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  • The Ascend to the 5th Dimension Show

    in Spirituality

    Supposedly, we are entering a higher, more clear and vibrant dimension--the 5th dimension at this time--and this show is all about what it means to be in the 5th dimension. Since we are the ultimate Creators of our destinies, this show is all about clearing the path to a better, calmer and more joyful state of existence that was written in old texts from ancient times. Join me for this important show about elevating our consciousness to a higher level that will hopefully put us out of our human miseries once and for all!!

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    Remember the 5th of November - Episode 1

    in Music

    In 2010, The Dr.Bones and Tetra Show, took the world by storm. Literally the world. 

    With thousands of listeners, two years of hard work, and 73 shows under their belt, they decided to retire from the fame and glory to focus on school and traveling the world. 

    Three years later; millionaires as you'd expect, Blazzay (Tetra) and Tyla (Dr.Bones) found their lives mundane and lacking that spark it once had. Money and power just wasn't doing it for them anymore. Then they realized that their heart remained in the radio industry. 

    Luckily, still having the contacts they had, Blazzay and Tyla got the ball rolling on a new show that would surpass the fame that, The Dr.Bones and Tetra Show, once had. Thus, The Evening Stink with Blazzay and Tyla was born. 

    The show will be formatted similarly to The Dr.Bones and Tetra Show, but with a longer time frame (half hour to a full hour), more music being played as well as new fun and exciting skits that will be sure to have America laughing for days to come. 

    This is the beginning of something new and amazing, and we can't wait for you all to join us on November 5th, 2015 from 8:30pm - 9:30pm to witness the beginning, The Evening Stink, With Blazzay and Tyla. 

    All previous Dr.Bones and Tetra Shows will still be featured on BlogTalkRadio and will be below any new episodes that The Evening Stink puts out. Thank you. 

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    HBCU Voice Episode 7 - Black Players in baseball

    in Amateur

    Rachael Robinson had some choice words for Major League Baseball during a Questions and Answers session with TV critics about Jackie Robinson, a documentary that will air in April. She said baseball needs to do a lot more to fully honor the legacy of her husand, Jackie Robinson. "There is a lot more that needs to be done and that can be done in terms of hiring, the promotion" of minorities in the sport. We on HBCU Voice ask, does she have a point there. HBCU Voice is a News & Observer Sports Podcast. 

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    HBCU Voice Episode 6 Eddie Robinson

    in Amateur

    We talk about Tom Jones' of the Tamba Bay Tribune and his comments on Eddie Robinson not being one of the top coaches in the history of the game.  He basically dismisses the accomplishments of the legend. "It's Grambling. Who did they play. Southern?" he said.

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    HBCU Voice Episode 5

    in Amateur

    We talk about Air Force Celebration Bowl and whether we are for it or against it. It was the 15th most watched bowl game. And some people are proposing the the Eddie Rule? Is that a good idea?

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    The 5th Dimension

    in Self Help

    What is the 5th Dimension and how can we relate to it? And how does it effect our lives individually and collectively?

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    5th Sunday Youth Service

    in Religion

    Each 5th Sunday is Youth Service where the entire service is administered by the Bread Of Life Church youth and young adluts. All the way from Nashville, TN we are honored to have Prophet Andre Fayne and the Blessed Creations Ministry Team bringing the 3rd Annual War Cry Youth Crusade. Join In!

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    HBCU Voice Sports Ed. Episode 5

    in Amateur

    N.C. A&T wins the inagural Air Force Celebration Bowl led by their running back Tarik Cohen's 295 yard 3 touchdown performance

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    HBCU Voice (Sports Edition) Episode 4

    in Amateur

    We preview the big Celebration Bowl and we talk about Stillman college. Is that the future of HBCUs

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    Tuesday, January 5th news

    in Current Events

    All the January 5th news

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    HBCU Voice Episode 2, a news & Observer podcast

    in Amateur

    Interview with N.C. Central football coach Jerry Mack