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    Actor & Coach Lauri Smith joins Living Purposely with Stacy Y Whyte

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    With more than 30 years of experience, Lauri is a professional speaker, actor, educator and coach. Through a unique blend of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, theatre techniques, and Co-Active coaching, she developed Vocal Presence Pathways™ to help people live their most authentic, creative and powerful lives. Her passion is to elevate leaders’ voices and consciousness, which then transforms and amplifies their impact in the world. From California to Dubai, Lauri has worked with thousands of individuals and corporate teams to connect to their deeper purpose and empower innovation.


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    Living Purposely with Stacy Y Whyte host Coach Almeta Smith

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    AImeta Smith is a Life and Spiritual Coach. She retired with more than 30 years of glorious service in the telecommunications industry, with multiple awards for the many projects that she managed. Upon retiring, Almeta started her own corporation in which she became an acclaimed floral designer and decorator. In addition to all of her endeavors, Almeta has been an active member for more than 27 years, in several self-help groups. She is a major proponent of women’s rights, equality and justice. She has worked diligently with numerous groups and individuals to help them to attain their goals and turn their lives around. She is presently the owner of her own floral design company, Floral Designs by Meta and subsidiary sympathy flowers company, Serenity Gardens Sympathy Flowers and is a Life and Spiritual Coach, mentor, activist, motivational speaker, loud laugher and soon to be published author at her company Acting with Courage Life Coaching.

    She has been empowering women to gain their power to ask for and receive the desire of their hearts. She specializes in helping and motivating women to find and remove the roadblocks from their lives!

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    Living Purposely with Stacy Y Whyte host Grief Coach Margaret Jackson

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    Margaret is a Grief & Loss Coach, Author and Speaker who focusses on helping individuals to rediscover the joy in their lives. In additional to personal certifications, she also support individuals based on my own personal experience which includes the loss of her son.

    Margaret founded a non-profit RJ Smiles Inc which is dedicated to creating smiles, sharing happiness and inspiring dreams.

    Margaret is also a contributor on the book An Unsinkable Soul; Knocked Down But Not Out and she is currently working on another book to be released by the New Year.

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    Living Purposely with Stacy Y Whyte host Business Coach Andrieka J Austin

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    Andrieka “AJ” Austin is a Certified Business and Personal Life Coach, Speaker and engaging facilitator of empowering conversations. She was named ‘Ultra Role Model’ by www.TheUltraModel.com for her entrepreneurial achievements and philanthropic works as a mentor and supporter of empowerment for girls and their moms through her well-known social enterprise, Journey Girl, LLC. After experiencing much success with her first company, she is now focused on helping women entrepreneurs uncover the personal side of their professional struggles.

    As The Socialprenista™, Ms. Austin channels her passion for entrepreneurship and empowerment by designing training and coaching programs for women entrepreneurs seeking to increase their business impact, influence, and income.

    Visit: www.TheSocialprenista.com


  • Gifts of Success for 2015 - Goal Setting Made Easy

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    So many of us lack focus... Let me rephrase that… many of us lack goal setting.  When we are planning a trip the first thing we do is figure out the driving time and consult a map.  If we are flying we immediately go online and start the pricing game. We general plan who and what we are going to see… what we are going to do… where we going to go… and how we are going to get it all done…. That’s the nature of the beast. I often ask myself, why is it so easy to plan a trip but so hard to your life.  It’s not hard, life happens to us every day which make it a bit difficult to plan but it’s not hard.

    As the owner of Enhance U Image and Success Coaching, I mentor and coach individuals and small groups on goal setting and visualizing.  I help them create vision boards and goal posters. A goal poster deal with six major areas. Health, Education, Business, Personal, Finance and Spiritual.  A vision board is as stated, it has all the things you visualize for your life…..ie… the type car you want to drive, the house you want to live in your new business name, the income you would like to make and so on.

    Here on Curves In 3D Radio we are going to talk about having a successful 2015 through Goal Setting… you can call in and share one of your goals for 2015 and we will have one of the host to call and hold you accountable… that’s RIGHT you will have an accountability partner in the Hosts of Curves In 3D Radio. 

    Facebook: http://m.facebook.com/curvesin3d

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/curvesin3d

    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/curvesin3d

    AUNTIE: http://m.facebook.com/auntieiam 

    EnhanceU Image and Success Coaching: www.enhanceucoach.com

  • I Can Be Whatever I Want To Be- Even Plus Size Me (Ann Danner)

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    Would you Stop Being my Friend because I Gained weight? 
    Would you want a Divorce just because I got a little heavier? 
    I am getting fired because I am Fat?

