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    A better me

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    Just a try out to see how this works

  • Outlook For 2015

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    Life may change dramatically in 2015. Possibilities include an economic crisis, social chaos and/or martial law, serious radiation, even an earth change disaster.

    Will the economy continue to weakly plod along in 2015, crash into economic collapse, or show real signs of what has so far been a falsified recovery? The dollar is being abandoned. The stock market may fall with bonds as derivatives crash.  Will people have the jobs to make it or fall into poverty? Will we have inflation and/or deflation? Will currencies be reset?

    Some type of disaster could really set off chaos. In any case it is important to prepare for survival. Let other people know what we are facing so we all can be better prepared and prevent what we can.

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    Women who made changes in their lives, that has impacted the lives of many.

    Special interviews with Author Caroline Saunders of I Married A Preacher with Deep Dark Secrets

     Pastor Mellisa Miller * 

    At some point in his or her life nearly everyone desires to be and tries to be a better person. Nearly everyone will strive, make an honest effort to be a to be a “good person.” People often long to try and change their life for the better. People are not completely blind to their own faults. They recognize a need for change. For example they might see that they have an anger problem and therefore strive for a better temperament and more patience. Some may not like the kind of things coming out of their mouth so they’ll try and clean up their act and have more godly speech. Others strive for a purer thought life, better self-control, etc.

    You can see many examples in society of people’s desire to change and be a better person. The self-help books that line many bookstores are evidence of this desire. The abundance of twelve step programs and classes on such things as anger management is more evidence. The inability of people to get an appointment at Christian and secular counselors because of demand shows us that there is an abundance of people seeking to change for the better. Sometimes even church attendance is motivated by this longing and is evidence of this inward desire to be a better person.


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    Do Better December 2nd 2014

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    Attitude is everything.  That's something nearly everyone has heard, and there is more truth in it than most would like to admit.  The same goes for the saying that what you don't like in others is an indication of what you don't like about yourself.  Whether you agree or disagree, think about the stories you tell yourself, take a listen and join in the conversation on the Better Living Daily Facebook page and sail into the holidays and out of this year in a happier and more peaceful place.

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    The 2015 Small Biz Outlook Show

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    Our Fourth Annual Outlook Show brings together experts discussing some of the key factors that will drive small business success in 2015.

    Tom Wheelwright, CPA and CEO of ProVision, is a leading tax and wealth expert.

    Steven Friedman is the employee benefits practice group co-chair at Littler Mendelson

    Mark Lowenstein, the director of marketing at Merchant Cash and Capital,

    Bernard Perrine, CEO and co-founder of SocialCentiv


    Successful small business leaders, experts, accountants, lawyers and other specialists offer advice, guidance, strategies and suggestions to help small business managers increase profits, add sales, better manage cash flow, improve employee management and streamline operations.

    Download, read the latest free issue of Small Business Digest magazine. Click Here To Download


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    Do Better December 18th 2014 The Holiday Danger Zone

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    There is always a tipping point in the holiday season when you either meltdown or rise above.  For many, the week before Christmas is that time.  It's a time to find out what you're made of, and if you make the right choices, you can make this holiday season one of your best ever, not because of what you pull off but because of who you choose to be.  Join in as we talk about the ups and downs of the week leading up to Christmas and how to make them better.

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    Spend an Evening with Mitchell Rabin - Becoming & Maintaining Health & Wellness

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    Wednesday, January 21, 6pm EST: Spend an evening with Mitchell Rabin, talking about becoming & maintaining optimum health & wellness, the underlying subjects of my classes here at Paradise Gardens in Naples, FL., Gary Null's fabulous retreat center. Underneath all of this is the power of the mind, its effect on the brain and body, and its ability to establish a sense of inner peace and well-being.

    Call in and be part of the conversation: 602 753-1860. You are invited to call in and ask questions or comment.

    Mitchell is a holistic psychotherapist, communication consultant, acupuncturist, Stress Management Consultant, Workshop leader, Host & Producer of A Better World Radio & TV & eco-entrepreneur.

    Mitchell has chapters in several books, such as The Code, The Fire from Heaven and The New Heart at Work. He additionally writes for Natural News and the Huffington Post.

    Purchase The New Heart at Work

    Purchase Deeksha:The Fire from Heaven

    Tune in tonight & become part of the conversation.


    ABW on Blog Talk Radio, Wednesdays 6pm EST

    Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv or by phone! 602 753-1860

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    Do Better December 12th 2014 Living the Day by Surviving or Thriving

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    If you can read or listen to today's message, you've at least survived every day on this Earth so far, but what if you could thrive instead of just survuve?  What if today could be better than yesterday, and tomorrow could be better than today?  Today we're talking about living better inside your head and in your life.  We're talking about living, loving, forgiving and letting go of stress.  What better things to talk about in the midst of the holiday rush?  Hope you'll take a listen and live each day better than the one before.

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    Douglas James Cottrell's Outlook for 2015

    in Spirituality

    Happy New Year everyone. Tonight, Canadian intuitive Douglas James Cottrell will be giving his outlook for 2015. Listen live as he makes predictions for the future. Will this be your year?

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    Do Better December 2014 Day 1

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    Sometimes life takes us in unexpected directions but if we're open to Divine guidance, those unexpected places are better than those we dream about in the first place.  This past Thanksgiving weekend was just that for me and now I'm hoping you'll join me on a journey to end this year and begin the next the best each of us can.  I am Divinely inspired to create this journey and I hope you are Divinely inspired to join in so we can all release 2014 with a fond farewell and embrace 2015 with open, loving arms.  Join in the fun!

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