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        The only condition that restricts GOD'S power making HIM unable to act is a lack of faith. He is not limited in action nor restrained by the conditions that limit people. God is never limited. 

        The conditions of time, place, nearness, ability and all the others that could be named have no bearing on HIM. When HIS children look to HIM and cry with true prayer, HE hears and delivers, no matter how dire their circumstances. It is trange but true. GOD has to school HIS children in HID ability to do all things! Join us for prayer at 6:00 AM Mon.-Friday. Dial 714 459-3963.  






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    Do You Really Believe In Your Business Ability?

    in Business

    Today's 5 minute Talk Business With Howard podcast with business expert and CEO advisor, Howard Lewinter, to improve and grow your business is: Do You Really Believe In Your Business Ability?

  • LIVE! with Cathi---Score YOUR HIRE-ABILITY!

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    Get your head OUT FROM IN-THE-CLOUDS.  We live in a highly competitive world.  You as an employee should always look at ways to improve your HIREABILITY!

    Have you noticed the lives of successful people always seem to be moving toward a goal, whether it's personal or professional?  Not talking about DESK DRONES, but those among you who've found a way to balance work and home and yet always keep moving forward.

    So what are you waiting for...GET MOVING:  add a skill, improve on a skill, revise/update your resume.  Keep your skills and experience current at all times.


    Lead whenever possible...etc.

    Take the initiative on projects...etc.

    Stay POSITIVE...etc.

    Don't be sucked into negative space...etc.

    Disgruntled...YOU'R HISTORY, YOU'LL BE GONE...etc.

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    Is Your Perspective Hurting Your Ability to Be Successful? with Casey Kerr

    in Entrepreneur

    Coach and Motivational Speaker, Casey Kerr of Find Your Roar, talks about your perspective and how it can hurt you.  Learn which perspectives can be limiting and how to recognize if you are dealing with the negative side of one or more.  That could be holding you back from the success you seek.  The good news is that Casey tells us how you can turn it around and get your perspectives working for you instead of against you.


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    The Ability to Accept 'No' and the Tie to Saying 'No' (with JoAnne Marceau)

    in Women

    Today, my guest, JoAnne Marceau, a certified results coach, and I are talking about the power of “NO”. Not about whether or not you can say no when you should; but – what if your ability to say “No” is in proportion to your ability to hear and accept “No”? Tune in to hear more.


    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to manage “The Business of Life”. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, get connected, and be heard. 


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    JoAnne Marceau, Certified Results Coach I Professional Speaker




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    Get your complementary e-book: "From Status QUO to Status GROW" today.



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    Using Your Natural Psychic Ability

    in Spirituality

    Everyone is psychic. Tune in to learn how to tap into and use your natural pyschic ability. 

    Messages From Beyond® with Twin Soul spiritual psychic mediums, Dennis and Alice Jackson, is a fun lively show where people feel comfortable being with others of like minds.

    Live on-air readings. As always, callers may ask a specific personal question or ask to speak with a loved one on the Other Side to receive a mini-reading from Dennis and Alice.

    Together Again - Dennis and Alice

    Dennis and Alice are twin souls who were reunited in this lifetime in 1996, via destiny and a lot of synchronicities. and immediately recognized each other from past lives. They are considered experts on the subject of twin souls and relationship issues. They are authors of the books, Together Again: Twin Souls Reunite in Love and Life and the upcoming Life is an Illusion: Loving Messages from Beyond. Maintaining a five-star rating on Amazon.com and bn.com,Together Again has been endorsed by best selling authors, Larry King, James Redfield, and Alan Cohen.

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    A Blessing Is Waiting For You

    in The Bible

    We ask God to help us in many ways. Some of us are waiting for God to do something in a particular situation. It may be in our health. It may be in our finances. It may be in our marriage. It may be in a relationship. It may be for salvation for someone. It may be for protection. It could be in any number of things. Well, according to the Word of God, He has already provided it. You may say, "where is it?" Just because you don't have it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The book of Ephesians says, "we already have every spiritual blessing in high places". What you want and need is already in place, waiting on 2 things; one, for you to affirm, by faith, whatever you ask for is already there. And two, God's timing. Let's look at this in more detail on today's show.