    Our Special Guest tonight is Ann Danner of Atlanta, GA... and she is putting it down lovely...

    How many of you remember when you were thin or smaller? Remember when you started gaining weight and all the comments your friends and family would make?

    Now you know Auntie has not always been the thick chick in the room... I was bodied baby... but I never lost who I was even with the weight gain.  Don't take that to mean that I did not feel down and out ever now and again.  I hated looking in the mirror. I knew I had gained... gained and gained some more, but I was still my confident, fun loving self. Some of my model friends use to ask 'Don't you hate being fat'? I never really knew how to answer that question... I knew what FAT was to me and I never considered myself FAT. Being in the plus model industry I now understand and can answer that question with ease.  But whats easy for me can be debilitating and life changing for others... We are talking to Pastor Ann Danner tonight... we will hear her story... This lady is living the life and she is making no apologies... Tune In or listen to the archived show(s)... 

    Facebook: http://m.facebook.com/curvesin3d

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/curvesin3d

    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/curvesin3d

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    SWAN: https://www.facebook.com/SwanIam

    KAYANN: https://www.facebook.com/Imkayann

    SELENA SONG: https://www.facebook.com/IamSelenaSong

    The House Of Zip... http://www.houseofzip.com/


  • Living Kingdom In Style

    in Christianity

    Welcome to Living Kingdom In Style with Pastor Monica Lloyd. 30 Minutes of Empowerment that will change your Life On Purpose. Tune in from 7:00pm - 7:30pm. CST. You will not be the same

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    Living & Thriving Guest: Tiffany Mason, Author Coach and Success Story

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    Tiffany Mason is an international life and relationship coach, speaker and author. After experiencing a traumatic situation of being sexually molested and exploited, Tiffany went on a five year journey answering the question, "What does it take to live a successful life, even in the face of adversity?" Five years later and after studying 100s of hours on personal development, Tiffany found the answer to her question. The answer is being able to live each and every day in alignment with your deepest values and beliefs. Tiffany Mason is the founder and CEO at Mason Coaching and Consulting, a lifestyle coaching firm where she empowers her clients and audiences to overcome their challenges and design a meaningful life. Tiffany is the author of, The Power of Adversity- A Guide To Finding Your Greatest Gift In Life. Tiffany is passionate about inspiring people from around the world to use their adversity as a way to design a life that is truly worth living for.

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    Living Purposely with Stacy Y Whyte

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    Stacy is a Relationship Coach that helps women to restore their hope, faith and confidence through reflective writing and life coaching. She is a motivational catalyst that believes in empowering women to live their best lives by stepping out by faith to fulfill their purpose.

    Stacy has experienced many setbacks, trials and tragedies along her journey. She knows pain first hand and as result she has dedicated her life to helping other women to rise above adverisities. For Stacy, the challenges has helped to shape her life, gave her the strength to pursue the dreams and God molded her character to not simply settle but work towards being the best and accomplishing greatness.

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    Transform Your Life... IF you DARE: A candid conversation w/Coach Tamarra

    in Self Help

    KICKING BACK & LOOKING BACK: Through My Rear View Mirror

    The last couple of weeks in the calendar year is the time that many of us start thinking about our own personal year in review.

    We get out our list and determine if it's been a "good" or "bad" year based on our accomplishments at work, our relationships with family and how, how much weight we've lost, or how many dollars we have in the bank. But not for Tamarra! She started out with intentions and no “list”.. and what’s transpired over this past year has been nothing short of amazing. It’s been a tremendous year of confusion and enlightenment, losses and gains, hard work and no work... all to culminate into a life well lived with blessings, gratitude and abundance.

    Come join Tamarra and her host Ben Carter in this journey of discovery! Feel free to enhance the experience with your comments or questions by dialing 347-857-2878 anytime during the broadcast.

    “See” you there!

    Ben Carter is a certified Life Transformation Coach who lives by the affirmation, For more on Ben: https://www.facebook.com/TheBenCarterCoachingExperience or http://brccoaching.wordpress.com/

    Tamarra Causley Robinson, CEO and Founder of Causley Robinson & Associates, LLC, is a life and career transitions coach.  For more on Tamarra, visit www.dare2doitnow.com

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    Day-to-Day Living with Diabetes

    in Health

    Let's talk about living day-to-day with Diabetes. Get the most out of life!

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