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    The Dark Bride & Lord Funk Episode

    in Hobbies

    Dungeon Crawlers Radio is excited to bring you another double interview for tonights show with author Jonathan Ryan returning to the show to talk about his new novel, "Dark Bride", the world of the paranormal, demonalogy and so much more!

    Dark Bride - Dark forces descend on Ohio . . .Following the Grinning Man’s resurrection, strange occurrences plague the city. After discovering a ritualistic animal sacrifice, Jen calls Aidan and Father Neal for help.The Dark Bride is coming . . .When Father Neal deciphers a voodoo message with a dire warning, he reveals he is part of the Order of the Five Sorrows—a group dedicated to fighting evil with the use of holy objects present at Christ’s crucifixion—and Aidan is destined to become a member.The supernatural unleashed.

    Then we will wrap up the show talking with Keith Allen who is the genius behind internet sensations like, Talk Nerdy to me and Dark Lord Funk. Dark Lord Funk is Keith's latest video that has attracting national attention, As he perform Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" with a twist and a little magic. "Dark Lord Funk," features Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. The video is available on YouTube.

    Dungeon Crawlers Radio is an exciting and unique Live geek radioshow that focuses on gaming, comics, fantasy & Sci-fi Books, and many more aspects of the world of Geek.


    Dungeon Crawlers Radio is produced by Dungeon Media and sponsored by Gamers Inn.

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    Faking the funk

    in The Bible

    This message will talk about how we don't practice what we preach to others.  God is no longer gonna allow us to teach the kingdom if we are not able to be a recipient of the kingdom because we are faking the funk.

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    chillin' after da Big Game at The House of Funk

    in Music

    The Game is over and so is Football season. Time to turn it down. I have some smooth grooves for ya. Some you've heard, some you haven't. Some that will bring back memories. some that will have you saying, "WHO DA HELL IS THIS"????? TThat's just how we like to do it here at The House of Funk.  ENJOY!

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    Bag Of Money.....Authoress Carolyn B. Turn Up Bash

    in Hip Hop Music

    Join the Queens in the playhouse, as we Turn up with Authoress Carolyn B. for her special day.  She wants a bag of money; cause she is fine like a bag of money.  Let's make it rain, as we show up, and show out with Authoress Carolyn B.  We're going to party like it's 1999, and you don't want to miss the bus.

    Tivona Elliott-Clark

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    The Return of The House of Funk

    in Music

    Yea... It's been a minute but I'm BACK!!!  Move that coffee table to the side then get the drinks. I'll take a ginger ale 'cuz I'm on the J.O.B. My and a couple of the fellas are gonna be throwin' some bones down while ya'll get your groove on,  if ya know what I mean. What kidda speakers you got on your computer? I hope the thump because it's time for...... THE HOUSE OF FUNK!!!!!

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    Live in the Cage: Exiled MMA, VanAvery, Funk, Starr, Tubbs,

    in MMA

    ACLIVE.TV has got a SHOW for you tonight! Brought to you by Nutsack Foods and Mr Vaper E-Cigs, and Every Victory Earned, it's LIVE IN THE CAGE, with your host Dave "The Butcher" Clifford. Kicking off the show tonight, witll be Exiled MMA's proprietor, and long-time mixed martial arts competitor Tony Sterk, and he'll be bringing along Jackie Leese, who's competing in Tony's "Anarchy" event this Saturday night at the Cedar Rock SportsPlex for Down Syndrome Awareness near Cedar Springs, MI. Up next is Terry VanAvery, also known as "Mr. Perfect", Terry has been on the scene as a competitor, coach, referee, and now promoter, as Rumble FC gathers steam on the West Side of Michigan. After that we welcome DDP YOGA instructor, and proprietor of Funk Fitness in Brighton, MI, Craig Funk to talk about his journey as a young man stuck with a bad back, and a bad situation, that climbed out of it, and has been helping others do the same from all walks of life through DDPYOGA! We will also be talking about the advanced types of practices available to help prolong and ease the pain associated with MMA training. After that.. the CEO joins us, none other that Kevin Tubbs, of Team Tubbs out of Detroit City. We'll be discussing upcoming events that his team of competitors are planning on being a part of. After that, the hits keep coming as we welcome Michigan female competitor and ambassador, Sheena Starr to culminate this outstanding lineup! Tune in, turn on, and drop IN... to the conversation by calling (347) 857-1024

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    30JK -- BABY FUNK -- UNCUT!!!

    in Entertainment

    YES!!! Stone City in the house ONCE AGAIN!!!!
    Join me -- Jason Kelly -- as we welcome back to the mike Hawaiian hottie SHELI CASANA aka "BABY FUNK"!!!

