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    PWF Empire Live | WWE's Road to Hell... in a Cell!

    in Wrestling

    PWF Empire presents the 46th episode of PWF Empire Live, hosted by Brian Joel (Jay), Evan Medina, and Stephen Politis who bring insightful commentary and witty analysis of the world of wrestling. 

    *WWE RAW 9/21/15
    *Challenging the status quo in WWE
    *Brock Lesnar's 'Road to Hell' tour
    *What's up with Cesaro?
    *See No Evil 4: Starring Seth Rollins and Kane
    *Bayley vs Sasha II: Iron Woman match
    *Dissecting Paige's promo on the #DivaRevolution

    In addition to post-PPV reviews, PWF Empire Live is regularly-scheduled on Wednesdays @ 9 p.m. ET on PWFEmpire.com

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    Crowd Funding Real Estate Transactions - d'Errico, CMO - Patch of Land

    in Finance

    According to a recent article in Bloomberg, New York’s first real estate project financed significantly though crowdfunding is set to open.  The AKA United Nations is an extended-stay hotel-condominium on Est 46th Street will start taking guests on Sept 10th. 

    The crowdfunding campaign drew 116 backers, pledging at least $20,000 each. They can expect a return on their investment of 19 percent to 23 percent, mostly from sales of the units and some from hotel fees, according to the mangers.  Another interesting aspect is that 90 percent of the crowdsourced money came from outside the U.S.

    According to experts, amassing small contributions for real estate is still a very small part of the real estate finance industry, but it has huge growth potential.


    Joining the broadcast to discuss real estate crowd funding is AdaPia d’Errico, Chief Marketing Officer at Patch of Land.

    Patch of Land (POL) is a leading alternative solution for real estate financing that brings borrowers and lenders together through a simple online interface.

    As Chief Marketing Officer at Patch of Land and the company's earliest employee, AdaPia drives brand, messaging and positioning, as well as marketing strategy and initiatives. Having joined in the first three months of the company's product launch, she is responsible for public facing initiatives, and leading strategic partnerships and business development. She's been an integral part of the company's stellar growth, from bootstrapped start-up to venture-funded leader in its category.

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    Shredding Metal Beasts

    in Film

    46th show! The Heavy Metal Show, featuring Psychobilly, Punk, Doom. Death. and Black Metal returns for another week, to assist those who need it!

    Featuring Excimer; Sofisticator; Woslom, Entropy; Prowlers, Motorzombis; 45 Grave; Hellbros; Chains; Defect Designer: Nox Doloris; Darkestrah; Countess!

    This is offensive show, not for the thin skin, weak-minded, and those that can't think for themselves, it is crude, crass, rude!

    A show for the fans of the bands!

    Thanks to Doomentia Records; Asher Media Relations; Dying Victims (Label); The Metal Detector Music Promotions


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    Ric O'Barry speaks about WAZA, China and their captive facilities

    in News

    Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project was delighted to learn recently that after years of international pressure, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) had finally suspended JAZA as a member of its organization. We are ecstatic to announce that further to WAZA’s move, the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums has decided to finally stop sourcing dolphins from the inhumane hunts in Taiji.

    On April 22 this year, the 46th World Earth Day, the screen on the Beijing Book Building multi-purpose hall was playing some shocking images: A few fishermen were dragging some dolphins onto a boat, and a dolphin was leaping for the last time in the blood-red cove… This was immediately followed by the launch of the book The Cove (Dolphin Bay) by Zhonghua Book Company in Beijing.

    Mark your calendars and call in to speak with Ric O'Barry.


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    FSC’s 46th Annual Celebration

    in Self Help

    The Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund celebrates 46th years of Stellar Services to famers and landowners throughout the world on August 15-17, 2013. This award winning organization serves communities, individuals, churches, and others in times of uncertainties with quality leadership according to Omerio Dotson, Founding Member of Winston County Self Help Cooperative. We joined forces with the FSC in 1985 to help stop the hemorrhage of land loss among African Americans. We are thankful to Ben Burkett and others for providing trainings and seed money for numerous projects to generate income from the natural resources.    2013’s celebration starts with the 12th Annual Estelle Witherspoon Lifetime Achievement Award Banquet on August 15, 7:00p.m at the Birmingham Sheraton Hotel 2101 Richard Arrington, Jr. Boulevard North, Birmingham, Alabama 35203. This year’s honoree is Reverend C.T. Vivian, a living legend of the Civil Rights Movement and a known social justice advocate. On Friday &Saturday activities will occur at FSC/LAF Rural Training and Research Center in Epes, Alabama. Friday starts with workshops focused on delivering services to create sustainability in rural Communities and concludes with annual fish fry and auction. Saturday’s festivities include Prayer Breakfast and FSC Executive Director Ralph Paige’s State of the Union Address. For more information, contact MS. Jackie Ward, Sr. Executive Assistant Federation of Southern Cooperative/Land Assistance Fund (404)765-0991.              

