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    The Kerri Edelman Show present Music Legal & Contract Specialist Professor Pooch

    in Education

    Better known as "Professor Pooch" by his friends, students, clients, and 1,000s of others in the Music Industry, David J. Spangenberg has been a Music & Music Business Consultant, Advisor, Educator, Author, Mediator and Music Legal & Contract Specialist for over 30 years, guiding the careers of many past, present and future Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, and Producers, on the Creative side, and as a Consultant to many Managers, Music Publishers, Production Companies, Indie Record Companies and Attorneys on the Business and Contractual side. Starting in the early '80's, many frustrated creative and business oriented individuals and companies started coming to him asking for help regarding their careers. David realized how much he really enjoyed helping people "Get In, Survive, and Succeed - Without Getting Ripped Off", and he found himself guiding many people's careers for many years. In 1991 he was asked to develop and teach the "Artist Management", "Songwriting/Music Publishing", and "Entertainment Law" Courses at the "Art Institute of Philadelphia" in the various Music Business Departments. David's courses and his book "The Music Biz" [required reading for over 2,500 students], are now commercially available by Downloads, and are always kept up-to-date, keeping up with the constant changes and happenings in the Music Industry. "The Professor", who creates and records Music Business Radio Shows, Podcasts ["PoochCast™"], blogs [100+], and has appeared in or on many radio, video and print interviews and lectures, is also becoming involved more and more with Visual educational-related Multimedia Projects, including lecturing and guiding people on the Video & Film end, especially as it relates to Music. In the last few years David has also Acted in many Indie Films & Web-series releases. For information, visit professorpooch.com.

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    News Headlines for News Junkies - Releasing a Contract

    in Romance

    This is a show I did back early this year, but it is such wonderful information I wanted to run it at Thanksgiving because we can be SO thankful that nothing is forever and everything is a variable in our life!   I tell you the story of my granddaughter Jessica and how when she released a soul contract, everything in her life CHANGED!!!!     

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    1st Step to Contract buying a House

    in Real Estate

    Talk about 2st contract buting Settle statement GFE RESPA..

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    Contract Lifecycle Management: A Collaborative Catalyst for Legal & Procurement

    in Business

    In this episode, Buyers Meeting Point welcomes Scott Heimerman, an Engagement Manager, at Determine Inc. Scott will be speaking on an upcoming webinar with Determine's partner The Sumati Group as well as a client: the Kellogg Company.

    Click here to register for the webinar on November 5th at 1pm ET.

    As a Professional Services Sales Manager, Mr. Heimerman is responsible for representing Determine’s services organization as an industry-leader in SaaS enterprise contract lifecycle management, supply management, strategic sourcing, and procure-to-pay solutions. Scott works on enterprise deals across a variety of industries leveraging deep understanding of customer needs and key business drivers to facilitate successful enterprise-wide deployment, integration and adoption of multiple solutions.

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    How to See Your Akashic Records (soul contract) & FREE PAST LIFE AND PSYCHIC REA

    in Spirituality

    Your soul contract is on your Akashic Record.  Every liftetime is on these records as well.  Before you incarnate into the world or before you are born you determine what your soul contract needs to learn and experience for soul enlightenment.  If you are having problems in this lifetime, I guarantee that it is stemming from a past lifetime that you have not finished learning.  You charted all of this, however, your free will is what takes you forward to enlightenment and if you hold onto anger, envy, spite, hatred or any negative emotions you will stay stuck getting the same results.  You predetermined everything that you are going through in this lifetime. When you understand this and accept it then and only then will you live a life that is peaceful.  You are going through Karmic Lessons and these are lessons that you must learn.  You may have been cruel in a past lifetime and that is why you are faced with cruel people in this lifetime. You may have been born physically unattractive because in your past lifetime you were only concerned about outside beauty and made others feel inferior so you must go through this to understand and for soul development.  You may be beautiful in this lifetime, however, if you don't understand that beauty comes from within you will be very sad and you will age badly.  So, it can work that way as well. You may be poor because you were wealthy but you were greedy and treated people who had less with disrespect. You don't have to stay poor but you must learn from your mistakes. You are judging yourself FREE PSYCHIC AND PAST LIFE READING ON 2 HOUR SHOW!!! Private psychic reading SPECIAL!!!!  $25.00/1 hour session.  Contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com to set up a time.  I am a top rated and expert psychic to the world on www.Kasamba.com/psychic/mia-expert-psychic


