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    Moabite Oasis with Host : Taj Tarik Bey

    in Education

    Misprision in Government

    .      Referencing the contemporary Government(s) in the United States of North America The predominant number of Politicians, Administrators, Wardens, Law Officers, and Policemen, (operating in the United States of America) are European Colonial descendants. This obvious imbalance of personnel in North American States’ Governments is strongly reflected on all levels; the Federal, the States, and the Municipalities. This biased social-design is falsely propagated as, Racism! However, Racism (professed for misdirection purposes) is a public - façade and cover-up! Their true motives (Modus Operandi) are actually their commonly practiced ‘Inter Caetera Divina’ Church - Bulla – Culture, allegiances, and influences. This ‘Decree’ is the latter of two (2) Inquisition Church Bullas (Bulls) issued during 1492 and 1493 A.D. Know that the commonly recognized untoward or anti-social actions and attitudes, being marked social - signatures of Europeans in America, ARE NOT mere acts of what has been traditionally (and falsely) tagged as, prejudice! Europeans, occupying North America, are religiously - dedicated to their ‘Inter Caetera Divina’ Church Bulla! Inter Caetera Divina is the true (secretive) guide - source for their ‘social - engineering protocols’ used to amass wealth from Aboriginals by, direct theft, trickery, adhesion contracts, and color-of-law. This Bulla is the source of their lack of moral conscience – rooted in their religious foundation! These, and related policies are applied against all Aboriginal natural peoples, held under a U.S. Demo, de facto government.      


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    The View Up Here and Pam Palmater talk C-51 and who the real terrorists are

    in Politics

    Bill C-51 The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2015, as it is called by the Harper government, has generated more discussion, protest, trepidation, calls for abandonment and well founded fear than any other piece of legislation from Emperor's regime. The threats to rights and freedoms of all Canadians are real and visible. Respected voices such as Micheal Geist, Craig Forcese, Kent Roach, Elizabeth May and others have sounded the alarm. But the threats to indiginous peoples are far more pronounced and close to reality than any others. First Nations have upheld their end of Treaties with the Crown in memoriam while successive settler governments have neglected, ignored and subverted them.

    Pam Palmater is a Mi'kmaw leader and member of the Eel River Bar First Nation. She has worked for the federal Ministries of Justice and Aboriginal & Northern Affairs. She has been a candidate for National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. She is a lawyer, professor and chair of the Indiginous Governance program at Ryerson University. Pam has been a vocal supporter of Idle No More and numerous programs to involve and engage settlers and aboriginals alike to create the environment for the nation to nation equal allies that the Treaties promise. But the Harper government continues to move further and further away from that possibility.

    The View Up Here has spent a long time trying to fit into Pam's busy schedule and are very honored to have her guest on the show and explain how First Nations are the potential primary targets of C-51. It has been said many times on this show that the only people left in Canada with any say on their air, water and land are First Nations. Now Emperor seeks to use false fear to try and steal these constitutionally guaranteed rights from the first people to inhabit these lands.

    Join us and find why settlers should support First Nations peoples to defend us all.


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    Smoking is Worshiping Pagan God/Dr Pat Holiday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshal Perot

    in Religion

    Pat Holliday kindle - Kindle Edition: Books amzn.to/1tmYt28

    Smoking is Worshiping Pagan God

    Burning tobacco originated with ancient aboriginals. The modern world learned of the use of tobacco from the Indians. History reveals Columbus found the Indians smoking and watched with surprise and wonderment. The Grand Pipe or Pipe of Peace was first observed among the Indians of Upper Mississippi country by the French. They called these pipes "calumets". According to the Indians the pipe possessed a supernatural power and a "charming" effect to compel the partakers of the smoke to a brotherly bond of peace (obviously not the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ).

    Historically the Calumet was considered a sacred pipe to offer smoke to the demon gods above and below. Tobacco was looked upon as a sacred plant and burning it brought favor in the eyes of the gods (demons), even a member of an enemy tribe who entered a house and smoked with the host, was guaranteed protection and safe conduct when he left.

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    Reading FB Post - Black Genetic Survival Cont-

    in Education

    Shalom everyone. Tonight I will be reading some of my most controversial FB post and continueing the discussion on Black indigenous genetic survival and we just may have some time to get back on the topic of Polygamy and who is suited for this sacred life choice and who should avoid it at all cost.

    Lets go....


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    Emotional Inmaturity Part 1

    in Spirituality

    Our people suffer from a lack of simple comprehension in matters of Law and why there are designations specifically to separate people in a certain state of mind from persons in their state of mind and condition.  In relationships there is a certain need for a particular maturity before pro-creating that is absent in our people.  We need to look at this critically and be honest with ourselves about it. 

    Both men and women amongst us are emotionally inmature.  We allow anything and everything to upset us, anger us, etc.  We do not know how to admit when we are wrong, we do not know how to resolve conflict we do not know how to mend relationships because we are to arrogant and vain.  Let's really be honest with ourselves....should people that don't know how to conduct themselves in this manner be able to do so just because they can?

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    Dear black-ish People!

    in Spirituality

    Tribes of Aboriginal Nations Outreach Blogtalk Radio

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    Conscious Thoughts II

    in Spirituality

    Tribes of Aboriginal Nations Outreach Blogtalk Radio

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    Black Americans Denied True Status as North American Indigenous Natives. WHY?

    in Education

    Shalom everyone. This mornings show will be about why Black Americans aka negros have been classified and labeled by Caucasoid whites aka gentiles who are not indigenous to (anywhere) on planet earth by the way as; niggers, negro, negrito, coloureds, blacks and now, African Americans.

    My question to you is, has other racial group been labeled and RENAMED so many different times the way we have? And most of all why don't Black Americans have an issue with having their racial classification ie... identities changed so many times when it is not happening to anyone one else?

    Hopefully after this show you will have some well desrved answers to these question and prayerfully this mornings show will ignite a pyramid (fire in the middle) inside of you carrying the Ruak Kodesh that will motivate YOU to ask more un-asked questions about YOURSELVES and the true illegal aliens upon this earth who have cleverly renamed (themselves) white for reasons i think we all KNOW why. http://www.gizapyramid.com/mehler-originword.htm

    my social contacts:


    Show call in # (713) 955--0709


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    Conscious Thoughts

    in Spirituality

    Current Events. More about the Male Female Relationship. Looking at the World of Commerce. The State of the peoples view of the Bible and why.  

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    Legacy of A Nation Why Does Haiti Always Get Hated On?

    in Lifestyle

    What nation is infamous for winning their freedom from slavery through war? Come learn why Haiti is so important to the struggle of American Aboriginals.

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