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    Around the Clock Sports

    in Sports

    Joseph 'Drocc' Duruaku and the Sports Contessa Alyssa Michele are back in action.
    This week, they will be discussing various topics.
    1) Should Texas A&M be concerned with Johnny Manziel's partying, and how often his name is in the media.
    2) How worried should the Ravens be? They lost key defensive players from last year's Super Bowl team, and they also traded Anquan Boldin. To make things worse, Joe Flacco's main Tight End Dennis Pitta is sidelined for the whole season. We will talk about what were are expectating from them this coming season.
    3) We will also touch on the Aaron Hernandez case for a short period of time.
    4) we will tranistion over to the NBA for a quick Monta Ellis and John Wall conversation.
    5) lastly, we will ask a caller-friendly question: Is Donovan McNabb a Hall of Fame QB....
    We always take callers, so do not be shy.
    Remember to check out our website for the other podcasts we do, and sports articles we write. www.aroundtheclocksportsradio.com
    Also, follow the Around the Clock Sports staff on Twitter.
    1. @JoeDuruaku
    2. @Iowa_Drew
    3. @_JoelTheMouth
    4. @Jsiahsports
    5. @RedNationBlogga
    6. @sports_contessa

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    Around The Clock Sports

    in Sports

    Around The Clock Sports is a weekley sports radio show. Hosts Joseph Duruaku (@DroccOnSports) and Alyssa Michele (@missespn89) discuss and debate all the major action in the NBA, NFL, MLB and the UFC.

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    Mag Blog Radio 1st Anniversary Event

    in Lifestyle

    An idea that was created 1 year ago has turned into a celebratory platform of creative expression that has given a voice to many who have felt they never had a voice and has educated many about the importance of celebrating the worth of groups who are facing extreme adversity.  We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate with listeners, old and new, and to make way for a bright future in the Mag Blog Radio World.

    A special thanks to all of those who have made Mag Blog Radio possible.  Please feel free to comment on this page with your encouragement and thoughts.  If you would like to join in our celebration, please feel free to call in.

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    Blog It or Vlog It Challenge

    in Blogs


    Create STYLE

    Create MORE INCOME….

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    Are you feeling overwhelmed by the word “BLOG”?

    You know a blog is necessary today to keep customers and clients in-the-know.You also know that blogs create business and that is exactly what you need, more income.

    So, if you want

    1. At least 1000 subscribers

    2. To learn to engage and support your customers and clients

    3. Want more conversions

    4. To learn how to run a profitable blog….

    Then this show is for you!

    The challenge is to BLOG IT or VLOG IT 100 posts!

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    This is a show that discusses issues and problems and tries to come up with suggestions to solve these problems. Also, there is a jazz legend session and identification of an individual or group that has had a imput in the world of music

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    This show deals with  problems and issues in our society and discuss ways to solve the different situations. Additionally, there is a jazz segement called Jazz legends and each person selected will be discussed and listened too.

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    Within and Around Your World is a program that discusses issues and problem that we all experience and ways to solves these problems. Additionally, there is a seven to 10 min jazz legend segment that provides background information on each group or individual with an opportunity to listen to their music.

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    George Armstrong Custer and the "Swing Around the Circle

    in History

    Custer's Luck Radio Show host Jean Barto talks about George Armstrong Custer's "Swing Around the Circle" and other forays into the political arena during the summer and fall of 1866. 

  • 00:31

    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    This is a program that looks at the different problems we have in our society and discusses them, plus tries to come up with a way to solve them. Additionally, there is a period to discuss different jazz legends and listen to their work.

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    Stephens Sports Blog w/Casey Walloch

    in Sports

    NEW EPISODE:Today on the show 

    -NBA Finals Game 5 recap

    -Milissa Beaton comes on to talk NFL (Chip Kelly (is he up to something?) 

    -Dez Bryant 

    -Justin Houston

    -Which rookie will make a bigger impact? Todd Gurely in St Louis or Melvin Gordon in San Diego? Devante Parker in Miami or Phillip Dorsett in Houston? 

    All that AND MORE!!!! You can tweet the show @305SportsNLife @writingfanatic2 or @CaseyWalloch. Call-In to the show at 646-716-8715. TUNE IN to Stephens Sports Blog on MSLradio every week Monday-Friday at 2:00 P.M EST

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    #234 Dave the Mystic on The Riches Around You

    in Spirituality

    Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, June 29th at 8PM MDT for a discussion of The Riches Around You!  Tonight’s subject was given to me by Archangel Metatron.  I am always open to inspiration and downloads so we’ll both get to see what messages and thoughts are provided.

    Starting point – Why are we here?
    The riches around you…
    Who is around you to enhance your experiences?
    When you have a trend going that has a lot of seeming disappointment and failure, where does this come from?
    Who can we work with in the spiritual plane to get insights and move ahead i.e. treasures for us to use:
    So, how can I tap into abundance etc.?

    Thanks for joining and listening!  Questions will be taken time permitting.


    Dave the Mystic

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