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    Ready, Set, HEAL!! Customize the best days of your life!!

    in Self Help

    Health and healing requires thought and intention. Today we will explore your thoughts of self and how you apply them towards the choices you make in the foods you eat and activities you do.

    We will talk about food combining and how what and when you eat, can make a huge difference in the absorbtion of vital nutrients from food.

    We will also talk about those sabotaging thoughts and self talk that can make your days sluggish and fattening and how to turn off that mind and lead from the heart.

    I am your host and together we will laugh and get to the root of the reasons we do what we do... on the next episode of All Things Holistic Radio Show

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    Special Guest Haji Basim - Harmonious Health

    in Spirituality

    Musical guest on today's show is  Haji Basim singer, songwriter, composer Maximize your light, detox your body to more perfectly use your Inner Essence Power as an instrument of Cosmic power! Harmonious Health in 9 Steps - continues with
    Step 5 -Absorbtion  
    Best of Happiness & Health

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    15 Minutes of Health with Dr Neil Raff Multivitamins no way!

    in Nutrition

    Dr Neil Raff will present 3 shows weekly convering topics from Alternative Cancer treatments, Detox, and the use of Vitamins to improve your immune system.
    Tune in, down load, or podcast and get the most current information on those healthy choices. Please call in or email any topics you would like to know more about.
    We ask you to visit Dr Raff's web site at; www.neilraffmd.com
    As always Move2wellness Massage Therapy and Wellness Center wants to take your from doing to being.

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    11-11 show -activating your abilities&get readings!

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    Steven Michael King  became well known in the Energy Healing, Energy Psychology , Energy Medicine, scientific comunities  &other comunities back in the 90's doing the "Live Healings Documented on Scientific equipment" where he showd in front of hundreds of doctors, scientists &lay people that even under blind, double blind &on stage conditions, that anybody could be tought to acuratly send energy to plants, animals,people, water etc &you could see live acitiviy in real time of electrical activity, blood micro-circulation, Accupuncture Meridian changes in electrical flow, changes in photon &ion emmision /absorbtion, changes in the amplitude &coherancy of the bio-energy fields, changes in the sizes, spin rates, directions of spin &colors of the chakras, changes in brain neurosynaps sequancing &brain waves, and other changes---and that even people who did not believe in it could ldo it under his instruction!.....he also opened peoples abilities to see energy acuratly into the infrared-ultra violet &to see auras around people, animals &plants in 2 hours......in todays twon shows, he will lead callers through some simple techniques and will also have folks Blessing the Earth in ways that activate your skills, clean your energy field &make it over a dozen times bigger......and he will take live call for readings, and to learn how to apply energy skills in busines,,relationships, agriculture, martial arts &whatever the callers and people in chatrooms want to cover......ALL LISTENERS WILL GET THE CODES &LINKS TO GET HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS OF FREE AUDIO DOWNLOADS &SUBTLE ENERGY MANDALAS ETC!.......YES YOU WILL HAVE ABILITY FOR FREE TO BE AFFILIATES &HAVE 4 LEVELS OF SUB AFFILIATES FOR SERVICES &PRODUCTS ALLWAYS AT THE BEST MOST HEAVILY DISCOUNTED PRICES..EVEN THINGS UDING ENERGY TO MAKE YOUR PETS &HOUSE PLANTS HAPPY! ...IF YOU WANT TO CREATE GOOD KARMA FAST-PASS THIS ON!

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    What in the World is Going On?

    in Politics Conservative

    We are inundated with self absorbtion. Naval gazing is a common past time. How does this make me feel? What about me? Even Christians are sucked into this shallow belief system. Is it biblical?

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    Okay folks, tonight we will have the GRAND REVEAL about a well garded secret that we've been keeping from you, our devoted listeners. Tune in tonight as you will witness first hand why we have been so secretive. Today we will be showing you the effects your St. Patrick's day consumption of alcoholic beverages affects your mind/body connection. A controlled experiment will take place right here in studio where you will hear l-i-v-e how the effects of alcohol deminishes your spiritual sence of security. **DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME** Our in studio participants will consume 1 shot of tequila every 10 minutes and at different absorbtion rates, you will see first hand the negitive effects of alcohol. **This is a CONTROLED experiment and will be overseen by non-participating staff and your guests and hosts in studio will not be DRIVING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES** Please, if you're drinking this St. Patrick's Day, NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE AND A-L-W-A-Y-S DESIGNATE A DRIVER!!