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    "Absolutely Abby" , Expert Human Resources Recruiter, Author & Speaker

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    Abby Kohut, who is known on the web as Absolutely Abby, is the President of Staffing Symphony, LLC and the author of “Absolutely Abby’s 101 Job Search Secrets”.  In the past 18 years, Abby held positions such as Senior Director of Recruiting for Kaplan, Interim Director of Recruiting for Continuum Health Partners, and Manager of Global Recruiting for Alpharma. Her website AbsolutelyAbby.com, which was selected as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Your Career” by Forbes in 2013, teaches candidates secrets the Absolute truth about the job search process that other recruiters won't tell you. Abby has provided job search tips on Fox 5, NBC, CBS, ABC, LinkedIn, Monster, Real Simple, The Ladders, Bloomberg Radio, and Forbes. Abby was selected as one of "The Monster 11 for 2011: Career Experts Who Can Help Your Job Search" and is one of the “Top 100 Influential People Online” according to Fast Company Magazine. In 2014, CEOWORLD Magazine rated Abby one of the Top 25 Women for your Job Search. Since 2010, Abby has been on a mission to help one million job seekers and is currently driving around the USA on a nationwide tour to accomplish that goal which you can learn more about at www.AbbyAcrossAmerica.com


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    Phillip Hatfield; Contagious Encouragement

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    Phillip Hatfield is a powerful and inspiring speaker with a glowing personality and huge smile. He is a successful businessman, author and business coach with the Zig Ziglar Corporation. He has become an expert transformer, overcoming the barriers and obstacles he describes as The Challenges of Change.  After an accident left him fighting for his life and resulted in him becoming an amputee, Phillip had to readjust and create a new life for himself, overcoming challenges in the home as well as in business. This experience has taught him what we all need to know about facing challenges and breaking down the barriers that hold so many of us back. His powerful and inspiring lesson to us is that our greatest tragedies can be our greatest blessings. Phillip’s first book, Carried By Angels, is a work of inspiration and motivation drawn from his experiences of being knocked down many times. His latest book; Contagious Encouragement is available now. Phillip is often heard saying; my greatest tragedy is my greatest blessing. You can learn more about Phillip HERE and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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    The World Cricket Show (Phillip Hughes Tragedy special....63 not out R.I.P)

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    A special tribute to a young star who shone brightly...Phillip Hughes...forever 63 not out..

    Presented by Ben Manning the show includes clips from the archives rare interviews and a special tribute hosted by west indies cricket show experts Ivor Henry, Leon Francis, Audley Watson and Cardinal Mills. 


    Manning was professionally coached as a child until a back accident meant he could not persue the game, however - he has commentated (as a collector and devotee of the game) with the BBC and for Somerset county cricket club's radio commentary - some of which can be found on youtube.  The Murali Kartik incident in 2012 achieved 13,000 listens on youtube.  His proudest moment was to be coached by Norman Cowans and the late Wilf Slack (England cricketers of the early eighties ) as a child, but as an adult his proudest moment was when he attended the memorial service of the late Christopher Martin Jenkins - "CMJ" - at St Pauls Cathedral in 2013.

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    Sunday, December 7, 8 pm ET The Halli Casser-Jayne Show brings you a conversation with New York Times bestselling author Phillip Margolin, whose brand new mystery WOMEN WITH A GUN has just been released. 

    Phillip Margolin’s rise to become one of America’s most respected mystery writers was a circuitous root. Margolin, raised in New York City and Levittown, New York graduated from The American University in Washington, D.C. with a Bachelor's Degree in Government. From 1965 to 1967, he was a Peace Corps volunteer in Liberia, West Africa. Following his service in Africa, Margolin attended New York University School of Law. From 1972 until 1996, Margolin was in private practice in Portland, Oregon, specializing in criminal defense at the trial and appellate levels. As an appellate attorney he appeared before the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, the Oregon Supreme Court and the Oregon Court of Appeals. As a trial attorney, he handled all sorts of criminal cases in state and federal court and represented approximately 30 people charged with homicide, including several who faced the death penalty. He was also the first Oregon attorney to use the Battered Women's Syndrome to defend a battered woman accused of murdering her spouse. Then to our great fortune, Phillip Margolin started writing. Eighteen novels later, many of them New York Times bestsellers, winner of the Distinguished Northwest Writer Award, Margolin outdoes himself with his newest contribution to fiction, his haunting WOMEN WITH A GUN.

    A conversation with bestselling author Phillip Margolin about his new book WOMEN WITH A GUN on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds, Sunday, 8 pm ET. For more information on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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    State of the Church Episode 7. Guest; Bishop Phillip A. Evans II

    in Motivation

    Join as we continue our series on "The State of The Church"....

