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    Episode # 2 - 50 Shades! The Musical - The Original Parody

    in Film

    In this weeks show we will be discussing 50 Shades! The Musical  - The Original Parody

    We have an interview with Al Samuels of Baby Wants Candy, he's the Director/Producer/Co-Writer and Co-Lyracist for the series.  

    We will be discussing current news in the series - trailer rumors, last weeks still release, yesterdays film shoot.


    Ticket Giveaway for the 50 Shades! The Musical in Los Angeles

    A new giveaway starting Friday for the 50 Soiree

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    50 Shades of Sexy LAUNCH!

    in Women

    It's launch day of the show 50 Shades of Sexy!
    In today's show, after meeting your host, Morgan Toombs, you will learn the single most important F word that is keeping YOUR unique shade of sexy from shining brightly in your life!

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    50 shades of fame & fortune Angie Bowie with Valery & Holly

    in Lifestyle

    Angie Bowie style icon, author, performer, counselor, former wife of David Bowie and role model for outsiders everywhere She was only five when she first realized she felt different to other people, but says: “I liked it and I think I adjusted to being an outsider more and more as the events that formed my life unfolded.As well as good looks, Angie is blessed with fierce intelligence. She is well read and well informed, independent and self-sufficient. The foundations of her cosmopolitan perspective were laid during her early life, particularly when, at the age of nine, she was sent to St George’s School in Switzerland. It is an international school, full of wealthy girls from the ruling elite. Angie learned how to survive and flourish, despite her significantly different socio-economic background. Angie is truly one of the great outsider icons of the present age.Angie came to England in 1967 to study at Kingston Polytechnic, a college renowned over the years for producing figureheads of the avant-garde.  Although only on a student visa, Angie got caught up in swinging London and somehow contrived to stay. She met David Bowie in 1969, when she was 19 and he was a fledgling rock star in his Space Oddity phase. They fell in love, married in 1970 and had a son who they famously called Zowie.She has often been referred to as the power behind the meteoric success. The cultural impact of David and Angie Bowie in the 70s and beyond cannot be over-estimated.&a

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    Episode # 7 Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer, Chapter 3 and a 50 Soiree

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    Fifty Soiree (Interview with Allison)

    Fifty Shades of Grey trailer that we haven't seen yet.

    Chapter 3 of Fifty Shades of Grey

    How did you start reading books?


    Jazz from @50ShadesWorld

    Elsa-Marie @emlight60

    Mags @Magslatersbaby

    For more information about the Soiree:

    Website - FiftySargasso.wordpress.com

    Twitter - 50Soiree

    Facebook - Facebook.com/soireefifty

    Email - FiftyShadesSoiree@gmail.com 

    Sponsored by: Paramora.com


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    Are you ready for the 50 Shades phenomena again?

    in Spirituality

    The movie 50 Shades of Grey is coming to theatres in a couple of months-are you ready?

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    50 Shades of misconceptions in Kink

    in Lifestyle

    50 Shades of misconception! We set the record straight and discuss the myths and realities of Kink and sex! The book has inspired us to discuss the pro’s and cons of that book - general idea of that book - our opinion and then dispel the myths that book perpetuated but also focus on the positive that it created in the bondage world. 

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    50 Shades of Kinky: Abnormal Dating Issues

    in Relationships

    With the Fifty Shades of Grey film coming out this Valentine's Day, AND a recent Ebony article on fetishes, I want to explore what you as a single woman should do if faced with any abnormal dating challenges.  In this show I will talk about how to handle it if it turns out that a man you are dating has some tendencies towards something that you are uncomfortable with.  AND what to do if YOU are the one that makes others uncomfortable.

    "One of the Top Matchmakers in the Country" - Ebony Magazine

    Kiki Strickland is a matchmaker and Dating Coach who is passionate about helping smart, successful, singles who have a difficult time finding and keeping love. Her private coaching sessions and dating seminars are all about providing love life solutions to singles who desire to be married. Professionals who have succeeded in their careers are often frustrated by not finding the same success in relationships. Through her "A Diva's Guide to Meeting Mr. Right" Coaching Program and 5-Part Audio Series, as well as her eBook "How Divas Date", Ms. Strickland is helping singles find love and the relationship they have dreamed of. Visit www.kikistrickland.com






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    50 Shades Of The Narcissist

    in Relationships

    This radio show was inspired as a result of a very spirited discussion on my Facebook Page about the book / upcoming movie 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

    This radio show is about 'sex with a narcissist'.  It is about why narcissists do what they do regarding sex, and why many of them are sex-addicts, adulterous and objectify sexual partners. You will also learn about many other tactics the narcissist uses within sexual power-play.

    During this radio show you will discover the stark differences between sex with people who are healthy and whole, as measured against sex with people who are wounded.

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    50 Shades of Grey vs Addicted:Make Your Choice

    in Film

    Tune in TONIGHT (8/5/2014) @ 11:30 PM EST for "50 Shades of Grey vs Addicted: make Your Choice" on Deep, Dark, n Dirty. Join us in the Chatroom @ www.blogtalkradio.com/knowurenemy or CALL IN  @(917)889-3369. We look forward to hearing your view on this segment.

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    50 Shades of Grey and PeppersParties

    in Women

    This week Kathi and Ginger have a couple of great conversations. Ginger brings you up to date on the lastest in the 50 Shades of Grey movie development! She loves the 50 Shades of Drama around the 50 Shades of Grey.

    Kathi takes a cue from the male listeners, and does a presentation of Lotions and Potions from her Pepper’s Parties show presentation. Of course, she’s not going to reveal all of the “women’s secrets” that go into a Pepper’s Parties, but she will give the guys a bit of a tease on what waits for them when the ladies come home from the Pepper’s Party. Should be fun!
    Tune in and listen to Sex Talk the Southern Way ™ for your erotic gift suggestions!

    Just ike anything else, the more you know about sex the better you can be at it! SexySecretRadio is “Educationally Entertaining™” See what sexy secrets we have for you and check us out this Wednesday evening from 9-11 pm (CDT).

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    Ms.P And Doctor Sue Is Excited To Bring You 50 Shades Of Power

    in Women

    50 Shades of Power
    ...a new way of thinking for women

    Ms. P and The N'Tuned Show are excited to bring you 50 Shades of Power™ a series for women by Dr. Sue that will open your eyes to a new way of thinking about yourself and your relationship.  


    Is your relationship on life support?
    Are you going through life like a zombie?
    Sweats with bunny slippers is your favorite outfit?
    Do you think about what you're going to eat for dinner during sex?

    Dr. Sue will wake you up from the catatonic day-to-day sleepwalk that has become your life and give you new ideas to change the way you think about yourself and exciting ideas to revolutionize your sex life.  It's time to think outside the box girls!

    Tune in Friday Sept 12 at 8pm ET for the first episode in this series

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