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    From the 300 level: Guest host Johnathan Snyder

    in Sports

    Johnathan Snyder guest hosts an episode of From the 300 level on Wednesday April 23, at 7:00 pm

    Guests on the show include Ryan Talbot (Buffalo Bills writer), Pat Malacaro (WGR 550 Radio) and Paul Gotham (PickinSplinters.com)

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    Podcast 300

    in News

    Republicans and Rhetoric. Wasn’t able to tape tonight’s appearance at the SD-61 Chili Dinner and Contest. Thanks to everyone who showed. Podcast 300, aside from being a milestone for The Bob Davis Podcasts, gives the listener an idea of what was discussed. One usually comes away from these kinds of events feeling a little uneasy, […]

    The post Podcast 300 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.

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    HD via PT longer than 300 seconds

    in Photography

    HD via PT longer than 300 seconds

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    300: Rise of an Empire Review

    in Movies

    AreYouScreening.com and BFCA critic, Marc Eastman, and co-host extraordinaire Shane Leonard, review 300: Rise of an Empire. This one is going to be an interesting effort, because the original film wasn't bad, but was such a specific, stylized effort that continuing the story may be awfully difficult to pull off.

    We'll also be responding to listener questions, looking at some upcoming films, and sharing some interview clips with cast and crew from 300: Rise of an Emprie

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    Dan Rockwell - The Leadership Freak: Empowering Leaders 300 Words at a Time

    in Business

    The Leadership Freak: Empowering Leaders 300 Words at a Time by Dan Rockwell

    This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Dan Rockwell. The original live interview was 1/30/15.

    Leadership Freak blog began in January of 2010. Dan started writing because he felt a deep need to share the leadership lessons he was learning. Although he started leading at a young age, the last ten years of studying leadership changed his life.

    Today, Leadership Freak is read in virtually every country on the globe and has been recognized as the most socially-shared leadership blog of 2012 and 2013. There are over a quarter million subscribers to Leadership Freak’s social media channels. Dan boasts over 301,621 Leadership Freak followers, fans, and subscribers.

    Dan also owned two businesses and served fifteen years as a Workforce Development Consultant for a Penn State University Special Affiliate. In that capacity, he designed courses, hired and mentored instructors, and delivered hundreds of presentations for local, regional, and global organizations.

    His website is leadershipfreak.wordpress.com/                 

    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com

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    300 Edition

    in Hip Hop Music

    Each member of 300 brings a different aspect to the mosh pit. H A Double was raised due to his consistent display of being a unique wordsmith.  Danny Myers represents consistent stellar performances with heavy weight punches.  Our next contender symbolizes the epidemy of resilience and he battles in one of the toughest leagues in the country.   Indeed, Scheme Street refers to him as a juggernaut. Upon looking up the definition, it completely embodies this gladiators skills in the mosh pit. A juggernaut is a force that is deemed “mercilessly destructive and unstoppable.”  After our staff  saw a handful of his battles, the aforesaid attributes were evident.   Here lies a contender hailing out of Detroit, Michigan.  He’s faced some of the toughest contenders in battle rap and yet has never been knocked down. Through quality bars and ridilin charged performances, he’s always able to walk out the ring with no assistance.  We’ve seen plenty of quality emcees have bad nights in the mosh pit- some, while alive, still needed to be carried away but not with this gladiator...

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    Bronze/Iron Age Films: Troy and The 300

    in Movies

    In an effort to protect all that one holds dear, one will risk one's life, because it is right and just. There are many truths worth fighting for, and there are underlining truths that seem to blur the lines. What makes men wage war? What are the truths that drive so many to the brink in "Troy and The 300"? 

    Join A Reel Point Of View on blogtalkradio.com Friday, October 31st @ 10:30 pm cst/11:30 pm est

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    review: "300: Rise of an Empire"

    in News

    blood and gore, galore ...  an extravaganza of slow motion, blood spilling exacerbation -- extra blood spilling out as if pouring water out of a 5 gallon bucket .. the special effects took their hints directly from video game hack and slash, / gore exagerations !

    and some lines that made u think u were watching a o !



    Lena Headey, Rodrigo Santoro, David Wenham, and Andrew Tiernan

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    Day 30 - 300 Steps To Greatness

    in Self Help

    Measure your success to date and re-examine your goals to align with your plan to achieve greatness in 2011!

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    Join John and Marti Fischer and Become 1 of 300 on Blog Talk Radio

    in Christianity

    This episode: John and Marti as they discuss Gideon and what it means to become 1 of 300.


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    Those $300 Pair of Shoes Won't Heal You"

    in Self Help

    I graduated from College and left a harsh reality in Philly behind. I assumed that with a degree in hand and all the right trappings, I would find the healing that I so desperately wanted. I relocated to Atlanta because that is where all the African-American professionals were supposed to go, right? I assumed that self-love and deep down happiness would come if I was in the right city, had a good job, nice car, home, clothing, etc. It didn't and it was a smack in the face. It took me years of inner work to be able to really stand in the mirror naked and deeply LOVE ME. All of me. It took so much time for me to understand that if I did not have the foundation of Self-love and acceptance, I would not be able to live a life of Passion, Purpose, and Abundance. There were so many years that on the outside, I looked fabulous!!! but on the inside I was suffering.

    It doesnt have to be this way. I am so pleased to announce a guest on this week's show. Her name is Saeeda Hafiz and she is the author of an amazing book called " The Healing". Its all about how she was able to find healing and true happiness in Yoga and holistic eating. She did not allow her dysfunctional past to stop her in her search to live an authentic life. I have stacks of books in my home that are unfinished. Hers is the first book that I have read in quite some time, that I bookbinged!! I literally could not put it down. I cooked, cleaned, and even changed diapers while reading it. Her words are an authentic account of what it took for her to step into her greatness and she truly shines like the magnificient woman that she is!

    Tune in! Let's have a real discussion about living one's authentic self regardless of the trappings that advertisers sell to convince you that their products will give you happiness and healing!