    That's right... the PRINCESS OF FUNK is takin' over 30JK Nation! She will talk about her latest project "UNCUT"... and how she hooked up with George Clinton's label and made it happen... come TURN IT UP with us! LISTENER LINE: 347-857-2310 Find JK online... blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE; you miss me... YOU MISS OUT!!! No doubt!

    And as always... the party starts the second YOU get here! HORNZ UP -- HEAD UP -- CHIN UP!!

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    A Look Inside the Free Comic Book Day 2015 Swag Bag! {and some talk of animals?}

    in Books

    Right on the hells of, well a day afterward, of the USA's Free ComicBook Day and Bellingham's Procession of the Species Parade, Barn lets the Cat outta the Bag, the Comics outta the Swagbag, and Brags on his yearly Haul.

  • 02:00


    in Finance

    Trisha Funk has been helping individuals and small business owners gain control of their finances and put themselves on the track to succeed financially for over 10 years.

    I live to rock your world.

    I know what you are thinking! “You can’t’ help me. I’ve got some serious debt. My finances are out of control….. No seriously, I AM in debt.”

    I have worked with families that are literally a week away from bankruptcy, who turned their lives around. (Often within months!) You do have the power to transform your finances and your life. And I can help. I personally live a life that backs up the fact that you can achieve your wildest dreams by living very deliberately in a way that involves daily actions that reinforce what you really want out of life.

    My foundational approach to helping you unlock the life you have always dreamed of goes WAY beyond budgeting! I’m all about the math but I’m way more about you living a life completely free to be the human being you were created to be!

    I want to maximize your impact on the world around you. I’m so interested in you developing your:  Talent, Personality, Spiritual Gift, Core Values and Experience

    It’s hard to fail in life when you make a decision to do what you were created to do. When you do what you were created to do (with a little direction) the finances take care of themselves.

    .I’m all about living a frugal life. I’m all about saving on the “have-to’s” so I can chose to spend freely on the “want-to’s”. And you can too! I can’t wait for you to live a life that is full of living richly every single day!

    Visit Trisha at http://www.financeswithfunk.com/

  • Ol skool hip hop in the house of funk

    in Music

    Tonite I definitely give you something to dance to, Hip hop from the 80s and 90's with some funk  ya'll know I'm gonna play some funk for you. Ya'll gonna want to...... no HAVE TO move that coffee table. Time to get busy!!!!!!!! Too Short.... Eric B ....... Chubb Rock. Yes you gonna hear them and more I'll even slip in some Switch, If you wanna get closer(if ya'll know what I mean :) )  So let me get my drank.(juice , of course ) get what ever tickles your fancy cuz this is The House Of Funk and TONITE, Jan. 10 we doin' it HIP HOP STYLE!!!!!!!

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    Where Do We Go From Here? A Don't Come out of a Bag, Wednesday

    in Entertainment

    Hey there, Tea Sippers!  We have been enduring a lot of news worthy events that has had me and I'm KNOW you up in arms ready to give someone a piece of your mind OR at least an opportunity to have your say in what is going on in our world.  WELL, today is your chance.... YOU are my co-host....That's right, It's a Don't Come out of a Bag, Wednesday and you know how we do.   You can talk about ANY and EVERYTHING right here... right now, BUT IF YOU decide to come out of a bag on ME..... I will come out of a BIGGER BAG on YOU!

    Here are a few things that are on my mind:

    The Ferguson Racists Emails
    Folks want people to stop buying "luxury foods" with Food Stamps
    The Atlanta Cheating Scandal sentences
    Semen is Good for your health and fights depression!

    BUT FIRST, before we get into all of this, friend to the show and my new Big Brutha, Elder Edgar Gaines, formerly known as "Bobby Blake" wanted to stop by and Dish some Tea with Me that's been on his heart!  We are getting a EXCLUSIVE from the former Adult Film Icon so YOU DON"T WANT TO MISS THIS!

    Plus, we will be doing a Dear Big Meach letter as well

    So my darlings I KNOW you have ALL OF YOUR CRUMPETS together because THIS SHOW Is going to be such a SCORCHING HOT Pot of Tea, you make sure you blow it first!