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  • 02:15

    Up Late with Pinko the Bear - 12/11/13

    in Politics

    Up Late with Pinko the Bear - Another two hours of musings on all things lefty. Full of clips and commentary on stuff I think worth sharing;)

    Tonight's plan (and we all know how plans often go) is to cover the following...
    The Fast Food Workers Strike and Rally from last Thursday... I was there... good times;)
    Lee Camp's Moment of Clarity about the situation... and maybe a second one if I have time late in the show.
    A few choice comments/status updates from some of my Facebook Comrades...
    Jenna Pope has a new book... luv me some activism, especially those with a camera like her...
    I will muse about The Hunger Games in relationship to our current situation...
    Reverend Billy is in the news... it ends well...
    Your zip code determines much more than you may think it does... Popular Resistance has its 6 month anniversary and that is pretty cool...
    And whatever else comes to mind... Your calls are welcome as well though I do seem to have a full two hours worth of material ready...
    Oh... and a bit from the Onion that I really like...

    We will see how it all plays out:)

    Remember, sharing is caring. Please share this link with your friends of all political stripes. It is no fun to only be preachin' to the choir:)


  • 01:31

    Progress Towards Democracy

    in Politics Progressive

    Brian Stetten and Ruthann Amarteifio are still looking for democracy--------
    Pinko the Bear (ABear) joins us as we discuss current issues and catch up with what he's doing!!  From fun to politics----(or, is that the same?)
    Comments, questions? Give us a call, or come to chat!!

  • 02:01

    Up Late with Pinko the Bear - Midnight - 2 AM - Pacific -

    in Politics

    Occupy Reno phase one is done. I'll give an update.

    Feeling down so I think I will play more clips than normal and ramble on about a few choice topics here and there.

    Call 1 347 857-4732 to join the convo... or just hit the link and listen:) Live Chat Room is open during the show.

    Solidarity:) ABear/Pinko the Bear

  • 02:00

    Up Late with Pinko the Bear - 10 PM - Pacific -

    in Politics

    Politics, Policies, Propaganda and other things I find interesting.

    Drop on by, share what you know and learn from others who do likewise.

    Bigfoots,  Know-Nothings, Hoopleheads as well as Whores and Handmaidens to Power will not go unchallenged here in the Pink Hours  of Truth and Social Justice on BTR. 

    Tonight's show is pretty much a play it be ear thing... No prep, Plenty of Anger, Very Little Management;)

    Give a Jingle... Make your case... Ask a question... or Just sit and listen:)



  • 01:05

    Pinko the Bear - 80s music show -testing the mp3 upload-

    in Rock Music

    My regular political talk show will be on at Midnight Pacific, right after this bonus show/test of how to upload and play a previously recorded show. I uploaded an old mp3 file of me Djing at a dive bar here in Reno for shitz and giggles from back in the day... Its 80s new wave/pop/rock... party format... I may have been drinking at the time... the hour segment uploaded is from 11pm to midnight on a Fri night about 6 years ago at Vino.. "SOMEBODY SCREAM!!!!"