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    We have a Contract with GOD Online Radio by Dr Craig Wright | BlogTalkRadio

    in Spirituality

    Peace and Blessings! Tonight is your opportunity to review your contract with GOD. Are youu living a meaningful life. Do you wake up eager to meet the day! If not, you are not keeping your contract with GOD. GOD's promiss is a life of abundance. Tune in tonght at 7pm for a free consultation. Can't tune in?? Email your birthdate to cr77ig@gmail.com along with your question(s) and I will share some information that you can listen to in the archives. In addition to sharing information with callers and emailers an on air class is also part of the program. Tonight on line class continues with a discussion of the career number (also called the birthpath number). The birth path number is the strongest number in a Reading because it symbolises our gifts from God. These gifts assure success. Knowing our gift is vital in preparing ourselves and our families for a successful fulfilkng life experience.. 

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    What is a contract for deed in Arizona?

    in Legal

    Arizona Contract for Deed - A.R.S. 33-741

    Attorney Steve Vondran, the Real Estate Lawyer (Arizona and California) discusses the "contract for deed" and tries to provide a general legal definition of this concept.  Please do not rely on this podcast as it is not legal advice or a substitute for real estate legal advice.

    Under Arizona law, the contract for deed statute states:

    2. "Contract" means a contract for conveyance of real property, a contract for deed, a contract to convey, an agreement for sale or any similar contract through which a seller has conveyed to a purchaser equitable title in property and under which the seller is obligated to convey to the purchaser the remainder of the seller's title in the property, whether legal or equitable, on payment in full of all monies due under the contract. This article does not apply to purchase contracts and receipts, escrow instructions or similar executory contracts which are intended to control the rights and obligations of the parties to executory contracts pending the closing of a sale or purchase transaction.

    Contact an Arizona real estate law firm

    If you need help with a CONTRACT FOR DEED in Arizona, or eminent domain issues surrounding a contract for deed, contact us at (877) 276-5084 or at our website: http://www.AskAttorneySteve.com.


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    We have a Contract with GOD for Abundance

    in Spirituality

    Peace and Blessings! The purpose of this program is to provide listeners with a format to discuss their contract with Creator. This segment will focus on Abundance. God is our source and supply. For all things there is a season. Each and every one of us has a season of abundance assured to us. Do you know when your season of abundance and plenty is coming? Psalms 90 vs 12 say's "teach us to number our days" so we can be wise. Call in or email your birthdate to discover when to expect your Blessings. 

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    We have a Contract with GOD - Conquering Challenges

    in Spirituality

    Peace and Blessings! The purpose of this production is to provide listeners with a forum for investigating, discussing and discovering their contract with GOD. One of the clauses in our contract with our Creator includes developmental challenges. As the name implies, these challenges are not insurmountable, they are meant to help us grow. Tonight, we focus on Challenges and how to overcome them. So if your ready to turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones tune in and tell a friend.

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    We have a Contract with GOD for Abundance - 2

    in Spirituality

    Peace and Blessings! The purpose of this program is to provide a forum for free information regarding our contract with GOD.Whether you are a client or just curious about Numerology, this program is for you. The response to last weeks program on abundance was tremendous. It seams EVERYONE wants to know when their "ship is coming in". As a result, Tuesday's' show will also focus on ABUNDANCE and FINANCIAL gain. For all things there is a season. Want to know your season of ABUNDANCE?? Tune in and tell a friend.

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    Contract Work – Finding and Keeping It - With Guest Foster Williams

    in Jobs

    Today on The Career Brand Blog Radio, we will discuss “Contract Work – How to find it? Dos and Don’ts for keeping it.”  Guest expert Foster Williams will empower listeners with powerful information such as:

    Benefits and risks associated with contract positions
    Prevalent contractor roles
    Names of firms who hire contractors

    This will be a fantastic chance to learn about new opportunities for growing your career.