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    The 15th Annual Black Reel Awards Celebration

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    Join us this Thursday night as we celebrate the best films and performance in Black Cinema as we announce the 15th Annual Black Reel Awards sponsored by the Foundation for the Advancement of African-Americans in Film (FAAAF). Tune in to find out which of the year's Outstanding Film nominees will take home our top prize. Will ten-time nominees Dear White People or Selma dominate this year's award? Or maybe seven-time nominees Top Five or Beyond the Lights will shine? On the television side, A Day Late and A Dollar Short or Gun Hill will vie for top honors. Which films or performances will hear those magical five words: The Black Reel goes to . . . tune in to find out if your favorites are this year's winners beginning at 8pm!!!

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    The Lundyn Brown Show's 2 Year Birthday Celebration- 2 Years & Counting!

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    Today marks 2 years that we've been on the air and able to empower and inspire others! It is such a big deal to us and we would love for you to join us! Bring your words of encouragement and also memories of past shows! Share with us if we've given you something that you can take along the way and pass to others! 2 years, over 33,000 listeners is a HUGE accomplishment and we wouldn't choose anyone else to share it with! Come help us celebrate, TONIGHT at 7:30 CST! We now also have the call to listen feature: 347-327-9682!

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    TONIGHT 9P- It's BLACK HISTORY MONTH and we CELEBRATE the rich lives of African- Americans who paved the way. People like Harriet Tubman, Madam CJ Walker, Martin Luther King, Jr. & President Nelson Mandela have played a tremendous role helping to progress Black Culture. Share your favorite contributor to BLACK HISTORY. Plus, EDDIE LOTTO (BLUE FLAME MONEY LINE) is back with us. He'll stop by with information and tips to help you educate you. People are winning! Join us to learn more. We want to hear from you. Dial 917-889-3926 to comment LIVE. TOYA will also bring us FINANCE TIPS up the coast from Delaware. REAL TALK. REAL PEOPLE. REAL TIMES. We are #TheSocialLab #TMHymanRadio Network.

    Follow us on Twitter: @TMHymanRadio @MrTMHyman @MadameBoston @VeryHotChoc @SabeJames

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    4th Anniversary Show for WIRN Internet Radio Celebration

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    Hey everyone, its going to be a party on WIRN radio on February 16th when we celebrate the 4th anniversary of the existence of WIRN Internet Radio on the internet. Since 2011 WIRN internet Radio has been on the internet promoting #love #respect #unity and #peace... We are networking and marketing powerhouse, adding new components everyday... 

    Come to this show to learn about us at this show and call in with questions and comments for the CEO at 310-982-4253 or join us in our chatroom on blogtalkradio.

    Please invite youre friends to come learn about WIRN Internet Radio on their 4th anniversary... Come celebrate with us.. thank for youre support !!!

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    B.O.C.Time Released ! 2015 Prayers & Decree's in Celebration of St:Valentine

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    God Bless you; Thank you for being here for the  Time Released! 2015 Prayer & Decree Session. If we expect the the will of God and our Desires, Goals, Visions, Dreams, to come to pass and become a true real manifestation of the Promises of Father; God He has already prepared for those who Love Him. Intersession of P&D's are needed. on this broadcast i will reflect and expound on The First three chapters of S.O.S. In Celebration of St. Valentine Feast Day february14th Soulmate Prayer :Dear God, Loving Essence of all there is. Please fill me with your sacred presence.
    I ask for your Love and Guidance And for your blessings
    As I explore the deep reaches of my heart I ask for you assistance
    In releasing that which stands in the way of true love.
    My heart is pure; my intentions clear. lease bring to me my most perfect partner.
    I seek a partner who enhances me by his/her very being.
    who brings more love, joy, peace and prosperity to my life,
    Who I can love fully and who can fully receive my love,
    Who loves, honors and cherishes me completely, and always.
    May my heart be open and my head be clear.
    May my life be ready to welcome True love.
    May I be embraced in a circle of your love
    An uplifted by your grace. And so it is.

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    Aquarius Celebration!! Rebirth of Epiphany

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    Celebration of the new year and the season of the Aquarius, the first show of the year is a party!!!

    Music ranging from 1988 to present day will flood the internet for an hour 1/2, Indie, mainstreem, and underground!! 

    Traditionally Epiphany Lounge 513 caters to Indie, spoken word, and actors and actresses, Yet because the 24th is such a special day we're  throwing in some of the favored and voted on mainstreem to be played for this live party on air.


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    "Simply Haneef" celebration of motherhood.

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    Topic: A celebration of motherhood
    with special guest: Kerri Zane from "Single Mom Expert"

    Kerri is an internationally recognized single mom lifestyle expert, co-parenting authority, speaker, spokesperson, Emmy award winning television executive producer and Amazon best selling author of “It Takes All 5: A Single Mom’s Guide to Finding the REAL One.” She has an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a B.A. from UCLA.

    Special Guest: Kathryn Orford
    Known as The Confidence Coach, Kathryn Orford has empowered thousands of people to believe in themselves. A nervous breakdown and feeling suicidal in her early thirties was the catalyst for her to learn to love herself. So Kathryn is passionate about sharing the skills she used to transform her life with as many people as possible. Hence why she’s written her book Become your #1 Fan - How to Silence your Inner Critic and Live the Life of your Dreams. 
    Born and raised in Australia, Kathryn spent the last 3 years in Hawaii with her teenage daughter but recently returned to Australia to launch Empower the Youth of the World TV. 
    She is in demand as an International Speaker, Peak Performance Coach and Personal and Professional Development Facilitator.



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    The Original BevNat Classic/- Peripheral Vision Anniversary Celebration

    in Radio

    Join us as we revisited our celebration of The Beverly Nation ( originally aired on our anniversary date February 4, 2014)

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    THE REAL DELIA - Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration

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           Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and we are going to be celebrating and discussing this singularly important U.S. Holiday, it's history, observation & significance. Also where do we go from here. This show is not just a celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but also a call to action. It is time to make sure Juneteenth is celebrated Nationwide (that's all 50 states ya'll). It is also time to give reparations to African Americans in the form of a tax on all goods sold nationwide. The Real Delia & cohost Mr.DLW will tell you what you can do to help in these efforts. 


      One of our success stories, here on the JKN, even though each show host is their own content supervisor within a guideline and responsible for their own shows, this “lady cab driver” not only works hard for her money, but works hard for her show.  Started her show on Sunday, following the original THE WAY I SEE IT with Jay King the original show for this foundation, now on every Monday at 4pm pacific.  She chooses her topics wisely and gets involved with her true spirit.  She is also known as the corrector.  THEE CORRECTOR.  347-205-9366  Welcome to the show!

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    Black History Month: A celebration of our Heritage Too

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    Februrary is Black History Month!!!! Tonight we will honor the heros of the 20th & 21st centuries. Dr. King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks are the great giants we know about, but what about the names you don't? We will dive in deep tonight to acknowledge the 'not as well known' heroes of Black History. They fought, sacrificed, and some died to secure the wonderful future of equality and justice that we know today! We have come so far, but we understand that we have so far to go! Tune in tonight as we draw from the leaders of yesterday, so that we can stand tall, be proud and continue on in the struggle for an even better future for our children! We will discuss the Civil Rights Movement onward to our country's first African-American President! Join me as I salute the giants of the the last and present centuries. Talk with you then!

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