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    Sports Around

    in Sports

    Sports Around - 4/22/2016

    Ryan VanHofwegen will discuss the NBA, MLB and NHL topics 2:30pm ET/11:30am PT

    * NBA

    * MLB

    * NHL

    www.SportzAddix.com 646-378-1303

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    Within and around your world will feature two outstanding jazz musicans who have contributed much to the jazz field and will briefly discuss information concerning race relation workshop possibilities

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    Sports Fans You are on the Clock

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    The show is the day before the drafts so we have a few draft questions, Who's the best team at drafting, Are teams built via the draft or free agency? If you had the first pick in the draft who posision would you chose and why? When Drafting are you a needs GM or Best player GM? Did the Rams make a good move? Do you exspect the Brown to get better or are they the same old Browns? Then NBA talk are the Heat for real without Bosh? If healthy can you can on th Cavs? Is Steph goning to be able to bounce back after siting? Would you give JB Bickerstaff a shot? Becasue we ddn't get to it Michael Cooper is this weeks Tha End Of Da Bench Classic Player of the week! Those Topic's and whatever you would like to talk about in the sports world! So if you are tired of standing standing around talking about sports come  join us Wed @ 7pm CST and have a seat on Tha End Of Da Bench and call at 760 888 5753 

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    This weeks show has three different parts the first deals with a workshop structure for presenting information for race relation. The next two are about two great Jazz artist who were the best with their instruments they were Jay, Jay Johnson on the trombone and Ray Brown on the Double Bass.

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    Belvaspata World Radio: High Alchemy with the Bird Clock

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Belvaspata World Radio with your hosts Denise O'Regan and Malue Wittusrose. Please join us Saturday at 4pm.

    This week we are delighted to have Linda Iversen from Red Deer, Alberta join us. Linda shares her expertise in working with high magic. Linda explains how to create fields of hope with the oracle cards and Bird Clock given by the Seer Almine. A very magical show !!!!! 


    Shersik Erasu Hiteve
    Nisaru Pitrihet Eresku
    Through the song of a bird
    Freedom arrives suddenly

    To learn more about Almine or to order your Oracle cards visit www.spiritualjourneys.com or Belvaspata www.belvaspata.org

    Contact us at belvaspataworldradio@gmail.com

    Praise, Love, Gratitude

    Thanks for listening in, have a magical week.

  • Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    This show will feature two great jazz artist Herbie Mann and Charile Bird, plus there will be a discussion of different format that could be used in developing a structural design race relation workshops

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    in Politics Progressive

    There's no denying the surprisingly resounding beat-down of Bernie Sanders in NY primary by Hillary Clinton! The Sanders's camp projected a single-digit deficit in New York, not double-digit deficit!  

    U can say this 2016 Democratic primary turned the "corner" on April 19th & catapulted Hillary Clinton into insurmountable legate lead and an overwhelming momentum of "certainty" as nominee at July convention in Philly. What's more impressive was that the lead was pronounced at very beginning of the vote tally last night and remained in high double-digits until 99% of vote was tallied.

    Sanders can elect to stay in until the bitter end but the NY primary was assuredly the death knell of his presidential candidacy and he damn well knows it. Making it known that his campaign will fight tooth and tong for every last super-delegate just cements notion that Sanders campaign is in final stages of "utter desperation".

    No matter. Next Tue, April 26th, PA primary will be held and if there is an even more friendly environs for Clinton than New York, it is PA. We may see a 20-point blow-out win for Hillary.  

    Bernie, I'd quit while I'm ahead. Work something out w/DNC as far as getting speaking slot at convention. Do the statesman-like thing and suspend your campaign and do your part to reunite party as soon possible to allow Democrats to regroup sufficiently to permit Hillary Clinton to be at her optimum for Fall election.

    The decision is yours, to be sure, but, might be high time to put party before personal considerations, Bernie, know when to say when. U've been licked - u know it. Superdelegate ploy by your campaign manager, Weaver, is just that, mere ploy. Concede for good of all concerned. Hillary can beat either Trump or Cruz handily in the FALL.

    Clock's running down, Benie!

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    This weeks show on within and around your world we will further discuss aspects of ray relations and Criminal Justic system, plus information on this weeks jazz legend Sonny Stitt

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    10 Things to do around the City

    in Entertainment

    Listen to the show for excitingg new things to do around the city.

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    A pragmatist's view of the insane world around us

    in Current Events

    Sit back and let me tell you my view of this crazy life around us. I just ad lib about what it's like to be me, being aware, intelligent, thoughtful....and to see how our lives have been hijacked by powers beyond our comprehension. I touch on all kinds of topics that should interest anyone, whether you agree with me or not. I am completely non-politically aligned and may well offend some of you. But free speech is something a free country should revere as critically important to freedom, yet all around us we're being targeted for being open in discussion. Scary times and scary precedents being set every day that are removing our freedoms. Remove yourselves from the matrix...and discover what it is to be free.



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    THE 6 0'clock rush hour

    in Music

    this is a special show come rock with djthrowback in the six o'clock rush hour it's going to be the bomb