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    The Status of Black Male Programs with Phillip Jackson, The Black Star Project

    in Education

    In follow-up support of “The Case for Black Male Achievement: A National Conversation on How America Can Elevate Its Prominence by Investing in Black Men and Boys” program that aired on WVON1690 The Voice of the Nation on Thanksgiving Day 2014, NCEBCTalkRadio welcomes Mr. Phillip Jackson, Founder and Executive Director of the Black Star Project.

    The Case for Black Male Achievement (a two-part national conversation with nationally acclaimed champions for Black men and boys including elected officials, foundation presidents, school superintendents, educators, business leaders and faith leaders) featured discussions on:

    Black Male Achievement

    Teaching Black Males to Survive in America

    Teaching America How to Teach Black Boys

    Show host Dr. Adelaide Sanford and Mr. Kamau Jywanza inquire of insight gained from the event:

    What are the common threads (pros/cons) among Black Male programs?

    What is The Black Male Achievement Movement? How do the elements of “Black History and Culture, Family Development and Fatherhood, Education and Learning, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development” combine in a recipe for success?

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    Making Sales Work for You with Phillip Waller

    in Business

    Phillip Waller has chosen the career path as a professional sales person. Here is his philosophy: "I enjoy the almost Instant Gratification that CLOSING a sale provides. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the workforce. Selling, is a PORTABLE skill. I need never worry about Job Security. I can go ANYWHERE in America and find good-paying work. I NEVER ASK, for a job. I am a Professional. I am NOT a Salesman...I am...A CLOSER! (Thanks, Ben Gay III)  As I would PREFER to work on STRAIGHT commission, I offer a no risk OPPORTUNITY for any business that has products...to sell. My rate of Pay...is limited ONLY by me. What better Boss for ME...than Me!!!   Perhaps you need a CLOSER, in your business?"

    Join us for a lively, rich discussion about how your chosen profession is the best in the world.!

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    #PoliticsandMoney with Professor Phillip Gillon @OmnipresenceMedia

    in Education

    www.politicsandmoneyinc.com ~ As the principal of Politics & Money Inc., registered in New York and does business through out the United States, where our agency employees education, submits forms of government entitlements (with or without the 'permission' of big government!), create credit where it is "due" and manifest compliance where compromise, is most undesirable!

    With a quick substance check of myself: I was married, with children (that weren't my own), divorced after divorcing, ended up in a court fighting the courts over child support. The courts did not have jurisdiction so, they played a 'foul move' with the grandfathered Common Law Marriage (which, in the State of Illioins, was used last in 1959 by wed's, Mary and Teddy Johnson). I acted fast and went on to 'use' the bond of then (and up until now) Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Courts (Cook County). Long story short, the ILCS (Illinois Complied Statutes) was where the bond was located (705 ILCS 105/4) and the State, has been paying out a portion of the $5,000,000.00 statutorily bond policy and as much as, $2,600.00 is paid, to this day!

    Short and sweet, right? Well, the just of this is you have to become educated about the what can and can not be used, in the interest of the law, principal of agreeing parties and collections of data providing a means of comfort in a uncomfortable dynamic world, we live in!



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    abby special

    in Entertainment

    i have a special guest in tonight tune in

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    Disclosure Now with special guest Phillip Sweeney

    in Pop Culture

    Phillip Sweeney is the creator & moderator of the Facebook Group called Disclosure Now ! 2014. We will be talking with him about why people believe in UFO/E.T.'s  and how it plays into our larger reality. On Saturday evenings at 9pm EST and 6 pm PST The Pied Piper and Texas Rebel will be hosting the Disclosure Now. Disclosure Now is the "on the edge of our seats" show that covers all topics of disclosure! From the worlds most famous, and obscure UFO cases, to cryptozoology, conspiracies, and all things that go bump in the night. Pied piper started his journey in Michigan in 1993 at a preteen seeing a Bigfoot, and never could get enough in investigating all things paranormal. Texas Rebel is a wild Texas Man who LOVES this same journey and has studied these same things for years. Join us as we cover all things in the human experience that just can not be answered by anyone.

    Facebook Page ~ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Disclosure-now/784066478324774

    Donate here to help support the work ~ http://tinyurl.com/mhfyk4b


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    Cricket Talk Weekly-featuring Ben Manning-of the World Cricket Show

    in Sports

    This show we took time out to remember the late Phillip Joey Hughes. He was cut down in the prime of his life at the tender age of 25, three days before his 26th birthday. Gone but not forgotten. May his soul rest in everlasting peace.

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