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    Abandoned Faith

    in Religion

    preaching here and /openingthedoors same message same time

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    Abandoned Children: Their Pain, Their Guilt

    in Culture

    My latest drama is the first play in a trilogy called "The Grinder".  It tells the story of an aging exotic dancer, and the affect of having been an abandoned child has had on her life.   
    We've grown accustomed to children who have been abandoned by fathers, as it is quite common. There are children whose fathers have never played a part in their lives nor have ever seen their children, as well as the fathers who have and still walk away.  There are children who have been abandoned by their mothers, and who have even been "abandoned" while still in their mother's physical "care".  The impact on children cannot be underestimated, for it at the root of a myriad of problems in our society.  
    That is our topic.  Do call in and share your thoughts.

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    Abandoned Real Estate Law Clinic - Call 619-768-2945

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall conduct an "Abandoned Real Estate Law Clinic".  The reason why we shall conduct this law study group  is because there is much mis-information on "adverse possession" and laws concerning "so called" abandoned property.

    In our study session we shall define the "legal terms" :

    Adverse Possession
    Powers of the Judge
    Powers of the Court
    What Is Squatting & Is It Legal or Illegal ?
    The Principle Of Possession Must Occur Before Occupation
    Can a Judge Give you Someone elses House ?

    Feel free to call in to participate in our conversation.

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    Has my faith abandoned me? Or Have I abandoned it?

    in Christianity

    Often we go through a fight with faith. It wants to take us over and we want to just get through. Hard times can make us or break us, but faith takes us. So are we abandoned by it when we're going through or are we neglecting it because what we are going through is too much to call on it. On this episode we will talk about the responsibility of faith in our lives.

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    Where Is Roman? Call To Action!

    in Pets

    This is a heartbreaking story of a dog that was adopted just to be abandoned 4 days later in another state! A wonderful person found him and rescued him only to have the shelter, from another state, send someone to drag him away. Now, his rescuer, whom wanted to adopt him, can't get the shelter to communicate with her. When the shelter was contacted, they gave vague information and made statements that the rescuer didn't want him, thought he was too hyper, knocked her disabled husband over.....blah blah blah blah! Well, now we are asking you to get involved. Listen to the story, then make the phone calls. Let's tell the shelter that this behavior is unexeptable! What of the person whom abandoned Roman? He's a DOCTOR and first claimed that Roman bit him, then after all Hell broke loose, hired a lawyer and now claims that Roman bit him 3 times! Roman never once showed aggression to the woman and her husband who rescued him.....sound fishy? Yup, that's what I said too! Get those pens and paper handy cause I'm passing out names and numbers! Let's show them the power of the Internet and this show! Let's find out what happened to Roman!

    Please sign and share the petition.

    Download The Pawz Cauze Show App to your Android or Apple devices. Goggle Play and Amazon. Also check out our new WEBSITE!

  • CrossRoads

    in Spirituality

    Why are you holding yourself back from reaching your true destiny?  Remember, if you do nothing then expect nothing.  take 30 minutes and walk into the deep end toward your destiny.  I dare you?  TR

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    Sex – Exposing Secrets and Empowering Your Sexuality

    in Women

    Toni LaRue is releasing her controversial debut novella Abandoned Secrets this summer. A young woman’s search for mother that abandoned her takes her into the underground world of human sex trafficking. Toni’s goals are to offer her readers a variety of stories and show that black authors don’t have to only write urban fiction.

    The Conscious Sexual Self Workbook by Melissa Fritchle seeks to empower women with a sex-positive guide to exploring and understanding your sexual history, beliefs, desires and intentions.Like sex itself, the workbook takes an intimate and fun approach that emphasizes meeting your own needs as opposed to following the crowd. Think of it as the honest and forthright big sister that all of us could have used but few of us had.

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    Abandoned Self - Hosted by Craig Sicilia

    in Spirituality

    Hosted by Craig Sicilia

    Join in as we ponder “Why”

    Here I go through what is my 8th Christmas, or holiday season, this time of year is the setting for my life as I knew it would slowly crumble over a couple of year period.  But at the same time the desperation of trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  This person with emotional burst of I don’t know what.  As well as an inner change of what I held important.  Of the very fibers of what made me me, and as I look into the mirror I was somebody I didn’t even recognize. 

    Finding others like myself was a key in holding a life together, and it got easier as I discovered who I was and what I valued.  Many had a hard time with this “new me “as did I.  This year I learned more valuable lessons as the distance between the old and new me.  As I continue to let go of parts of the old me, it has become clear that this new person is who I am, and I have to learn to live a life again as this new me, like it or not.

    As you stop caring about those things you once held close to your heart, the feeling just being left void inside your deepest essence of who you are. As you wonder - What is to Come Next?

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    Reclaiming Abandoned Pasture and other stuff

    in Current Events

    This week I answer some email questions including ways to reclaim abandoned pasture land on cheap.  I will also talk a little bit about the Grow Your Own Food Summit coming up in July.

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    in Motivation

    What is family? Is it reserved for blood relatives? Can others be included in your family?

    This week’s show, WHAT IS FAMILY: Examining our thoughts around our concepts and beliefs about what constitutes a family unit. Where does our definition originate?

    This show will spark some controversy because we each have our separate perspective on the topic. Many believe its established and beyond our control to make any changes. Yet sometimes those family units wreak havoc to our souls. Sometimes we feel abused or abandoned by these units.

    This week I want to hear from you, perhaps there are more questions than facts/answers, more of a need for answers from the listeners.

    What are the dynamics of your current family or tribe?

    - Several generations living together under same roof

    - Same gender loving couple

    - Male/female with children

    - feel abandoned or abused, unappreciated and unloved?

    Should the government be allowed to define the legitimacy of a family unit? If the Creator is Absolute Unconditional LOVE, why do we place restrictions on units of LOVING PEOPLE?

    My desire is to raise consciousness and awareness to the many facets of Life and Living AND allow us an opportunity to truly look IN-TO our beliefs. Why does this topic cause so much controversy??

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    in Spirituality

    There will be a time when you will be standing at a CrossRoads.  Let us help you to look at tlife a little differently and maybe even move you closer to your true destiny.  Join me!  TR