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    Episode 2631 - The Spirit of Abandonment - Ivory Hopkins and Jai'rus Wright

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2631 - The Spirit of Abandonment - Ivory Hopkins and Jai'rus Wright


    Recorded 7-1-2015 on Omega Man Radio  omegamanradio.com

    Apostle Ivory Hopkins  www.pilgrimsministry.com
    Minister Jai'rus Wright  www.wrightwaykingdomministries.com/

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    MyNDTALK - Abandonment And Healing

    in Psychology


    At the age of four, a little girl stands on a cold, windy railroad platform in Wichita, Kansas to watch the train take her mother away. For the rest of her life, her mother will be only an occasional and troubled visitor. Linda Joy Myers' compassionate, gripping, and soul-searching memoir tells the story of three generations of daughters who long for their absent mothers, yet unwittingly recreate a pattern that she was determined to break. 

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    Abortion? Adoption? Abandonment? What Does Your Soul Want You To Learn?

    in Self Help

    Abortion is not always what it seems! Adoption is a birth conceived soul to soul - and abandonment reveals where you turned away from Source.

    In this month's FREE Conscious Living Series we explore these topics as seen through the eyes of your soul. We work with deciphering what you soul may have wanted you to experience and resolve by charting such gut-wrenching challenges. Our soul speaks to us through obstacles. Our challenge is be conscious enough to translate its language so we can respond? 

    Join me today for the 1st of 3 broadcasts in which I offer fresh, empowering ways to perceive your own experiences regarding these potentially life-defining and life-altering situations.

    On May 18th at 5:30 PM CST follow the link below to hear the 2nd Broadcast. Be guided through tapping sequences - resolve the wounds of your present and past. 

    Had An Abortion? Were You Adopted, or Abandoned and Still Hurt? It's Time to Heal!

    On May 27th and 11 AM CST tune in for the 3rd broadcast. Decipher and dissolve the metaphysical links.

    You Can Heal from Abortion, Understand and Accept Adoption, and Grow from Abandonment

    To learn more visit www/EFTForYourInnerChild.com - to schedule a FREE 15-minute Assessment call Cathryn directly at 6127107720

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    2016 Elections and Pet Abandonment

    in Politics

    2016 candidate Bernie Sanders is discused also The Tom Brady suspension as well as rant on Pet Abandonment.

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    Abandonment of listing contracts in California

    in Legal


    This real estate law podcast provides general legal information on the topic of a sellers right to terminate a listing contract when the first agent does fraudulent "comps" analysis and fails to market the real estate like the reasonably prudenty agent would have done.  This podcast discusses legal terms such as renunciation of agency, abandonment of the real estate agency by non-performance, breach of fiduciary duty, and other legal concepts. 

    If you are involved in a real estate commission dispute, normally done through a local real estate assocation or through CAR mediation, you should have a real estate lawyer review your case to determine your best legal arguments and to chart out a strategy to get your legal evidence heard.

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    Trusting God in those secret places & dry spaces. Conquering Abandonment

    in Motivation

    Join The New Dawn Live Show, tomorrow at 7:00 PM EST, as we discuss overcoming and conquering the residue left behind by ABANDONMENT. 

    Many people have experienced some type of Abandonment in their lives in some form or fashion. Perhaps, it was a painful divorce, a loved one dying, or you've being emotionally, physically, psychologically and/or mentally neglected to the point of being traumatized. Abandonment issues can distort your perception of how you see yourself, your world and most importantly.... how you see God. 

    Call in at (267-521-0178) OR Simply click on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/newdawnministriesllc

    Join our Panel Guest

    New Dawn Live is created by New Dawn Ministries LLC 
    LIGHT For Overcoming Even The Darkest Of Nights!

    Website: justdawnllc.com

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    The Dr. Dom Radio Show: Adoption and Abandonment Issues

    in Spirituality

    This Week's Topic:


    Were you adopted? Are you thinking of adopting a child? If so this show is for you!

    Feelings of Rejection, Low Selfesteem, Abandonment

    The Illuminations Media Network is pleased to welcome Dr. Dom Radio to our weekly lineup. The Dr. Dom Radio Show is a radio show about EVERYTHING.  Show topics change each episode, but topics typically center on interpersonal interactions (e.g., marriage, parenting) with a bit of psychology sprinkled in.  The show is hosted by Nickolas Dominello (i.e., Dr. Dom), a Professor of Psychology with over seven years experience in the field.

    Contact Dr. Dom:


    Dr. Dom Radio YouTube Channel

    Listen right here on the Illuminations Media Network Wednesday evenings at 6pm PT.

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    Fandom, Reader Wank, & Abandonment

    in Entertainment

    Some times fandom really pisses me off and I mean that. Sometimes I want to tell fandom to go F*CK itself.


    Fandom abandonment


    Revenge Rimming

    Ron Weasley hate

    Fic Rec: A Farm in Iowa


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    Speaking Blessings over Children!!

    in Christianity

    Join Sister Debbie as she prays for Children 

    We have to speak Life

    God is a Father(Our Heavenly Father) and he wants to keep children safe and protected

    and that is why he put them in families.

    Train up a child in the way that he should go...

    Take back what the enemey has taken...

    bind abortion, abuse abandonment, accidents, neglect, murder

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    "Breaking Chains" with Mental Health Monday

    in Spirituality

    Young Adults Talk is Breaking Chains with Mental Health & Healthy Monday, where tonight we will talk about the seriousness of Abandonment and Overcoming Rejection in Lives, our home and communities. Tonight's topic is Serious as well as Uncut however we really need to have this conversation which we Pray will Enlighten you on this matter. Tune in every Monday 8pm at blogtalkradio.com/yatradio, where Doctors and Professionals will get serious on educating us about this problem. Call in live with your Q&A and speak with Dr.Sabrina Echols plus a Variety of Guest Professionals and all of Gods Chosen People coming Together, Join Us Please @ 858-357-9137. Sponsored By Bagley Center For Change, Young Adults Talk Youth Family Ministry, and Event Experts.

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    Healing Series ( January Abandonment) The Factors of Abandonment in my Life!

    in Relationships

    Join Us for the beginning of our Healing Series, January is all about Abandonment!  We will be broadcasting once a week with special guests and welcoming your calls and Questions!

    Relationship Reinvented
    is revealing their 2014 healing Series
    a 10 month series that will help heal all aspects of your life!
    each month a different topic
    its time to go deep inside yourself and heal these things that hinder your growth as a person, a spouse, a parent a sibling and even a child. 

    This is all conducted from the comfort of your own home, this is an internet based series!

    Relationship Reinvented is a life and relationship coaching business serving individuals and families from all over the world. They have helped thousand of people heal themselves and their families and relationships.

    Join Relationship Reinvented for this Healing Series and Make 2014 Your year for HEALING and CHANGE!

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