we belong to however the term may not be used. A order could be your school, groups or even your workplace. We need to respect the order or orders we belong to and show the members or our orders as well as the orders themselves all due respect. There is nothing worse then a member of a school or workplace who delights in trashing their school, employer or coworkers for anyone who has ears to hear or eyes to read. If you can not respect the group you belong to leave it and find one that you can respect.

    Love and Light

    MJ Hannigan



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    Alive To Thrive with Brenda Fraser

    in Art

    ALIVE TO THRIVE WITH BRENDA FRASER airs every Friday at 12 Noon Central.  Join Brenda as she investigates trending topics in Art, Culture, and Society.  Her in-depth interviews and timely observations hit the mark with what audiences want to hear!

    Nationally-known artist Fraser Leonard is the guest this week. Fraser is based in Missouri, but his work is from another place, another part of our Universe. He is a prolific full-time artist with over 50 years of creative experience. His works are influenced by nature and reflects a positive attitude towards the environment and mankind, informed by Spirit. http://FraserLeonard.com

    Please follow and LIKE:  http://www.Facebook.com/AlivetoThrive

    Special Gift for Fans of Alive to Thrive: SAVE up to $25 on everyday essentials and luxury beauty products by shopping at http://www.stylishsafe.com. Enter PROMO code THRIVE at checkout for big savings. 

  • Silent from Austin Texas

    in Music

    Born March 27, 1984.He was born in San antonio texas and raised later on in life in austin Texas.But between that time he was mostly in other states and citys.As a little boy Mario aka silent got to see freestyle battles and join at the age of three all over the united states.He developed his rap style at a young age but kept quiet about it until now.Back then he'd only sing.This artist is has an abstract rap cross over between q-tip,bone thuggs and harmony,slick rick(calmness) and ludacris type,flow.Born from the south but quiet about his rap mouth.With the mixture of his hip-hop,r&b music vocal used ass his choruses. You never know what side of him will surprise you the most.Rumor is he was a singer/rapper that won freestyle battle for 8 years in a row.Just when you think he's predictable,he comes out of the closet on a whole other level. Born with the talent to tap in his potential at will this artist music is a shell compare to his public talent.If your impressed with what you hear now wait till you see him on stage,it almost like he kept silent about what he really want to do. At last silent_to_the_mouth

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    What is Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract?

    in Health

    Today's Topic is "What is Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract"  My special guest today is Dr. Matthew J. Budoff.  Matthew J. Budoff, M.D., FACC, is Professor of Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine and Director of Cardiac CT at the Division of Cardiology at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California. Dr. Budoff received his medical degree from the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. and completed an internship and residency in internal medicine, as well as a fellowship in cardiology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.  Dr. Budoff is chief investigator in several active medical research trials and is a frequent lecturer on topics of cardiology at symposia, congresses and annual conferences on nearly every continent. He has authored or co-authored over 500 research papers, six books and 36 book chapters. Dr. Budoff received the Einstein Award for Scientific Achievement from the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK, and was awarded the Top Oral Abstract at the American Heart Association’s 2009 meeting. Most recently, he was named to the U.S. News & World Report list of Top Doctors for 2011.  For more information about Dr. Budoff please visit his website http://www.kyolic.com/


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    Reflections: Codes of the Jedi Responsibility Honor Jedi Council

    in Spirituality

    12/10/14 4:00PM Central Time

    Now I will admit that not all of you are jedi or wish to be jedi however do not allow the title to this episode to fool you. This episode is not just a Jedi Realist episode it is like all reflections episodes for everyone. This episode at its core is about submitting to the will of those above you to achieve your mission regardless if you agree with the wisdom of those individuals or not. This episode is about respecting the chain of command of those above you and working within the system to achieve the goals of your organization.

    love and light

    MJ Hannigan




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