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    A Theory of Parenting - Intrepid Musuem

    in Parents


    Welcome to A Theory of Parenting on Blogtalkradio.com

    My name is tammi joyner

    I am your Host for the Show

    We will present to info  about the Intrepid Museum

    We have had the opportunity to visit the Museum

    The Museum located at One Intrepid Square West 46th Street and 12th Ave New York City NY

    The inspiring Innovation about the Intrepid is that the Museum is a Real Navy Ship

    It is located a Pier 86.

    The website is intrepidmuseum.org

    Tickets are about $30.00 for adults

    Great Perks - Online free Photo in front of a backdrop from The Intrepid

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    The Filthy Dish Pop Culture Show ‪#‎SuperbowlHalftimeShows‬ Episode

    in Entertainment

    It's #FilthyFridays and the TFD crew is locked and loaded for another fun filled eipsidoe! As we recap #KatyPerrys performace ath this years #Superbowl 49 in Arizona we will discuss some of the best\worst Superbowl haltime performances over the last 25 years. In addition we will discuss the tragic situation with the late great #WhitneyHousons only daughter #BobbiKristina hanging on for dear life on the eve of the 3rd year since her mother passed away. Is it a suicide attempt? Do you suspect foul play? We will talk about that in detail but also be sure to catch our duscussions on #BurceJenners transition into a woman, the 57th #Grammys, 46th #NAAACPImageAwards and more!

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    Revere's Riders With The Patriot Veteran

    in Radio

    Clearing a mans name tonight... yes you read correctly. Nathan Coffman CO 46th State Legion has made a special request to come on air tonight, and set the record straight. Share this like theres no tomorrow. Click on the links and it takes you directly to our page with all the call in information. Get involved, and hear the story from the horses mouth rather than rumor mongering. A good man with a history is about to put it on front street so tune in.... share everywhere you can. He's got a message for you.

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    Revere's Riders With The Patriot Veteran, Open Forum Both Barrels Blazing!

    in Radio

    Tonight on Reveres Riders We will have a special guest return, Nathan Coffman CO for the 46th State Legion, as well as other return guests! God Bless America, Land of the Free, and home of the brave. I have not lost faith in We The People, Just our government representatives. I think it's time we find a way to work together. I'm tired of hearing it will never happen until... or It will never happen. I want to hear about ways to make it happen. I want to hear about what you are doing to make things happen in this great Nation of OURS! Call in number is 516-453-9128. Press one on ANY phone to go LIVE on the AIR with your host the Patriot Veteran, David Miller or... Catch us online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wwrr/2014/08/31/reveres-riders-with-the-patriot-veteran-open-forum-both-barrels-blazing


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    Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. - The 46th Anniversary of The BPP

    in Legal

    Chairman Fred Hampton Jr, the son of assassinated Black Panther Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. and Comrade Mother Akua Njeri - is the founder of the Prisoners Of Conscience Committee. Chairman Fred Jr. is an active community organizer and is currently President and Chairman of the Prisoners of Conscience Committee (POCC/BPPC).
    Chairman Fred will join us to discuss the 46th Anniversary of the BPP as well as, the escalating levels of violence in Chicago, Illinois.

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    Deliver Us From Evil w/Ralph Sarchie

    in Paranormal

    Deliver Us From Evil w/Ralph Sarchie

    Friday, August 1st
    10pm EST / 9pm CST / 7pm PST

    The new movie Deliver Us From Evil is based on the experiences of 16yr NYPD veteran Ralph Sarchie while he was working out of the 46th precinct in the NY...’s South Bronx. While investigating incredibly evil crimes with no explanation or solution, Ralph actually became a demonologist. Ralph wrote about his experiences in his frightening book “Beware The Night”. He will be here this Friday night to talk about what he calls “the work”, his book and the link between the true crime realities of life and the world of the supernatural. What did he come face to face with? Join us this Friday night and find out!

    Call In to the Show: (661) 244-9831(661) 244-9831

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