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    ADHD, Social Media, and the Ability to Self-Regulate

    in Self Help

    Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, and others… do they have a positive impact on those with ADHD? Are they just a distraction, or are they required in order to live and survive in the world today? In this edition of Attention Talk Radio, guest host Caroline Maguire (www.necoaching.com) will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social media and their impact on ADHD with Dr. David Nowell (www.drnowell.com). If you have ADHD or are impacted by anyone with ADHD who is seemingly addicted to social media, you won’t want to miss this show!

    Attention Talk Radio is the leading site for self-help Internet radio shows focusing on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD), including managing symptoms of attention deficit disorder, adults with ADD, or adults who have children with ADHD. Attention Talk Radio, hosted by attention coach Jeff Copper, is designed to help adults and children (particularly those diagnosed with or impacted by attention deficit disorder or its symptoms) in life or business who are stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated. It will help adults and children get unstuck and moving forward by helping to open their minds and pay attention to what works.

    Attention Talk Radio host Jeff Copper is an ADHD coach. To learn more about Jeff go to www.digcoaching.com.

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    HEAVENLY ENCOUNTERS: Awakening Your Psychic Ability

    in Spirituality

    Our guest, Cynthia Becker, is widely recognized for her spiritual, psychic, and healing ability.  She is considered one of the most reliable psychic medium phone readers in the world.

    Not only will we talk about the amazing journey that awakened her psychic ability, but she will also discuss how you can awaken this ability within yourself! Join us!  Hosts- Mary Elizabeth and Janis Yakopovic.

    About Heavenly Encounters...

    Do you believe that death is the end or is it just a new beginning ?  Does our soul continue to evolve or is it buried six feet under?  Spiritual encounters and unexplained phenomena have intrigued people for centuries, but what if you could find the answers, right here, right now.

    Welcome to Heavenly Encounters, where we will talk with everyday people who have had extraordinary experiences and gifted souls that see beyond the veil.

    Together, we’ll diminish our fear of death, explore our soul’s evolution and soften the crippling grief that accompanies loss.

    We will discover a new world, a fresh reality, just a whisper away.

    So take a deep breath…relax… and join us on a journey to the Other Side.

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/DON DURANT

    in Writing

    Trump is leading the pack based on his ability with a fifth grade speaking level to win over the hearts and minds of the GOP followers.  Carson and Cruz, are  fighting against anyone paying attention to what they have to share and Rubio is standing quietly by the side and observing.  He has the most stage presence and will eventually be the one listened to by the majority.  Trump is catering to the negative base element of his followers and because he is identifying them more than he is identifying himself, they will eventually be limited.  

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    Readings With Rose - One Card Quick Readings And Answers For YOU!

    in Spirituality

    Great News!!! I now have a website for those wanting more information, as well as for booking private readings with me.  Go toL http://www.readingswithrose.com

    Each week I take one question per caller, draw one card from my deck to answer your question with the help of Spirit.  Please have your question ready when you call in because I'm limited on time here (only 1/2 hour) and I like to help as many people as I can in each show.  Private full length readings are available as well. If you would like a full reading, available via email, telephone or Skype feel free to contact me via email at "readingswithrose@gmail.com"

    For over 30 years my work as a professional psychic has been helping people overcome their doubts, heal their hearts and go forward in life.  My spirit guides direct the readings & they find specific questions to be the ideal.  The more specific your question, the more immediate & powerful the information. The future is entirely changeable & not set in stone. We each have free will, therefore, the ability to write our own story. 

    I will always tell you the truth with love and respect; it may not be what you want to hear and I may tell you something different than you have previously been told or something that is hard to accept.  Yet only accuracy and truth will empower you so that you can make decisions based on what is revealed.  I believe that my mission in this life is to help people.  I would love to help you discover the path to your true happiness!

    What people are saying about Rose and her readings:

    Maria Deesy - Right on the money as usual Rose! Thank you my friend

    Susan Kelly-Hauner - Thank you as always right on the money baby !!!