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    U.S. Term Limits - Time for Citizen Legislators, Not Career Politicians

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    It is Time for U.S. Term LImits - Citizen Legislators NOT Career Politicians!

    Guest: Nick Tomboulides, Executive Director of U.S. Term Limits since 2013, overseeing its national grassroots activism efforts in support of a constitutional amendment to term limit the U.S. Congress. Nick also serves as Editor of the Term Limits National Blog at TermLimits.Org.

    U.S. Term Limits has been fighting for term limits at all levels of government since 1992. U.S. Term Limits played a key role in enacting term limits by ballot initiative on 15 state legislatures and 23 congressional delegations, the latter being thrown out by a 1995 Supreme Court decision. Today, USTL’s main focus is on enacting a constitutional amendment to term limit the entire U.S. Congress to no more than three House terms and two Senate terms.
    Get Involved Today. https://termlimits.org/
    Sign Petition https://termlimits.org/ustl-petition/

    Thomas Jefferson wanted Term Limits

    "General Washington set the example of voluntary retirement after eight years. I shall follow it, and a few more precedents will oppose the obstacle of habit to anyone after a while who shall endeavor to extend his term. Perhaps it may beget a disposition to establish it by an amendment of the Constitution." --Thomas Jefferson to J. Taylor, 1805.
    "I apprehend that the total abandonment of the principle of rotation in the offices of President and Senator will end in abuse." --Thomas Jefferson to E. Rutledge, 1788.
    "If the principle of rotation be a sound one, as I conscientiously believe it to be with respect to this office, no pretext should ever be permitted to dispense with it, because there never will be a time when real difficulties will not exist and furnish a plausible pretext for dispensation." --Thomas Jefferson to H. Guest, 1809.

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    ShutDown Politicians Whose Focus is Their 2016 Jobs & not on 2015 Jobs

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    Midterm 2014 election favors republicans. Republicans interperts 2014 election as the people's wish to be jobless, without healthcare, and underemployed. Afterall, republicans are the ones who wants jobs outsourced, while Americans remain jobless. American is on the right track today. Jobs are being created purposely by at least 300 CEOs who promised PBO they would hire during 2014. Republicans does not agree Americans need Jobs, Wage increases, Affordable Health Care, 21st century infrastructure, Promises kept to veterans, Immigration reform, Equal citizenships rights for LGBT, Voting rights for all Americans, 21st century guns laws and Judicial, Social, and Economic equality. These things will bring prosperity opportunity to all Americans and profit margin levels for the wealthiest like never seen before. All these things are possible but only if working class join together and tell  politicians to focus on jobs for Americans now, and not 2016 jobs for themselves. The economic system is broken

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    Why Are Black People Beginning to Hate Native Americans?

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    Have you seen the Don Cheadle and Henry Louis Gates program on ancestry?  Did you see how Don Cheadle responded when he found out that his ancestors were owned by "Native Americans?"  It was an incredible display of emotion and disappointment.  If one didn't know better, one could almost believe that this was a ploy designed to get Afrikan people focused on hating someone other than the white police officers who are murdering our people in the streets, the smallhats who're enslaving our men in the prison industrial complex, the rednecks that are terrorizing our people throughout the labor industry, the white-sex offenders who're adopting and molesting our children, etc . . .  

    Is there a genuine Racial conflict between Black people and Native Americans or is this just one more smallhat-concocted scheme to misalign our hatred and make us hate one another?  Tune into this program and find out if Hickleburg Hat is up to his old Willie Lynch tricks again.


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    African Americans and the Anti Nuclear Movement

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    Vincent Intondi, Associate Professor of History and founder of the Center for Black Studies at Montgomery College and Director of Research at the Nuclear Studies Institute of the American University in DC will talk about his book African Americans Against the Bomb:Nuclear Weapons, Colonialism and the Black Freedom Movement.

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    KMnm/Muslim & Christian African Americans Reunited by the Grace of THE ONE G-D

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    Realizing that history or the story of the past lends much to be uncovered and then much to be released and renewed.  The emotions are very much involved when ones have a mutual human developmental event affecting the future of their pre-scripted life.  The acts of a mentality called devilish, satanish, or shaitanish affects the livable process of any human being created by THE ONE G-D ; THE CREATOR of heaven and earth and all in between.  We, the reverts to the muslim life, want only to submit totally to THE ONE G-D.  The ONE G-D has no fleshy form to cause selection of one people over another.  We rise now to say to our Muslim Christian African Americans first, before we turn to anyone else, as an intent to resolve the pain of yesterday's events and separations, Thank G-D for you and the avenue to believing in G-D.  Written history shows that the faith exemplified by our mutual Prophet Ibrahim./Abraham was upheld in the past and is what is needed now like it was then.  We are all created by THE ONE G-D CREATOR, to be humble servants only of THE ONE G-D!  We are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder and toe to toe with you first and then the rest of the human family, but first and utmost in this life, we pray to The Forgiver, for forgiveness for having not said to you " thank you ".  The ONE G-D knows what the future will be from here................

