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    Tune in Today at 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Call in (347) 826-7348  OF for an interview on Expectations for Education in America under a possible Mit Romney/Paul Ryan Presidency.  Emmy Nominated News Anchor/Reporter Patricia Hunte and Executive Producer Kareema Ali will interview Lisa Maatz of the AAUW, that's the American Association of University Women.  Maatz is Director of Public Policy and Government Relations for the AAUW.  She advised both the Republican and Democratic Parties on the formation of their Party Platforms.  She's a widely respected National Authority on Women's Issues.

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    Sex, Slavery, and Human Trafficking: AAUW-MA Speaks Out

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    Learn the FACTS about Human Trafficking from AAUW-MA State President Liz Fragola. Her organization (formerly known as the American Association  of University Women) holds it day long conference on human trafficking explores the impact of this horrific industry on women and girls in the world. It’s not just about girls sold into the sex trades from developing nations.  Human trafficking is an AMERICAN PROBLEM, too. 

    Learn more about the upcoming October 29th conference and what YOU can do to end this nightmarish dilemma for thousands of women and girls throughout the world.  
    To read Carole's complete blog posting about human trafficking, log on to:
    For more information about the Oct 29th Conference, visit their website at
    The direct link for the conference is:
    Human Trafficking Informational Reading List
    Victor Malarek, The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy It Kathryn Bolkovac, The Whistleblower: Sex Trafficking, Military Contractors, and One Woman’s Fight for Justice Nicholas D. Kristof, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

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    BYO Brilliance: The Brilliance of Belonging

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    Joining an organization can give you a feeling of belonging byond your family.  It could be an organization related to your hobbies, your education, your professional life, or your avocation.  You may find yourself looking forward to the activities as you involve yourself more in their activities. Find one that is personal to your passions. 

    Here are some clubs/organizations to consider:

    Amnesty International
    The Advocacy Project
    The Mountaineers
    Sierra Club
    United Square Dancers of America
    The Cinema Club
    Granite Curling Club
    Columbia Tower Club
    Women's University Club of Seattle
    La Leche League International
    Psi Chi - International Honor Society in Psychology

    There are private clubs and organizations as well as ones that you can join just because you choose to. Do some searching and you may broaden your friendship base or expand your social life. Take some time, there are so many out there you do not want to miss what fits your lifestyle the best.  So whether it is professional and career based or merely because of your first or last name seek out more reasons to belong, because we really are all in this together...on earth!

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    Carlotta Russell; Book Writing-Publishing and Marketing

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    Today on “Heart to love with Fola” ;my Guest is   Ms. Carlotta Maria Shinn-Russell  from Mobile Alabama .She will be sharing on how to become a writer, a published author, what you need to know about the gift of writing, publishing industry  and how to market and promote your books. Ms. Carlotta is a published author of 3 books: We Smoked Our Sister: A Time to Remember and Other Stories from a Childhood, 1 of a 3 book trilogy.
    She has a Master of Business Administration degree, a Masters of Art in Communication degree and a Bachelor of Business of Administration degree.  
    Ms. Carlotta is also the President of the Mobile Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and members of the Southeast Writers Association, the American Folklore Society; and Toastmaster’s International. She was also featured in the Stanford Who’s Who among Business Professional in 2011-2012 and she worships at Azalea City Church of Christ in Semmes, Alabama.
    She can be contacted on Facebook.
    Also on Twitter.
    And on LinkedIn.
    Her professional page on Facebook.

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    Financial Literacy at Your Fingertips - SIS FLEP

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    On Thursday, Sept. 13, SIS will kick off the Financial Literacy Education Program (FLEP), sponsored in part by a grant from the AAUW.  This empowerment series  targets young women who want to take control of their personal finances and live a prosperous life buoyed by confidence!
    Some of the most savvy financial advisors, bankers, entrepreneurs, credit experts and abundance consciousness speakers in the country will participate in this ten-month program.  Young women today need to be financially literate as they prepare to complete high school, enter college, or start careers. Join our bi-monthly webinar on Thursdays at 8 PM ET. To reinforce the webinar teachings, a quarterly face-to-face Saturday workshop will be held in the Atlanta area.  Tune in to find out how to participate in this free empowerment series. 

