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    Interactive Breath and Flow

    in Spirituality

    Join us on Ra Sekhi Radio as MutShat will share with us her perspective on the importance of the breath-- and breathing properly.  She also teach listeners some breathing techniques from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. 

    MutShat Shemsut is a Ra Sekhi Level Three Master and Teacher.  She is a student and instructor of Kundalini Yoga which she has been teaching since 2008 and practicing since 2001.  She has Medicine Buddha Empowerment from Lama Migmar.  She is the owner and director of In Light Yoga and Health in the Bronx, New York. 

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    The Simple Joy of Halloween Part 1

    in Moms and Family

    The ghosties & goblins are preparing to make their annual journey from house to house, hoping for a wonderful treat! Time to prepare for the visit with a little help from Simple Joy!

    This week, Jean Ann is discussing Halloween. She shares the history of Halloween, offers tips for picking pumpkins, decorating ideas & much more.

    Take the fright out of your Halloween preparations this year when you make it a Simple Joy!

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    The Simple Joy of Comfort Foods Part 1

    in Moms and Family

    The weather is turning colder. Soon, the frost will coat the ground, followed by blustery weather & snow. When the weather turns cold outside, nothing helps keep us warm inside like comfort food. Comfort food offers us fond memories of favorite family meals. Comfort food allows us to share those warm memories with our family everytime we prepare one of our favorite recipes.

    This week, Jean Ann is talking about comfort foods, sharing recipes for a variety of dishes for you & your family. Pull your chair up to the table! Supper is ready & it's a Simple Joy!

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    A Life of Simple Joy with Jean Ann Duckworth

    in Moms and Family

    Autumn is here & winter is just around the corner! Time to prepare your home for the cold weather ahead! In this episode of A Life of Simple Joy, Jean Ann discussues ways to prepare your home outside for cold weather. Jean Ann then shares a favorite family recipe & offers some inspirational thoughts to boost your joy this week. Join Jean Ann for this brief, information filled program to begin & build YOUR Life of Simple Joy!

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    Getting To The Heart Of Keeping Your Life and Business Simple

    in Self Help

    Tired of the stress, clutter and chaos in every area of your life? Are you ready to keep your life and business simple? Join me and returning guest expert Kyna Baker as she shares techniques she uses to help you truly live a simple life.

    SimplyWE, the administrative services and consulting that is simplifying how you run your business.They Equip. Empower. Engage. women with the tools, people, and systems needed for a growing business. Their focus is to keep it simple and based on you, your lifestyle, and your business.

    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you. 

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    The Simple Joy of Goal Setting Part 5

    in Moms and Family

    Resolutions are for the birds! They are hard to make & even harder to keep. The ink is barely dry on the paper where we have written our resolutions when we are desperately searching for ways to break them. Sometimes, we don't even have to search very hard. Then we end up frustrated & wasting another year making not forward, positive progress in our lives!

    For 2015, skip the resolutions & decide to set goals. Not a huge list of goals but simply 4-5, even 2-3 if the goals are important enough. How do you ensure you accomplish your goals this year? By using the simple process Jean Ann is offering in this week's series of programs. First, Jean Ann explains the importance of avoiding resolutions & the importance of goals, then she shares 4 ingredients to help you set goals & accomplish them!

    2015 lays before you like a blank canvas.! You can walk away from it, you can make a mess of itr it or you can create a thing of beauty for the world to see! The choice is yours! Enjoy!

    For more ways to live a Life os Simple Joy, please visit my blog: http://mysimplejoylife.com

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    Celebrate Autumn with Simple Joy

    in Moms and Family

    The kids are heading back to school. Autumn is almost here! Right behind Autumn is Halloween, closely followed by Thanksgiving & Christmas! It's enough to make you crawl into your bed, pull the covers over your head & hide until the first of the year!

    Calm down! Jean Ann Duckworth is ready to help you begin the school year right when you live a Life of Simple Joy! Now until the end of the year, Jean Ann is offering tips, advice, ideas, recipes & more to help you reduce stress & put the joy back into your life & the life of your family!

    In this episoe, Jean Ann  helps you organize your kitchen for back-to-school, offers tips for Fall house cleaning & shares a great & simple recipe for those busy Autumn evenings!

