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    Bronze/Iron Age Films: Troy and The 300

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    In an effort to protect all that one holds dear, one will risk one's life, because it is right and just. There are many truths worth fighting for, and there are underlining truths that seem to blur the lines. What makes men wage war? What are the truths that drive so many to the brink in "Troy and The 300"? 

    Join A Reel Point Of View on blogtalkradio.com Friday, October 31st @ 10:30 pm cst/11:30 pm est

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    Charlie Zelenoff The GOAT Indeed 22 Wins in 2014 ! Unprecedented

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    Charlie Zelenoff Boxing Legend Wins 22 Fights in 2014 ! The Greatest Of All Time The GOAT Look @ the way I Started the Year Beating Virgil by TKO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Epej1X-7uw

    And I ended the Year By Beating A Strong Power Punching Heavyweight Gonzalez By UD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_pv5_XBTUI

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    30 Wins Away From 100-0 I Won 22 Fights this year I am the Greatest Boxer Ever

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    22 Wins in 1 year ? Beating Geo Zavala by UD then 1 shotted a huge heavyweight in the alley the guys blood trails were on the ground, then I destroy Gonzalez On video a huge power punching Boxer 260lbs Im 160lbs the weight disparity solidifys Im Still #1p4p Beating guys much bigger then Me with Ease. And lets not forget how i started the year an Epic Right Hook to Virgils Face that tkod him on his feet in seconds. I am The Best 2015 Will Be Another Year Of Domination For Charlie Zelenoff Im only 26 years old and im 70-0 "boxrec" and mainstream boxing is finished. thier era is done like i said im 26 years old and im already 70-0 Im gonna reach 100-0 i might even continue on when i do reach the milestone 100-0. yeah everytime i Win a Fight and its uploaded On Youtube it makes them look bad and ive won 22 fights in 2014.

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    Celebrating 300 Episodes Today: Best of The Dog Show with Julie Forbes

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    Celebrating the 300th Episode of The Dog Show with Julie Forbes.  You can find all 300 archived on www.dogradioshow.com and also on iTunes as a free audio podcast.

    Today host Julie Forbes has chosen some of her favorite guests and selected clips from past interviews to produce a compilation of "Best-Of" The Dog Show with Julie Forbes.  You'll hear from Dr. Michael Fox, Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, Dr Marc Bekoff and Dr Patricia McConnell, as well as Maggi McClure - about herding dogs!





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    Buffalo Football Fromthe300level

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    With another week and less time to make the postseason, we've got you ready to go for Week 16 of the NFL season on Buffalo Football Fromthe300level! 

    Today, Derek has a lot to go through. We'll start off with everything Buffalo Bills with BillsMafia.com's Jason DeHart. From last week's stunning 21-13 win over Green Bay to this weekend's matchup with the Oakland Raiders, Derek and Jason will talk Bills to start the show. 

    Later, fellow Fromthe300level writer, comedian and Hall of Fame college coach Monte Perez joins the show to talk about the rest of the NFL's playoff races. From the AFC playoff shuffle, to the 7 team power struggle of the NFC, Derek and Monte get down to business with the rest of the playoff race and will try to guess "Who's In and Who's Out? 

    Got a question for Derek, Jason or Monte? Feel free to call the show at 347-934-0157 or go hit them up on Twitter! 

    @DerekKramer49     @montetjwitter     @jaytdehart

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    Barry Hazle Wins 1.9 million in Lawsuit for being sent to AA based Rehab or Jail

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    Join Monica Richardson and Barry Hazle and his lawyer, John Heller for a 1 hour "live " show to talk about this 7 year fight. They won!!! We are so excited to have Barry and John join us to tell a very important 1st Amendment Rights  case. 


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    Sports In Depth- The NYPD Vs.FDNY@MSG/PacMan Wins/*TRUST*IN**GOD***

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    Its a yearly affair for a horde of worthy causes.And as the fire crew from Engine 82-Ladder posted in their supportive ad,on the 1 night of the year it's legal to hit a cop',at the''Temple of boxing'',as Don King calls Madison Square Garden.

    It was the NYPD's-Fighting Finest,throwing down aginst,the FDNY's,Bravest Boxing.
    And in the  crowd were former boxing champions and future hall of famers,Iran''The Blade'' Barkley,from the Bronx and Paul''The Punisher''Williams.