    YET, before the physical aspect of money can be appreciated and manifested abundantly, we must prepare ourselves on a mental and spiritual level.  Our guest, Charlotte Spicer, will launch the program and provide the foundation so that participants first understand the Energy of Money.  Charlotte is an intuitive who was gifted with knowledge of the Energy of Money.  She conducts workshops, classes and offer lectures on a variety of metaphysical topics with a focus on bringing peace into your life and releasing the past. Her guided meditation classes allow you to make changes at the core of your being.  To find out more about Charlotte, click here.

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    Cape Verde & Its People w/ Barbara Burgo & Capt. Vasco Pires

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    With nearly 36 years as an independent country, with an independence date of July 5th, just one day after America’s own upcoming July 4th celebration, the people of Cape Verde put their own unique spin on multiculturalism.
    Just 354 miles off the coast of West Africa, Cape Verde’s history goes back more than 500 years when slave traders ruled the world.

    Fast forward to today, and the state of Massachusetts in particular, Cape Verde and its people continue to make significant contributions to the world at large.
    With vibrant customs and rich traditions tied closely to Portugal and Africa, we’ll explore this dynamic country with two leading Massachusetts experts whose hearts and souls are deeply connected to Cape Verde, its people and its culture.
    Our special guests are incoming Massachusetts State President of AAUW Barbara Burgo and artist, educator and Cape Verde cultural expert Captain Vasco R.A. Pires. Both are proud Cape Verdeans.

    Happy Independence Weekend!

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    Finding The Women Who Will Lead The World w/ AAUW's Liz Fragola & Barara Burgo

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    ===Are leaders born? Or are they made? What about women leaders? And what about those women who beat the odds and zoom to the top? As it turns out, women continue to be especially underrepresented in leadership positions in virtually all professions. None of the CEOs at the top 15 media corporations are women.Only 3 percent of CEOs in Fortune 500 companies are women. And the most staggering of all...Women make on average only 77% of what men earn in similar jobs with similar experience. And...for the first time since the 1970s...the number of women in Congress declined! We'll talk with Liz Fragola and Barbara Monteiro Burgo to find out what AAUW is doing to generate a new bumper crop of women leaders who can shape our world. It's the last day of Women's History Month, I am Carole Copeland Thomas, and you're listening to Focus on Empowerment!!!

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    "How to Make Your Business Flourish Using Vision and Marketing"

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    In today's segment, we will discuss:
    * the importance and the steps in establishing the visionary process, as well as refining it throughout the cycles of your business.
    * Creating your business to support your desired lifestyle.
    * Defining your ideal customers and marketing to them.
    * Other no-nonsense information

    Elizabeth Gordon, today's guest, is the founder and President of Flourishing Business ®, an advisory firm for entrepreneurs. A visionary leader with a passion for helping others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, Elizabeth regularly has the opportunity to share her business acumen with clients and audiences, large and small. She challenges others to reconnect with their true passion and purpose as she helps them to achieve their business goals through her unique flourishing business® philosophy.

    Elizabeth is the author of the 21-week Amazon.com business bestseller The Chic Entrepreneur: Put Your Business in Higher Heels. This business strategy book for women introduces Elizabeth’s unique nine-dimension methodology for creating a successful business and teaches how female entrepreneurs can supercharge their business growth using their strategic savvy, sass and style. Internationally acclaimed author and speaker Brian Tracy called Elizabeth’s book, “a proven formula for thinking and acting to build a fast-growing, profitable business in any market.” For more information, visit www.chicentrepreneur.com.

    Elizabeth is a 2008 recipient of The Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 40 Under 40 Up & Comer Award for Atlanta’s best and brightest professionals under the age of 40 for her business achievements, civic involvement and impact. She has served on several boards of directors, including that of NAWBO and AAUW, and was the founding president of the GSU Marketing Alumni Society.