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    Don Does 30: October Recap, The Birthday Giveaway, and Future of DonDoes30.com

    in Comedy

    Listen LIVE as Don will recap the No Alcohol for 30 Days challenge, announce a SPECIAL giveaway for all listeners on his birthday, and talk about the future of DonDoes30.com now that his year of Challenges will come to an end.

    SPECIAL GUEST: "Legal" (from Don's book "From the Bottom of the Bottle") will join us for this segment.

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    Don Does 30: March Recap and The $100 Challenge Giveaway

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    Tune in to the OFFICIAL Radio show from Don Does 30. Don will be recapping March's gluten-free challenge and giving everyone a preview for the $100 Challenge Giveaway to celebrate his 100th blog article.

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    Don Does 30: February Recap and March Challenge Preview

    in Comedy

    Listen to the first LIVE show from Don Does 30. Don will be recapping February's challenge and giving everyone a preview of what's in store for March!

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    The Ron and Don Show

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    Welcome to the Enlightened 30 with Chuck and Mark

    in Culture

    I would like to personally welcome everyone to the Enlightened 30 Broadcast with Chuck and Mark.  It is our goal to share stories that will help those in need.  From depression, stress, over coming obstacles in life, and many other topics will be explored.


    This is our first episode of the Enlightened 30, it is our hope that we will help make this world a better place for all to live.


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    Hennepin County Rich Stanek on The Ron and Don Show – Wednesday, 8:30 p.m.

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    By The Ron and Don Show

    The City Pages wrote, “If Rich Stanek wins a third term as Hennepin County Sheriff, he'll do so without the support of his deputies. In July, the Hennepin County Sheriff's Deputies Association announced it's overwhelmingly supporting the candidacy of Minneapolis Police Assistant Chief Eddie Frizell, who is running to take Stanek's job.” 

    Join the team of Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen as our special guest is Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek. In an unscientific poll conducted by the Independent Business News Network in August 2014 showed Sheriff Stanek leading Frizell in double-digits. We start the show with Sheriff Stanek who is happy to tell us about what it takes to be a leader in Hennepin County.  

    We also cover the Community Standards Initiative (CSI) and hope someone in that organization can find a phone number, report or mission to let us know what really happened between the school board, Director Rebecca Gagnon, Al Flowers and Clarence Hightower. Sources tell IBNN NEWS that CSI was expecting a check on this past Monday for $49,000.00 – but did not get it. (Watch R.T. Rybak closely.) 
    Also in the room will be the absurd discussion about a handful of community “freelancers” putting together a budget of $10 million dollars (mostly salaries) to present to the governor for more community pimping. The two African American state senators put the STOP on that! 


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    The Twin Cities Beat with Ron and Don

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    Tune in tonight at 8:30 p.m. for the best in #blogtalkradio. The phone lines will be open for comments, suggests and topics you want to talk about. Don't miss this exciting program. Don't forget the check out the new website Our Black News. 


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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/ Don Durant

    in Writing

    Our Broadcast today will be live at the Protest March at Parking Lot 1. We are at the corner of Washington and Front Streets, with Councilwoman Goosby, and many others standing for what is right.  The Developers are planning to break ground beginning here in this parking area, and many residents are coming out to speak out against it. The Overcrowded schools with 60 students per class, and the imposition of a new 336 unit apartment building a block away will only detract from the education of our students.  Join us live on the phone at 10:30 am 718-305-6322  or click on and hear the voices of those in protest.(blogtalkradio.com /don-durant)

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

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    Our Broadcast today will focus on the so-called redevelopment of communities.  We have seen it in Harlem, and we have seen it in Downtown Brooklyn. We saw it in Detroit, and in Philadeplhia, as well as Camden, New Jersey.  How little concern there is for the established residents of a community in order to force them out and raise the prices to bring others in.   Join us on the phone while we are live on air: 718-305-6322  or click on blogtalkradio .com/don-durant...

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live- LIFE DESIRES

    in Lifestyle

    The Don S. McClure Show Live- LIFE DESIRES

    Our Topic for tonight:  Life Desires:

    George Eliot, the well-known novelist quoted, “It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are still alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them.”  As they say, it is never too late to make wishes! So, never stop making wishes! As humans, we understand and appreciate things better than the other beings and whenever we see something beautiful and captivating, we desire to possess it. It is a natural feeling of want, which is what we call a ‘wish’. From children to adults, everyone has wishes. Kids are taught to ‘make a wish’.

     It is a very positive feeling that they get when they make a wish. It’s like elation if your wish comes true.

    Wishes may be small or enormous, one that lasts for a few minutes or one that we want with us forever; they may be realistic or they may be far-fetched fantasies! Whatever it is, wishes and aspirations are the ones that keeps humans going! For instance, you work because you wish to earn for a better living. Everyone has aspirations in life. They give the meaning and purpose to our life. Achieving what we wish for, and getting ultimate happiness therein, is what life is all about.

    Featured Music Artist: Angie Stone - Life Story- & Author Prysock I shall Wish for you. Marian Hill, Got It and Leela James, Say That, Must be love, Brian McKnight, Win,  Mariah Carey, We belong together. New release by Lina, entitled DIP

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live- Enjoying your life and Your Success

    in Lifestyle

    The Don S. McClure Show-Live Enjoying Your Life and your Success.

    Opening Song by B.B. King, I like to Live The Love That I sing about.

    B.B. King, (Riley B. King) (September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015), known by his stage name B.B. King, was an American Hall of Fame blues Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist.

    You see your dream come to life right before your eyes. All the desires and hard work materialize and now standing in front of you and those you presented the very idea of what you wanted out of life, has become full grown. 

    You feel a joy beyond anything you can compare it against. What thoughts go through your head, once you know what you wanted to achieve or create or set as a goal?

    Has been accomplished.

    What words and feelings relate to your feeling successful?

     At ease, Calm, Carefree, Comfortable, Comfy,Composed, Content