    As par for the course another excellent job was doneby MSG's Larry Torres.And Mr. T we thank again for your professional and superb P.R., aid to us.And as a retired NYPD (Transit)police officer a special thanks to you and MSG for always providing this special event.We too thank P/O Angel Ayala for his boxing photos used here.
    In the pro ranks Manny Pacquiao topped New York's Chris Algieri in China.Cowboys topped the Giants,what a catch by rookie sensation,O and with Thanksgiving down the block,wegave you all a little Christmas music.Happy Birthday to my beloved sweet niece,Christine''Beanie Weanie'' ,who celebrates another one on Thanksgiving day.


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    Guest:Yana Stoyanova/Make-up Artist/Survivor/Pierce Brosnan/300:Rise of Empire

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    Yana Stoyanova/Makeup artist and Special effects artist born and raised and works mainly in a small country in Bulgaria, Europe. With well over 80 features under her belt she's become a much sought after make-up artist. Most recently her work has been seen on Expendables 3, 300:Rise of an Empire. The personal makeup artist to Ethan Hawke in the Getaway movie. Creating all his character-from the tattoo design, application to his scars.The biggest achievement for her so far has been a part of the Makeup team of Edouard Henriques for “The Way Back”,director Peter Weir. Yana along with Edouard Henriques/3 time Oscar nominee/and Gregory Funk/1 time Oscar nominee and 3 times Emmy winner/. Yana has been a part of the re-make of Conan the Barbarian directed by Marcus Nispel. As an SFX makeup artist Yana  Brings back to life the main character in the Boogeyman 3/ dir. Gary Jones /the Ghosts from The Grudge in The Grudge 3 / dir. Toby Wilkins/ Even the 3 Finger character /original created from Stan Winston in Wrong Turn 3 / dir. Declan O’Brien / She designs and applies the scar of Cuba Gooding Jr.  Worked with actors as : Ethan Hawke ,Liam Hemsworth ,Terry Crews ,Donald Sutherland,Sharon Stone ,Christian Slater ,Dolph Lundgren ,Randy Couture ,Timothy Spall , Heather Graham, Val Kilmer ,Andy Garcia ,Leo Howard , William Sadler, Danny Glover , Ben Cross , Cuba Gooding Jr., Timothy Oliphant , Dougrey Scott, Jean-Claude Van Damme to name but a few. You can see her work on the upcoming film Survivor with Milla Jovovich, Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson. She was nominated as "Makeup Artist of ?he Year" and voted  The Winner of the National "Make-Up Competition Arena of Beauty", Bulgaria, 2014! Category: Fashion & Stage Make-up. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Buffalo Football Fromthe300level

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    Due to a massive snowstorm and Thanksgiving Day in successive weeks, it's been a while for Derek Kramer and Buffalo Football Fromthe300level. But we are back tonight with a new show! 

    We've got a lot to go over, from the Bills being in the thick of the AFC playoff race, to the tight races for almost every division in the NFL at the 14th week of the season. 

    Derek won't be going through the show alone, welcoming back BillsMafia.com writer Jason DeHart! 

    Have a question for Derek or Jason? Call 347-934-0157 to let it rip!

    @fromthe300level   @DerekKramer49    @jaytdehart

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    Fromthe300level Bills Postgame- Bills 26, Browns 10

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    While the national media focused on Cleveland Browns rookie Johnny Manziel, the Buffalo Bills defense dominated Cleveland en route to a 26-10 victory at Ralph Wilson Stadium. After a 3-0 Browns lead at the half, Buffalo used a dominant 3rd quarter to pull away from Cleveland and stay alive in the AFC playoff race. Both teams will now sit at 7-5 heading into December. 

    Got any questions or comments about this Bills win? Derek Kramer hosts the Fromthe300level Postgame Show and will take your calls at 347-934-0157. Also tweet at @DerekKramer49 to get your questions on the show! We'll also go Around the League to look at the scores throughout the rest of the NFL. 

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    Talking in Circles: Homestead Review; Kevin Harvick wins 2014 NSCS Championship

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    Kevin Harvick wins the Ford EcoBoost 400 @ Homestead-Miami Speedway. 28th career NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, and the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship.

    Harvick wins his first championship in his first season at SHR coming over from RCR. Harvick and Childers were impressive this year, and were really good early and later on in the season, which was enough to win in this format. 

    Ryan Newman finishes second in the race and in the championship race as he comes up just short. Newman took 2 tires on the secon to last pit stop, and that made the difference, when Harvick had 4 fresh tires on the restart, and had the advantage. 

    Joey Logano hit the wall, and then got some more damage as his championship dreams dwindled down and which costed him a shot at is as well.

    Denny Hamlin was left out there with no tires, and originally did look like the right decision initially. It turned out to be a bad one, but that's part of the game. 

    All of that and much more, plus Dominic Aragon from TheRacingExperts.com will join the show as well. 

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