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    Water, Minerals and Life

    in Self Help

    Water and minerals are essential components of our life processes. However, the water piped into our homes needs corrected to be healthy. Poisons, especially chlorine and fluoride, need removed with a purifier. Mineral deficiency contributes to almost every health problem. Absorbable mineral nutrients must be provided to the body.


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    Episode 15: The truth about Calcium

    in Health

    Is dairy products the healthiest daily source of calcium? Can any calcium supplement be sufficient to give my body calcium?We will cover the truth behind the deceptions on where best sources of calcium come from. For God made the natural foods with higher sources of organic absorbable calcium for the body than any other source!

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    Your Food is Important..... Based on Food Matters

    in Spirituality

    You are What You eat...Let your food be your medicine..
    First Oath  Harm no one....
    Immune system disease is on the rise....Why?
    Are you Garabage Waste? Do Not have energy? Do you know what superfoods are? Are there Plant protein  Foods? How to  minerals from Foods  to stay in your body and be absorbed? What destroy vitamins C ? Chronic malnuritions  

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    Dr. Dellon here to discuss his experience with PN/PNE

    in Health

    The community of patients suffering with pudendal neuralgia is desperate for help...many are contemplating surgery and wondering if it will help? As your Pelvic Messenger is it my job to give you all of the facts and all of the options from the most reputable sources.
    Dr. Dellon will present to you, his particular research and experience in developing a way to decompress the nerve that comes from the vantage point of being a peripheral nerve surgeon.
    A. Lee Dellon graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1966 and from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 1970. He then completed eight years of additional training, including two years of surgery training at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, and two years of research at the National Cancer Institute, Surgery Branch, of the National Institutes of Health. 
    Dr. Dellon’s research interests center on neural regeneration. In the basic research laboratory, his work included models for peripheral nerve compression, neuroma treatment, neural regeneration through absorbable conduits, and diabetic neuropathy. Dr. Dellon’s clinical work is focused on computer-linked devices to measure sensibility, treatment strategies for pain due to neuroma, use of bioabsorbable tubes as a substitute for nerve grafts, treatment of facial pain and of groin pain, and treatment of the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy related to nerve compression, whether due to diabetes, chemotherapy, or unknown causes.
    For more info on Dr. Dellon, please go to

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