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  • 01:06

    The Seventh Hundredth Episode of Beverly Nation / Abstract - by Tuwana Leonard

    in Current Events

    Pussification of the black image.
    How homosexuality has become so acceptable in mainstream media but at the same time it's destroying the black male image join us.

  • 01:01

    Abstract - by Tuwana Leonard

    in Relationships

    Domestic Violence Awareness ; Stop the Hitting, Stop the Hating is our topic join us for our 678th episode of the one & only BevNat

  • 01:25

    Abstract - by Tuwana Leonard

    in Current Events

    Donald Trump; Is he right or should illegals be allowed to stay in U.S.A

  • 02:04

    PMP: Denice Garrou - Teaching Paganism Through Fiction

    in Spirituality

    Join RevKess and Kalisara in talking to Denice Garrou about her experiences as a Pagan fiction author.

    Denice Garrou is a Visionary fiction writer with paranormal and magical realism as sub-genres. She writes to enlighten and expand awareness to her readers of all possibilities of life in hopes of making a small difference in the world. A beloved character of one of her books, a gypsy woman said, 'Never rush the journey of life, for the journey is the best part.' Denice lives by this, and is enjoying the connection with her readers ages 14 and up, especially women over 50.

    Denice is the author of The Dragonhorse Saga and, most recently, Candlelight and Cobwebs. We will be talking about books, writing and more, continuing the Pagan-Musings NaNo tradition.

    Show notes available on PMPChannel.com.

  • 02:05

    Art Of War

    in Education

     The power of Art / Art as a weapon

    Sol is a artist with a vision, therefore he is a visual artist. He prides himself as being one that pushes the envelope as it pertains to the traditional sense of what a artist should or should not be. He pushes the envelope on what a artist should or should not do as well. Under the fold of the EyEcOnOgRaPhY movement Sol specializes in creative imagery, mixed media art, collages, street photography, graffiti art, and custom portrait framed artwork with a twist. At the very core of his work is the ability to enhance and recapture the moving parts, the pulse, the heartbeat of vintage antique images. Family images, loved ones, lost ones, not necessarily the "celebrity" but the EyEcOnS of your own lineage. To find greatness one only has to travel as far as that old worn family photo album located in the closet, basement, or garage collecting dust. We are all EyEcOnS for we are all direct descendants of EyEcOnS. With that being the case, BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY! Join Us as we welcome special guest Sol Ra El Bey to our radio show as he expounds on why and how art is a weapon. Call in at 323-870-3897 or login at www.blogtalkradio.com/usot

  • 00:16

    Praise Portfolio - 15 Minute Encouragement Session

    in Christianity

    Your Praise Portfolio is a collection of the times that you were so full of joy that you Praised the Lord! When trying times come,  it is crucial that you have an abstract or literal Praise Portfolio!

  • 00:16

    Rob Peabody debuts Intersect...be the church outside the 4 walls of church

    in Lifestyle

    Author Rob Peabody debuts Intersection on Life Lessons. This show is presented by www.gracefully-yours.com, your lifestyle center for great inspirational product.

    Tell us about the Intersect

    DVD series. Who was it created for and what is the best way for it to be used?

    What are you trying to





    The series features the faith journeys of five Christians. Why did you choose to use individual stories as the

    centerpiece of the series?

    Why is it so difficult to start conversations with the people we love a

    bout the things that really matter in life?

    How will Intersect help viewers talk to those in their lives who don’t believe in the Gospel?

    Why are trials so important to the development of our character?

    Some people view the Bible as being abstract or

    symbolic. How can a person purposefully move to seeing

    God’s Word as a practical guide for their everyday life?

    How can unmet expectations derail our spiritual journey?

    What does the rest that God promises look like on a practical level in our lives?

    How do spiritually healthy people respond to life’s disappointments?

    How is our ability to trust God impacted by our experiences with people?

    What is your ultimate hope for those who complete the Intersect DVD series?

    Tell us about the Awaken Movement

  • 01:51

    EP#5 Racism or Realism: Defining the Black Power Movement

    in Entertainment

    Racism or Realism: Defining the Black Power Movement
    Gonzo After Dark host, Kno Betta, examines "racism" as a definition for explaining the difficulties African Americans have had on the road to empowerment. It is often given as the reason for police brutality, profiling, why blacks don't get the best jobs, or why they are passed over for promotions. It explains the gaps in education, the widening economic divide, and a multitude of other differences in the black community. Or does it? Kno Betta compares the implications of defining the American Black experience along racial lines verses a broader struggle for power and hedge money.


  • 00:34

    AIR ~ Consciousness Shifting

    in Motivation

    Abstract Illusions Radio exploring the creative potential through the current situations and energies of the world around us. Host Jennifer Hillman and Artist Jason Potvin continue the discussion on the level of consciousness and the emerging focus on the love vibration to alter the hostile nature of humanity. 

    30 minutes.




  • 01:56

    Church God got millions of people disorient lost on Earth

    in Music

    When the people responsible for telling you lies and brainwash you, admit to doing it, will you believe them? 

    Pope Francis said the following:  "It is not necessary to believe in God to be a good person. It a way, the traditional notion of God is outdated. One can be spiturial but not religious. It is not necessary to go to church and give money - for many, nature can be a church. Some of the best people inn history did not believe in God, while some of the worse deeds were done in His name.

    What do you make of that admission by the man who heads the fraudulent modern church which brgan as a movement in Jerusalem. ,An institution in Rome and a philosophy in Greece-- a culture in Europe. And when it came to America it became a business--a highly profitable business.   Consider all of that folly and go back to the realism of human life--world history.

  • 00:13

    Equal Love

    in Entertainment

    From the view of the Soul & Love we are all equals. When we look from this view I feel any kind of relationship is destined for success. We live in a real world, so how far can idealism go in life? Our unique individual strengths are all a part of the path that leads to divine destiny. All this is addressed with other aspects of Equality in Love.

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