    Make Life a Celebration! Make it a Simple Joy!

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    Mz OptimiZm 8pm EST then tune in to Simple Instructions 9:30pm EST

    in Social Networking

    7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

    Yes! The Voice of Choice is BACK. Mz OptimiZm will be bringing you STELLAR interviews, riveting topics & more from Coast to Coast and Sea to Sea!!!We are one of the Highest Rated Talk Show on BTR!!! The Mz.OptimiZm Speaks™ show enables artist, businesses, and non-profit groups with getting their events out into the community!!! We also discuss the latest in news, projects, and advice.

    Mz. OptimiZm SpeakZ,  The Voice of ChoiceHosted or Co-Hosted: WAMS FM, Gospel 105.1 FM, Sippin on Joe with Big E and Sean

    8:30PM to 10:00 PM 

    The early Church dynamic: Host  Angie Celestine

    They gathered together in homes, often in secret, reminding one another of God's promises and relating Jesus' commands—to love God and others— to real life situations. They encouraged one another, challenged one another, and worked out what it feels like to be a Christian. Sherwin Simple is offering the same concept. In fact, he is doing exactly as it is in the Bible. God created us to live in a community—and especially to read & learn Scripture in a community. It's only together that we can accurately interpret and apply the Word. So if you don't currently participate in a small-group Bible study. Join in and listen to Simple Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

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    Simple Plan for a Simple Life

    in Psychology

    What can you possibly learn in just 15 minutes that may change the quality of your life? Good question. I guess you will have to tune in to find out.

    Bob Zima, MA/LCPC, is a self described “Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back.” He has experienced many trips to the gates of Hell and has lived to tell the tale.

    In this short, 15 minute podcast, Bob shares with you his insights and lessons learned from several trips to Hell and back.

    On today’s show, Bob discusses the benefits of a simple plan and life. The shorter the distance between the way you think your life should be and the reality of where your life is can be the difference between behavioral health and dysfunction.

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    The Simple Joy of Advent Part 4

    in Moms and Family

    Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, as the song says! However, Christmas can be very stressful. Our lives are already busy enough & then we have all the Holiday tasks & activities added on to our regular schedule. It can be overwhelming!

    One way to slow things down each day at Christmas is by observing Advent. Advent begins the last Sunday in November & continues through Christmas Day. During Advent, families take time each day to prepare themselves for the coming of Christmas, the birth of Jesus. Each day, we take a moment to consider the impact Jesus' birth has had on our lives. Families make Advent wreaths, light the candles of the wreath each day & share a Scripture verse. 

    This week, Jean Ann discusses Advent & shares more about the meaning. Jean Ann teaches you how to make an Advent wreath for your family. Finally, Jean Ann shares Advent lessons for the 4 weeks of Advent.

    Begin a new tradition in your family this year. Celebrate the Simple Joy of Advent!

    To download a FREE Advent guide, please visit Jean Ann's blog, mysimplejoylife.com

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    The Simple Joy of Holiday Entertaining Part 2

    in Moms and Family

    The Holidays are the perfect time to entertain family & friends in your home. Now, before you begin hyperventilating at the thought of preparing for an elaborate event in your home, you need to stop & consider entertaining the Simple Joy way!

    Hosting a party in your home doesn't need to be elaborate, elegant or expensive. It can be as simple as having a few people in for soup & sandwiches while you decorate your Christmas tree! The problem with entertaining these days is the misconception that it must be some over-the-top production guaranteed to WOW your guests. WRONG-WRONG-WRONG!!! Entertaining in your home is all about your guests. It's about enjoying a wonderful time with people you like & love. AND, it's all about reducing your stress! Remember, the first rule of entertain the Simple Joy way is ATTEND YOUR OWN PARTY! No one is going to have fun  if you aren't having fun so you need to be the #1 guest at all your events.

    To help you put the JOY back into entertaining this Christmas, Jean Ann Duckworth offers 5 different types of parties that you can host during the Holidays. They are easy to plan, easy to prepare & fun to host!

    For more tips to help you reduce Holiday stress & put the JOY back into Chrismtas, please visit:


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