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    4Life Foundation - The Youths of Tomorrow!

    in Youth

    "Joseph Khargie is the Program Director at the 4life Foundation. Growing up, Joseph was always finding himself in trouble. From suspensions, to anger management classes, to disobeying authoritative figures, he had more than his fair share of early life lessons. 
    Growing up in Scarborough, Joseph was a witness to gangs, drugs, and street culture. Joseph’s parents divorced when he was still quite young and this led him to rebel.   Joseph has developed partnerships with the School Boards, Police Services, City Officials and Corporations. Joseph believes in building a strong community while promoting positive values in order for youth to succeed. Passion and determination are what drive this young man to empower youths.

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    Inspirational Leaders: Marques Clark of S.W.E.T 4Life Ministries

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    Marques Clark, a native of St.Petersburg, FL, is a National Inspirational Youth Speaker, Writer, Artist ,Blogger, Spoken Word Poet and soon to be Author.  He travels the country speaking to motivate and inspire young men and women. Speaking on topics such as personal development, leadership and life skills, he aspires to bring out the maximum potential of every student, teen and young adult with whom he connects. His goals include helping our youth achieve their dreams and goals of success in life.  

    In what some would consider a "chance meeting" with Marques over a year ago, Karena Morrison has been inspired by his ability to connect with the community in words and actions.  Tune in to hear more about his life story and how his life path has brought him from the streets into amazing opportunities to touch the lives of many who are seeking empowerment in their lives.  

    From Marques Clark: "So how do you stay ahead of the game and always be the leader of the pack? Well I’ll show you how this High School drop out turned Inspirational Speaker has propelled himself out into the workforce and how I get to absolutely do what I love to do which is travel speaking, travel the country and make friends and build lasting relationships along the way..." (more: https://theswetarticles.wordpress.com/ ) 

    Connect with Marques Clark: 




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    Be "Hard to Kill" 4Life!

    in Health

    Tune in to hear how all natural remedies are reversing disease and helping us live longer, more vibrant lives. Prepare to find out how to gain phenomenal income increases.  Hear unbelieveable testimonies about how kidney disease is being reversed, diabetes is disappearing, blood pressure is being lowered and cancer is going away.  Hosted by Bishop Solomon H. Butler from E. St. Louis. 

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    Boomer Equestrians Unite

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    Boomer Equestrians face many challenges as they age. Leaping into the saddle is no longer a reality. Boomers don't bounce when they hit the ground, as Roy Rogers said they smash. Theses realities don't lessen the love we have for horses and the desire to ride.

    After a mild heart attack in June of 2015., I reviewed my bucket list. I wanted to go camping with my horse, but I knew that long hours in the saddle would be unfair to him. He was mutton withered and I had yet to find a saddle that was comfortable for him.  I decided to get him the best saddle I could afford and I searched the internet. After a few weeks, I found Schleese Saddles 4Life and their  most informative saddle fitting videos. There was a video of 93-year-old woman, Elsa, cantering on her horse. I was amazed! I thought if she can ride at her age there is no excuse for me. That video motivated me to find the perfect saddle for my horse, get fit and continue to ride. The Schleese Saddle company came to fit my horse and the next summer we went horse camping!

    I created the Facebook group Boomer Equestrians so older riders can share tips and information to help keep their interactions with horses more safe and comfortable.

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    Seek Thy Face! Rastafari 4life! Paras is Pure and Splendid!

    in Spirituality

    Don't get caught in the roadblock. Free your mind and the rest will follow! Who are you in this kingdom?

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    Have You Hugged Your Finances Today? Strategies 4Life While You're Still Alive

    in Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurs & professionals are in action, making money with our ideas and reinvesting in our businesses. Yet we find ourselves cash-poor at the end of the year and wonder what happened. Learn from my guest, Charles Brown (TalkToCharles.com), as he educates us on how to preserve wealth while we're living so that we can finance our ideas and dreams.

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    "Married and Living in Hell"

    in Entertainment

    Are you in a marriage or relationship and living in hell.  Stop, listen and learn.  Soy interviews a Pastor’s son who describes his marital bliss and how they climbed out of their mess to maintain their marriage.  Now their mess has become their ministry. 4 LIFE Ministry Reggie and Dee Scandrett, Marriage Mentors.  For more information reach dr4lif@bellsouth.net.  

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    Adam Martin Show Debut

    in MMA

    Show introduction, plus 4 awesome guests coming on to talk about up coming news, and fights.
    Adam Hunter(MMA Roasted)
    Bellator's Mike Richman
    Bellator's Rick Hawn
    Invicta FC's Jessica Penne

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    Industry Speaks - BTL's Underground Music Spotlight

    in Entertainment

     October 15, 2013 @ 8pm (Est) Another Exclusive Tuesday Night on BTL' Blogtalk Radio. Welcome to BTL' Underground Music Spotlight.. Our Journey bring Us to B'More City. The Underground HipHop Scene in this City is saturated with Rare & Raw Talent. Which brings be back to Tomorrow Night's Guest's - "JDMG' & A'Jay are both on the Baltimore Underground Music Scene; whether Nightlife, College Scene, Open Mics or Headline Performances, you the Listeners are sure to be brought into the World that the Lyricist paints for your imagination. #Successbound #HipHopLegends #UndergroundHipHopMusic
    Join BTL as we take a Ride thru B'More's Underground HipHop Scene. #BaltimoreCity #BaltimoreHipHop  #NewMusicRelease #BTLBlogtalkRadio #JDMG #A'Jay #FMGUp's #HipHop/UrbanMusic #Legends #IndustrySpeaks #MuchRespect #Love to #AK47SMRecordz #CliveDavis Family Affilated #Wu-Tang Clan 4Life #DefJam @ #MusicIsMyLife Only on Your #1 Station Behind The Lines Blogtalk Radio....

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    Give Your Body the Extra Edge to Lead a Healthy Life...

    in Nutrition

    4Life Research is a company that specializes in the research, technology and innovation of products that educate your immune cells, supporting your immune system's ability to recognize, respond to and remember potential threats (Transferceutical Science). 
    Our Interveiw is with Martha Delgado and we look forward to having you and your's tune in to hear very informative helpful information.  Martha can be reached at 813-786-9242 

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