  • Red vs Blue Friday Night Football

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    Join Scott Atkins & Michael Trent as they recap the professional circuit of Fantasy Sports. 
    Scott is VP Marketing of Fultime Fantasy LLC, which conducts contests around the country highlighted by the Fantasy Football World Championship (www.fulltimefantasy.com) 
    Fulltime Fantasy also owns and operates FFToolbox.com, the nation's largest independent fantasy content site in the country. 
    Scott is the resident Cardinal Fan representing Planet Red (Louisville) while Mike is the heart of Big Blue Nation (Kentucky). 
    Stop by and join the chat, "The Crew", some of the best minds in the world of fantasy sports, and let's have a good time!

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    "The Good vs. The True" - Page 12

    in Spirituality

    True, it is: we find ourselves living in the most auspicious of times, an era in which advanced scientific minds and other quantum theorists have pretty much proven the unity of all things. True it is: scientists give much better demonstrations than mystics! However undeniable, these proofs are yet to assist the individual or the collective to “love the neighbor as ourselves,” stop the wars and find their fulfillment as they bless the planet’s evolution. What’s missing? What aren’t we ready to accept the truth that will change our life? Why believing in scarcity and giving our power to fear – indeed False Evidence Appearing Real?

    Greek philosophers have given us a clue, while revealing the triple gates of the Good, the True and the Beautiful, meant to open the soul to the Eternal. The gate of the Good is opened by Religion; the gate of the True, by Science, and the gate of the Beautiful, by Art: Religion, Science and Art are across cultures the foundation of Wisdom Teachings. Whereas Science is certainly fulfilling its role of demonstrating the True (e.g.; e=mc2), it appears that Religion is failing its mandate of revealing the Good!

    The very fact that we would have a plural for the word “religion” does imply comparisons (good vs. bad): right there, this is where we miss the mark! It is then not so surprising that various religious institutions would promote, in subtle and not so subtle ways, a deep investment in the illusion of separation; e.g. ‘our “God” is better than your “God,” and if you don’t convert to our faith, you’ll go to Hell!’ Because Religion refuses to grow up, Science cannot come into its maturity. Both sides now are acting as a stubborn ostrich with its head conveniently planted in the ground, not wanting to really understand what is at stake for the other or the whole.

    Tune in for more...


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    The Barbershop ~ MLK vs MX The Dream vs The Nightmare Part 2 THE SAGA CONTINUES!

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    Two generations have passed since the assassinations of two of the Black communities most heralded heroes--and a race of people still struggle with direction. Whose legacy shall we uphold? That of the eloquent Baptist minister, peaceful in his disposition, arguably socialist and all inclusive in his economy, flexible in his social choices? Or that of the fiery Muslim preacher, militant in his disposition, arguably capitalist and separatist in his economy, rigidly conservative in his social choices? Both? Neither? Let's sort it out Sunday--in The Barbershop!

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    Join us on this weeks PUBCRAWL as we ask the $210 million dollar question!

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    Deflated balls, $210 million dollar contracts, swapping coaches; this just reaks of a bad tagline for a new Ron Jeremy AKA Jim Tomsula MEGA flick!  But I swear to you it's not.  It's just some of this weeks headlines in the world of sports.  Tune in this THURSDAY as we give you our ealry predictions for Super Bowl XLIX along with the Vegas odds.  Well be joined with EX-NFL player and current Life Coach, Anthony Trucks.  I'll introduce our "Sports Movie of the Week" & "Beer of the Week" as well as looking at some of the headlines in HOLLYWOOD causing some buzz right now, and so much more!  Be sure to be one with PUBCRAWL by calling our GUEST line and finding us on TWITTER & FACEBOOK. 

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    Boxing 411 - Mayweather vs. Pacquiao/Cotto?

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    Tonight at 9PM ET/6PM PT, FightSaga Radio Network presents a very special "Mayweather vs. Pacquiao/Cotto" edition of "Boxing 411 with Joseph and Lee"!!

    Ring announcer and boxing writer Joseph Herron, along with FightSaga editor Lee Cleveland, will report and analyze recent statements made by Stephen Epinoza, Bob Arum, and Jim Lampley, concerning the most highly anticipated match-up in boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao.

     - Does Floyd Mayweather Jr. have his own agenda?

     - Is Bob Arum really acting as an obstructionist?

     - Is Jim Lampley regurgitating insider HBO information by predicting a Mayweather/Cotto rematch?

    Also, the FightSaga writing tandem will review last night's mismatch between Mike Alvarado and Brandon Rios.

     - What's next for Mike Alvarado?

     - Could we see Brandon Rios vs Timothy Bradley at 147?

    Joseph and Lee will also give listeners a sneak preview of the Canelo vs. Kirkland megafight at 154 pounds, slated to take place in San Antonio, Texas, on May 2nd!!

     - Will this HBO match-up have an impact on the potential Mayweather vs. Pacquiao/Cotto PPV?

    Tune in this evening for another special edition of "Boxing 411 with Joseph and Lee"!!

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    Join us as we continue our Whose Watching Who? Series Part 4 "IMAGING VS I'M AGING!"  We're in 2015 and unfortunately, as we're fighting for equal rights, too many are still stuck on whose IMAGE is better.  Society has caused a division among women of color against caucasian women from the beginning of time.  It's time we build on the Solution rather than the problem.

    Women of all nationalities are being judged by the color of their skin.  Our girls are judged from birth as well as our sons. 

    Join us to discussion how we can break the curse of division.  Remember we all are part of the cause and effect.


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