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    Next On 3G Entertainment

    in Entertainment

    Join us every Tuesday as we discuss whats going on in hiphop, R&B etc. If you are an up and coming artist please get at us, we are always looking for guest co-hosts.

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    Next On 3G Tuesday

    in Entertainment

    Discussing Hiphop songs

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    iPhone 3G is Here - PKTR 36

    in Technology

    The radio show that brings parents and kids together. The iPhone 3G is on sale now. What do we think about it? Listen to the show to find out! For more info, visit pktalkradio.blogspot.com

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    Next On 3G Entertainment

    in Entertainment

    Join us every Tuesday as we discuss whats going on in hiphop, R&B etc. If you are an up and coming artist please get at us, we are always looking for guest co-hosts.

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    Jay-z and Johnny Football, NFL Playoffs and the NBA roundup!!!

    in Sports

    1- Boxing/MMA

    1A- Manny Pacquiao set to resign with Top Rank and Bob Arum.

    2- NBA

    2A- Andrew Bynum's career could be over at the age of 25??

    2B- Chris Paul injured and will be out 3-5 weeks.

    2C- The Chicago Bulls looking to re-build by trading Luol Deng and giving the Amnesty to Carlos Boozer.

    2D- Brooklyn Nets win 3 in a row. Paul Pierce moved to the PF/4 spot and Deron Williams playing off the ball.

    2E- NY Knicks go 2-1 on their Texas road trip. Iman Shrumpert playing his best ball and the bad shot JR took in Houston.

    3- NFL

    3A- Jay-Z set to go after Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater as clients for his sports agency.

    3B- Jay Cutler re-signs with the Chicago Bears for 7 years.

    3C- Bill O'brien hired as Head Coach for the Houston Texans.

    3D- Lovie Smith and Leslie Frazier hired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to be the Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator.

    3E- NY Giants Offensive Coordinator retires. Was he forced out??

    3F- NFL Wilcard Review

    3G- NFL Divisional Playoff Preview

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    Gregg Henson

    in Business

    Veteran talk and sports radio host/programmer and blogger Gregg Henson joins us ON THE DEAN'S LIST to talk about sports, the greater Detroit area, radio and his reflections on it all.    Henson  is currently Program Director at News/Talk WPGB FM and Sports WBGG AM in Pittsburgh. He first started on the air in his hometown of Detroit, at stations WXYT and WDFN. Henson has also been at WOWO-AM in Fort Wayne, WPEN-AM in Philadelphia and KRLD-FM Dallas.   Henson is also a popular blogger. His opinions and insights can be found at www.gregghenson.com. He regularly blogs about things he is passionate about including his kids, fatherhood, radio, Michigan football, and much more.    ----------------------------------------- ANOTHER PODCAST YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN:   Sean Baligian talks hockey, football, broadcasting and much more:    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/onthedeanslist/2013/10/02/sean-baligian  

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    September 2013 Week #4 in Review (Part 1)

    in Current Events

    On this weekending updating episode, we talk about the latest prophetic news headlines about CYBORGS, ROBOTS, and the MAKING OF THE MARK OF THE BEAST with the ongoing COLD DRONE WAR between America and China. They now have ROBOTIC DRONE JET PLANES on both sides! China is also replacing its CHEAP LABOR WORKFORCE with HUMANOID ROBOTS!  Then we talk about the NATIONS FIRST TRULY BIONIC CYBORG MAN with a MIND-CONTROLLED, BIONIC LEG. Detroit rolls out a 10 foot statue of ROBOCOP, as the remake of ROBOCOP 2014 premiers in the Spring. Also EEOC sues COAL MINE over RELIGIOUS OBJECTION to BIOMETRIC HANDSCANNERS. From our BIG BROTHER, ORWELLIAN WATCHERS file, we talk about the 3G Intel Spy Chips and new TSA Surveillance Vans. Then we talk about FRANKEN FOODS like ARSENIC DRINKING WATER, KROKODIL RUSSIAN HOME-MADE DRUGS, and the FRANKENSTEIN FACILITIES MAKING MONSTERS by growing a NEW NOSE ON A CHINESE MANS FOREHEAD. We bring the latest warnings on FUKUSHIMA and its not jut the ONGOING RADIOACTIVE WATER SPILLS into the Pacific Ocean! We wrap it up with Leviticus 26 and Hosea 4 Prophecies on SWARMING PESTILENCES & WILD BEASTS among some, while others witness SWARMS OF DEAD BEES, BIRDS, ANIMALS, and SEA LIFE, worldwide. Before calling it day, we talk about GLOBAL COOLING and stories of FLASH FLOODING bringing to pass, what Jesus said, about, AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH... GET IN KNOW! STAY INFORMED with your Host, Steve Siler, the Singing Bible Scribe... 

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    O Patriota: Distributismo, Papas Socialistas e Prosperidade.

    in Politics Conservative

    *** Antes de mais nada, gostaria de me desculpar pela quinta-feira. Infelizmente, estava sem rede e o 3G que uso também não me permitiu trocar o horário do programa a tempo.
    Gostaria de informá-los que o programa "O Patriota" é realizado e mantido apenas por mim, o que significa que é razoável que esses contratempos aconteçam esporadicamente. E isso não é uma simples desculpa, mas uma prestação de contas a todos os que acompanham (mais ou menos 1200 pessoas) o programa semanalmente.
    Então, o programa será realizado novamente nesse domingo, dia 04/08, às 10:00 horas da manhã, em substituição ao programa de quinta que, como foi dito, infelizmente não pode ir ao ar.
    Obrigado pela compreensão e me desculpem pelo contratempo!!! ***
    No programa de hoje, irei falar sobre:
    1) Distributismo: por que a Quadragesimo Anno é uma obra socialista e a Rerum Novarum está mais próxima do pensamento da direita (por que eu chamo o Pio XI de "o Papa Socialista" e por que os comunistas quiseram acabar com a reputação do Pio XII).
    2) Devemos confiar no novo papa??? As atitudes socialistas do papa Francisco e como elas podem afetar os católicos no futuro (por que eu acho que o padre Paulo Ricardo está errado e minhas razões para querer que ele persista no erro).
    3) Teologia da Prosperidade ou Teologia da Missão Integral: porque uma pessoa de direita deve ser indiferente ou até mesmo apoiar a Teologia da Prosperidade.
    4) O socialismo/marxismo como uma religião do mal.
    Não percam!!!

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